Precise Interval durations for enlightened and burned

Hi, how exactly do the intervals work for items going into enlightened and burned? I know that they’re listed as 1 month and 4 months, but by this does it mean that the enlightened review would return exactly 4 weeks / 28 days (minus an hour) from the last review time, or would it for example come back on the first of the next month if it was reviewed on the first of this month (which would be a 31 day interval if reviewed now)?

I’m asking because my schedule shifts a lot earlier during the week than the weekend, and I’m curious if all my guru+ reviews will still line up nicely on the weekends even if I’m doing them a couple hours later then, without coming back late on weekdays assuming that I get them correct.

Thank you!

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A WaniKani “month” is 30 days (minus an hour). For example, earlier today, I got a Guru item correct, and it moved to Master; the next review for that item will be on the 31st of this month.


got it, thanks! I guess I’ll have to try my best not to do my reviews too much later on the weekend then

Yes I second that, I remember getting my first enlightened item and seeing that the next time it would come back would be in 120 days.


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