[Request] "Think about it..." userscript

Sometimes I come across something I don’t know.

In these cases, I find I can often recall it if I force my subconscious lizard brain to work on it for a while.

One good way to do that is to actually step away from the computer and do a mindless task like dishes for a few moments. I’ll be holding a dirty spoon or something and shout “Aha! 見あたる=To Be Found!” and rush back to my computer and get it right.

But maybe a better of doing that would be to work on more reviews for a while.

I’d like a button or keystroke that will leave the current card unanswered and move it a few entries further down the queue to give me a second chance, and to give my lizard brain something to chew on. Is there anything like this?

I can simulate this by refreshing the page when encountering one of these, which completely shuffles the queue at the cost of losing the last few seconds of state.

I believe there are scripts (several?) that allow this with an “ignore” button. I’m not sure, though, I don’t use one of them. 

Before you go about using an option like this, you might want to consider the likely effect of what you’re doing. If you train to be able to answer an item within an extended period of time and without time pressure, that is likely the output you’ll select for - slow, eventual recall. Which is great, definitely better than no recall at all. But how useful is it if you want to be able to read at a decent pace? Much less navigate in Japan, for example. 

The SRS doesn’t bring an item down a few levels because it wants you to feel bad; it does it so you will strengthen your association. While getting an item wrong might seem like something you want to avoid, it’s generally the opposite. You might actually be cheating yourself by avoiding it. 
I sympathize with the desire for an option like this and will confess to using the refresh trick once in a while when I’m not being very intentional, but there are better ways! 

The WaniKani Android app that I use (on phone now so I can’t be bothered linking, but it’s on the 3rd party add-ons thread) has something similar to what you’re looking for. It is called “Ignore button” and turns your wrong answer into a voided answer when you click the X on the left side of the input box.

To use it as you would, simply enter an answer you know is wrong, and then press the X button and continue.

Guys, it’s not exactly the same thing as the ignore button. If you answer whatever and get it wrong, it just means you don’t know it. If the correct answer pops into your brain after getting it wrong, then you shouldn’t use the ignore button. Other than that, I mostly agree with @wawhite.

It’s not the first time this was asked, and there’s been times I wanted this feature too, soooo maybe someone will make it (someday).