Resources for online books?

I’m aware of 青空文庫, however my understanding is that the books tend to be older as the copyrights have expired. Are there any other sites where I can read more recent books in a browser instead of say buying it for Kindle?

Yep - Bookwalker

I haven’t had any problems using it outside of Japan via the browser without a dedicated e-reader or app, and the selection is very extensive. I’m more surprised when an author’s work isn’t on there than the reverse.
The pretty frequent promotions and free stuff (mainly manga) can be tempting as well… (though it seems like they’re usually the same promotions as for kindle)


Well, if you want to use the dark arts then you could use the neko

That sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

@Vanilla I’m a dark arts enjoyer but am not familiar with this neko.

I’ll second the recommendation on Bookwalker.

However, if you’re feeling up to it, the original Web Novels for many popular titles are still online. For example, here’s 無職転生

You’ll get double practice by both reading and trying to navigate the site. :wink:


bad itazuraneko link here

Make sure to Ctrl+f to search for books rather than using their search feature.


But :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I still use it from time to time

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Dang how is this even allowed to exist.


If you think thats neet,

Insert link to 31000 free japanese books here

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Okay, now that’s just needlessly big