Repositioning elements on dashboard

Alright, so this may be a stupid question. I’m not sure how to reposition the SRS breakdown to be below the timeline. I can’t find the setting anywhere.

I curently have the timeline above what you see here. Any ideas?


Woah. 9 hours later, I feel I need to tag some folks who might know.
@Kumirei @rfindley @NicoleIsEnough

I must confess I don’t understand your question… What do you mean by „timeline“? And what do you want to be where?

I really don’t recommend randomly tagging people, as they probably have a reason why they didn’t answer.

Regardless, these might be the droid you are looking for: [Userscript] WK Dashboard Cockpit

By “timeline”, I mean the Ultimate Timeline. I just want to be able to push the SRS boxes to right below the Ultimate Timeline.
I have @seanblue 's SRS breakdown script enables (the numbers in the SRS boxes that show Apprentice and Guru) enabled but couldn’t find anything in the settings for that either that might push the whole set of boxes up either.

It seemed to me that one of those reasons might be that they missed the thread. After nine hours, it seemed reasonable to tag people who have in the past been helpful in such matters.

Thanks for the script, it does seem to have most of what I am looking for, but, unless I’m mistaken, it seems the SRS boxes are turned into an arc in this.

the script has a ton of options, you can turn that off

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My reason was that someone else might answer :wink:

(I don’t mind being tagged)


Thanks for clarifying! Unfortunately I don’t know (or don’t remember :sweat_smile:) any script that might push the SRS boxes up to where you’d like them to be :cry:

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time to make extra study mover into “yeah, just anything” mover :joy:


actually no, arcifying is not turn offable - it makes sense for a script that puts the SRS progress at the top to exist, but I can’t seem to explicitly find it.
You could always just run a console command to move the SRS bar


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