[Request] Don't review the item just looked at right away

I have two related requests:

  1. During reviews, when you get an item wrong, that item sometimes shows up again next. This is counterproductive to the learning process since it doesn’t require evening remembering the item for a minute. I believe when you get an item wrong it should definitely not show up as the next review item. Ideally, it would show up in the second half of the review queue (or something like that).
  2. During lessons, don’t review the last item first. For the same reasons as above, I don’t think the last item in a lesson should show up as the first item during the review portion. That way you have to remember the lesson for at least a little more time.

I wish that could be implemented.
… I wonder how difficult that would be, given the way WK is set up, though…
(Our reviews are in little batch piles as well… which is why the Wrap Up button works… Still, even if you could guarantee it’d be at the end of those 10 in the pile, it’d be largely appreciated!)

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Randomizing the placement to the latter half of the remaining queue would help reduce this problem, though there are unavoidable corner cases (e.g. missing the last item in your queue), and the wrap-up issue that @AnimeCanuck mentioned.

But overall, it may not matter much, because even if you get it right on the second attempt immediately after, the item still gets counted wrong overall, and still drops down 1 or 2 SRS levels.

I disagree with this. Let’s say getting an item wrong would send it back to Apprentice 1. If you can’t remember it one minute later, you’re not likely to remember it four hours later. Pushing items to the end of the review session could alleviate this problem.

Yeah, of course you can’t handle the case where it was the last item in your queue. But the wrap-up issue seems easily handled and I’d still rather the situation be better 90% of the time.

I agree. I personally don’t think the review process alone should suffice as a corrective measure. I’d prefer if you only see an item once in a review set, even if you get it wrong. Then, at the end, it would give you a summary of everything you got wrong (like it currently does), but directs you so something similar to the lesson page, where you can spend time studying it. And it would still drop the SRS level like it currently does.

I agree with this, too. I think randomizing to the latter half of the remaining queue would be a really nice change.


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