WK Stats issue

Hi everyone,

I officially “started” WaniKani a year ago but really only started doing the lessons very recently. As a result, all of my WaniKani times on WK Stats are messed up. For example I am currently on level 4 and it predicts that I’ll reach level 5 in 3.5 months, which is obviously not accurate.

Any idea on how to reset this so I can get the actual times?


The new Wkstats handles resets better: https://www.wkstats.com:10001

edit: sorrrrry didn‘t read correctly, too tired :smiley:
you can exclude long levels by clicking on them

You can click on levels on the chart at the bottom to exclude them from your average.

Click the level 1 bar in the bar chart to exclude it from calculations

Ah thats great!

Thanks so much for your help everybody :slight_smile:

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