Feature request: Ability to reset items part way through

I’d really love the ability to reset individual kanji. I was on level 30 and took a break for a year. I came back and reset to level 25, but there was still too much from levels 19-24 that I couldn’t remember so I went back to 18 and it’s going well so far.

However, there are some words from one or two levels prior that WK thinks it asked me a month ago, where as it was actually 1 year and 1 month ago. This, and other leeches from further back pop up now and again. It would be great to be able to zap individual words back to zero, jus like you can do with burned items.

I know it’s possible to hack this by just answering wrong up to 7 multiple times (depending on the level) to force it backwards, but it would be much easier to have a simple reset button at the bottom of the kanji details page, like there is with burns. It’s subtle and hidden enough out of the way so as not to cause problems, and seems like an easy feature to implement since it exists already for burned items.


Guru and above items drop 2 levels per wrong answer. Also, wrong answers stack. By that, I mean that a wrong reading and a wrong meaning can drop an item 4 levels.


Thanks for the clarification!

IIRC it needs three or more wrong answers in the same session to drop an item by four levels: WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge


Stage 6 would be guru 2…1 wrong answer drops it 2 levels to apprentice 4…next wrong answer only drops it 1 level to apprentice 3…next wrong answer drops it to apprentice 2

Any wrong answer guru 1 and above drops it 2 levels. If it is apperntice then a wrong answer drops it 2 levels.

Say you get it wrong at Enlightened then it drops 2 levels down to guru 2…another wrong answer would drop it 2 more levels to apprentice 4…after that each wrong answer drops it 1 level.

Unless this got changed, the formula for dropping levels is: (mistake_count / 2)*scaling_factor, where mistake_count/2 is rounded up. The scaling_factor is 1 for apprentice and 2 for guru and above.

this all means that both 1 or 2 wrong answers drop you down the same amount, then the third one drops you more, the fourth one doesnt, then the fifth one increases this again, etc.

I have never tested this, but I assume the scaling factor is determined by where you start, and not updated halfway through. so 3 wrong answers from guru 1 will put you back 4 stages to apprentice 1.

A more detailed explanation is found here.


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