Reset from level 13 to level 13?

Hi guys

Unfortunately, over the summer I had less time for WaniKani. This is why I stopped doing my reviews for a couple weeks and let them pile up…
The last two weeks I tried to get in my rythm again but 1000+ reviews are just incredibly annoying.
So I decided to reset my level. If I do reset my level from 13 to the same level what happens?

Does a reset always reduce your reviews (even those of lower level items) to zero?

Thanks for your help!

It will be as if you just leveled up from 12 to 13. It does not affect lower levels (including reviews for those items) at all.


My advice would be just tackle those reviews.

I’d stop doing lessons and just do as many reviews as you can each day. Eventually you will get them down to zero.

I currently have 1,500+ reviews on Anki. As daunting as it is, I’m slowly reducing them and just letting the SRS do it’s thing.


I jumped down from around 14 to 9 and still had ~1500 reviews after my long break from Wanikani. Chances are you will still have a ton of reviews, so unless you feel absolutely lost as to the material in your current level (look through the kanji list and see what you recognize), I would suggest pushing through the reviews a few hundred at a time over the course of a few days. A lot of them are probably things you already had in guru/master/etc. and won’t be too hard to recognize.

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I had the exact same issue as you because end of August/September meant holidays/moving apartment/new job and I stupidly forgot to put vacation mode on. Trying to get 100 reviews done a day (more like 200 today actually) to get back to where I was!

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I went ahead and reset after a long break because even lower level items seemed totally foreign to me. If your only concern is sheer number of reviews, and you still feel good about some of the lower level stuff, I would just do reviews for a little while until you have a reasonable amount of them, let the SRS do its work, and then naturally you’ll be able to start taking new lessons.

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Thank you all for the answers. I will catch up eventually :wink:
Would be nice if there’s a way to reset your level and your reviews though…
@seanblue @Ashi2015 @Kenpari @kappaka @Jerred

Hope yours is going well but finally hit 0 reviews after almost 2 months of it hovering around 600!

It can be done but that review queue for tomorrow looks…haunting.

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