Is there a skip function in reviews?

if I have 200 reviews, and 10-20 of them are taking me longer than 5 seconds, I would prefer to throw it at the end of the stack instead of guessing and getting it wrong (or guessing and getting it right but not feeling happy about it). I’d rather keep the flow going and spend more time with the hard ones at the end. Then when I get to the end, I can spend 10-30-60 seconds on it and try to make some mental gymnastics to see if the data for it is even in my brain. I know that if it takes me 60 seconds to make the connection then it’s not truly a good recall, but I’d rather put those all together to make the attempt, get it right/wrong, and ignoring it and marking it wrong anyway.

The difference between deliberately getting it wrong quickly to keep the flow going is that I still would like to take 60 seconds, if that’s what it takes, to let my brain make connections so the recall can be faster in the future.

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Unfortunately there is no way to do this right now. Definitely not natively, and as far as I know there is no script for this either.

Well, you can’t put a specific item in a specific place, but at the very least, you can get a different item by using the reorder script.

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The Tsurukame App has a feature when you can “Ask again later” when you get an item wrong. You can just type gibberish to purposefully fail and then use that.

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If you use this script: [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

There’s a “force reorder” button you can use to shuffle your reviews and get a new item. I think that’s the best thing you can do with what’s already available.


if it is not there, let it fail. it’s good for your memorization.

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Can’t you just refresh the review page, and it’ll give you a different item? Since the order WK gives you the reviews is random, so refreshing should give you a new one unless you get (un)lucky and it gives you the same one you had before randomly.


Honestly, this would be a good feature. Just throw it to the end. I also like to make an attempt to get something right, than just mark it wrong because I couldn’t get it in 2 seconds. I’ve realised that when I put in the effort, I usually remember it better afterwards.

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yeah, thats what im currently doing. works OK to shuffle quickly but I was hoping there was something different since I’m trying to avoid reorder scripts.

A reshuffle would also mess up the wrap-up functionality.