How to skip an item when you know you don't know it?

everything is in the title… thanks for your help.

Enter an incorrect answer.


There’s even a userscript for that ^^ (Yet its utility is indeed discutable)

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When I don’t know an answer, I tipe ん because of reasons.


Now I’m wondering if there’s an userscript that let’s you put an item back into the review queue, so that it shows up later again in the same review.

Type " " (spacebar) and Enter.


To reorder ones I don’t know I use this reorder ultimate script. You just click “force reorder”.

Thank you, this seems to work perfectly.
Was using a different reordering script before, but this one has a few more features.

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Just type in anything.

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Mine is usually の because no, i don’t know.


literally jsklbgfkjsdabfgbrkjg


I’d actually suggest trying to type it. At least guess. You won’t be asked of something you wasn’t taught yet.

You’d be surprised by how often your ‘guess’ turns out to be a correct answer.

P.S. iirc, they actually ask you to try as hard to remember as you can in the guide/faq, because this way you ‘show’ your brain that this something you’re trying to recall is important. It’s like drinking: if you get drunk as fuck, but didn’t barf in the end, you get a little (or big) tolerance lvl up and next time you can drink more. But if you did barf, no tolerance for you.


I type は. Or ha

Sometimes – ha!

While sure, of course I’m going to try (that $10 didn’t come easy to me after all), if I really don’t know it then I don’t need to guess it right, I need to see it more often to learn it, which is the result of getting it wrong.

At first I’d type something random just to move on quickly to see what the answer really was. Now, at the high and mighty level of 5, I’ve learned to give my best guess. Sometimes as I’m typing my guess, it dawns on me that I do know the answer, so I’m able to switch it to that. And sometimes, that guess is correct and surprises me. And… sometimes, it’s just wrong, but at least trying and failing makes me remember better next time.

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Well, my point is that you don’t forget. You basically can’t, there’s no such function in a human brain.

As a matter of fact, what you do is that you do remember all the information that you get from the outer world. Your brain is an insanely, ridiculously efficient and advanced archivator. Every second of your life you record all the sounds, feelings, smells and visual info that you detect. It’s just instantly starts to be crazily compressed. You have a memory of you sleeping on your second birthday, it’s just it would take an incredible effort to recall, or decompress, this memory.

That’s why it’s worth trying to type seemingly unfounded answer. Because the info can be accessible enough to be chosen as ‘random answer’, but not enough to be ‘remembered’ in thoughts.

And if you really can’t get the answer — well, tough luck, fuck it, you’ll get it next time anyway.

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Citation needed.


^ by hypnotization, maybe?

Err, what exactly do you mean? I meant that this memory (a chain of synapses reactions, more like), is there, inside his brain, it’s just can’t (or incredibly hard to) be reached.

@polv is absolutely right, one of the ways to ‘bring back’ a memory is by putting a human in a trance-like condition (i.e. hypnosis). Why in such a state you can reach (trigger the chain reaction) ‘long forgotten’ memories is a totally another topic, one I’m not well-informed about.

By the by, it’s not so about hypnosis, but about an unusual mind state where brain’s, well, priorities are different from the ones in the usual lucid state. One of the ways to access memory base is, I suppose, through lucid dreaming. Alas, I am yet to achieve success in that area, so I wasn’t able to test it.

reminds me of the old SATs, by losing less points if you leave a question blank that for sure you don’t know. Or is it still the same? It’s been too long.