Reset start date?

Is there any way to reset my start date? I joined WaniKani and then didn’t do anything with it for a couple of years. Literally nothing. A couple of weeks ago I got serious about learning Kanji and and started for real. But because of the long idle period, if I go to it says I will level up in 828 days, 14 hours, and I will reach “All Burned” in 2153! :hushed:

It would be nice if I could get some useful stats out of this.

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You cannot reset your start date. But on the stats site you can click on a level in the bar chart to remove it from the average level up time.

It’s magic! Thanks, @seanblue!

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You can reset back to level 1 and go to (that’s the new wkstats). There you’ll see your restart date. Reset data is not available in WK APIv1, which wkstats uses, but available in WK APIv2, which wkstats:10001 uses.


Sorry, I know your question is serious but I could not avoid remembering Buck Rogers’ opening theme

That’s even more magical! I did a reset when I started for real, so dates here are accurate (although “projections” just gives me a 404).

Unfortunately that part of the new stats site isn’t finished yet.

Thanks for the help. I made a reset after I became a lifer last week and wondering why my level showing 365 days to complete :frowning:

I was still using the old API and old site for wkstats, this new version is better one.

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