Resource that tells which kanji compose a character?

I’d like a resource that tells me what a kanji is ACTUALLY made of, not the radicals you use to draw it. I don’t mind if it’s J - J, but obviously prefer J - E.

For example:
Searching for 題 should result in: SOUNDS LIKE 是, MEANS 頁
Searching for 是 should result in: (historically) MEANS 早, SOUNDS LIKE 止
Searching for 止 should result in: CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER; or maybe DRAWING OF “foot”.
Searching for 岩 should result in MEANS 山 AND 石.

If I look for a character on Takoboto I get this kind of information, which is only useful when you see a kanji and want to find it.

It really should just tell me it means 日 and sounds like 寺. That’s how the kanji was made.

Wiktionary has this information (mostly) but it loads really slowly and what I’m after is just a small detail on each character’s page, there’s a lot of information that clutters it. First world problem? Maybe (I live in the third world tho), but when I’m going through new kanji and want to quickly understand what they are so I memorize them better, Wiktionary wastes at least 60 seconds for each lookup (I use a phone).

EDIT: If there are no digital resources, physical will suffice

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this is wanikani specific, but there’s a userscript for adding phonetic semantic composition to the kanji info pages:

if you want something more broad, i think they posted their sources for the info as well!


I don’t get it. Some of thouse source websites have search bars but they don’t show this kind of info. Am I just… low level?

I wouldn’t mind keeping a tab open on WK to check this kind of stuff, but I use a phone. I used to hate phones but now I hate micros, go figure

On a sidenote, if you don’t know of digital resources, physical ones would suffice.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but an interesting one:


Doesn’t show the 漢字構成?

Is that not what you’re asking for?

EDIT: I guess you literally want it to say “sounds like” and “means”? I mean, “means” wouldn’t really be the right way to put it to me anyway, but it shouldn’t be hard to tell if it’s a 形声 which one is the phonetic and which is the semantic component most of the time.

This is the physical kanji dictionary I have for origins, though it has lots of other information as well.


i’ve found some informational articles and a couple textbooks that have the phonetic compositions on google but i don’t think there’s specifically a wiki/resource with phonetic semantic composition for every kanji …

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no, of course not, just explain which part is phonetic and which is semantic

It does!! I didn’t realize it. Thanks for pointing it out.

This works fine too! It doesn’t say which part is semantic and which is phonetic, but honestly if I can’t figure that out I’m better off making up some random mnemonic

The Kanji Study Android app, with the Outlier add-on, gives this information.

The Outlier add-on is an additional purchase, but it has a ton of information. Here’s what you wanted to see:

If you click on one of the components, it gives you further information on that component:

And there’s historical versions of the character as well:

Kanji Study - 5 Expert info

Takoboto has built-in support to link to Kanji Study. If you tap on the orange kanji, there will be a menu item to view the character in Kanji Study app, just below the option to show radicals.

Outlier has their own app for Android and iPhone, but I haven’t tried it.


not gonna happen
besides, The Kanji Map has the information I need just fine
thanks for the attention tho

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