Wkstats glitch?

So I recently reset to level 4 from 20 to restart my learning, and I like keeping track of how well I am doing, however, wkstats.com seems to be messing up due to me messing with my level.


After finishing level 4, it recorded the correct time, but I finished level 5 in about 8 days, and it says 47. Will this glitch continue to happen until I pass the level I was originally at, or will it persist forever?

You’re still using the old version - there is now wk stats v.2. Perhaps that’ll sort it out.



Thank you, I didn’t realize we needed to use api tokens now, I was using the api 1 key. Now it just says level 4 is 1200 days and everything else is fixed, I appreciate the help!

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If you are using the new website it should say all of your levels are the appropriate length, I think… does it really say 1200 days for you still?

For reference, I had reset as well:



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