Which script did this? (screenshot attached)

Hi all, I just got a new PC built and I took photos of my Userscript setup since there was no way to back it up and move it (at least not an easy way beyond getting fiddly with Chrome settings etc). So far I’ve got everything reinstalled but I can’t figure out which script controlled whether the icons were shown or hidden on the dash? If anyone knows offhand please let me know.

This is a photo of my new/current setup which looks nearly identical to my old one except for the icons which haven’t been hidden since I don’t remember how I did it LOL!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You either have both Dashboard progress plus and Dashboard level progress detail installed (pick one and disable the other) or you simply haven’t configured Dashboard progress plus (which has options to show or hide the icons)

Thank you! It was the “Hide Current Level Items” option under Dashboard Level Progress Detail. Didn’t realize that was the icons, thought it meant the percentage bars themselves. MERCI <3

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that’s the one I meant :slight_smile: lol too many scripts

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lol you were close and at least that gave me an idea of where to start looking! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, it looks so clean… what’s the script you used to make it look like an odometer?

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That would be Dashboard Cockpit!


Thank you!