I'm sure some of you have the same problem

(First of all I don’t really know into which category to post this thread, so please don’t flame me)

Hello guys and gals,
This is my first thread on WK’s forum. I didn’t really know that you’re all like kind of a big family but since I know now, maybe someday I’ll be able to join you all ^^
Well I didn’t just make this thread because I wanted to tell you that. It’s more because I have a problem with this website: www.wkstats.com
Some of you know it and some of you may not but I’ll cut right to the chase:
I started studying Japanese about a year and a half ago. When I first started I learned Kana and started with Kanji here on WK but I really only got halfway through level 1 and lost my motivation (silly me, I know).
A year and a half later I started again. I relearned kana, deleted all of my progress I made on WK (even if it wasn’t much, I just wanted a clean wipe) and started all over again. Now here’s my problem:
Even though I reset my account, the mentioned website tells me it took me 488 days to pass level 1. That itself wouldn’t be that much of a problem, since I know how long it took me. But that stat also messes up all of my future stats. It says that for level 2 I’ll need 488 days as well and for level 3 as well and etc. etc. It should take me about 27.000 days to finish WK.
Is there a way to reset my “day counter” so that I can see the true stats?

Thanks for any answers ^^


If you click the bar for a level it will be ignored from your projections. :slight_smile:


There is an updated version of the site that uses API v2. I hear it handles resets of accounts better than the old version. ^^


Welcome and best of luck!


You should head on over to the Campfire section, make an introduction post, and meet the fam!

(I moved this thread to the API and Third-Party Apps subcategory since it’s a question about wkstats.)


Welcome, Durtle

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