Reset single Vocab/ Kanji

Hello Wanikani Community,

does anyone know if its possible to reset single items? Not the whole process just one or two words. I tried to google it but nothig came up.

The reason I’m asking is I keep mixing 上げる and 上がる, but since the answers are so similar (raise and rise) Wanikani always gives me a correct with the spelling mistake note… meaning that I have no idea which is which but wanikani thinks I’ve learned them.

Thanks :cherry_blossom:


I don’t think you can do that, but you could simply fail them a few times to get them back to apprentice 1, then review them like it’s a lesson


Next time they come up you could just intentionally answer them incorrectly until they go all the way to SRS level 1 again. Wrong answers accumulate in a single session.


thanks, thats a good idea, do you know if i can get them back down to apprentice from guru?

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thank you :slight_smile:
what do you mean by accumulate? the more often I get it wrong in one session the faster it will lower the level? cause that’d be nice…

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Yes, that’s what I mean. If you get it wrong 3 times, it will fall farther than if you get it wrong 2 times, and so on.

I think… 4 times? Or so… will take any item to apprentice.


wow i didn’t know that, thanks a lot :+1:

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This is one of Wanikani’a biggest issues. This has happened to me with several different words. So frustrating. I often forget to try to get it wrong next session, and before I know it, I word I don’t know is at Guru…

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