Password requires resetting every day


This week a bug has started that stops me from logging in. I have to reset my password every day in order to log in. I have used WaniKani for a while now and this has never happened before.


WaniKani recently changed from allowing login via username or e-mail to only allowing e-mail. Are you possibly still trying to login with your username?


Hi! Echoing what @Belthazar said here–we’ve had users (particularly those who use password managers) run into this issue since we changed our log-in requirements.

If you’re still encountering this issue after changing things to use your email instead of your username, please reach out to so we can help troubleshoot!

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That sounds like it could be the issue! Thank you.

I do wish this information about changes like this was highlighted somewhere for those of us who don’t usually use the forums.

We did send out an email about the log-in requirements changing. Is it possible it ended up in your spam folder?


A pop up or something for those who do it wrong on the site would be incredibly helpful


You could make the field so that it only accepts email addresses? Then users would notice straight away that they need to use their email address. Plus a hint in the field‘s validation error message…


@NicoleIsEnough @KJules Thank you! We did make it so the field only lists Email + an address example, but I’ll pass your suggestions for a pop up box and other alternatives along to the team.

I was having this problem for the past week too, and to top it the password reset email wasn’t reaching me. It finally worked this morning after a week of trying to get a password reset link.

I’m only logged in now because resetting my password automatically logged me in, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to login again after this.

I use a password manager to autofill my password so I know for certain that I am not making a typo with my password, and I’ve always used the email address and not my username to login.

Edit: Nevermind, it was user error all along. I made a typo in my email when I updated the username in my password manager to use my email address. Also explains why the password reset emails weren’t coming through!

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Can you email us at so we can help you troubleshoot? I’m not sure I’ve seen this behavior before.

Keeping this thread open because it’s April 2024 and I’m still having to reset my password every time. I even just use the same password when resetting LOL.

And yes, I use the email address (NOT username) every time.

By default most (all?) browsers save passwords, and in some cases will fill them without any input from the user and submit them without any indication.

That’s the first thing I’d do: make sure that stuff is disabled, and enter the credentials carefully – ideally in a way that you can confirm that what you think you’re entering is actually what’s happening, because that’s the second thing I’d check: that you’re not tripping yourself with an input issue either with the keyboard itself or settings in the OS.

If you’re still having trouble, let me know what you find, and I’ll see what else I can suggest. :pray:

For the one that are experiencing issues with their login, I have the same issue using Brave browser, and not in chrome. So maybe you can try different browser in the meantime to not have the issue. I’ve sent an email to wanikani also.

Based on what info I have available regarding your issue, my first guess would be that what is happening is that the browser is using an old saved username/password.

I.e. at some point in the past your browser saved your username/password for WK. And all was fine. Then later you changed something (username and/or password) for you WK account but your browser is still maintaining and trying to apply the old username/password info (now incorrect) which is failing. I have seen this occur a couple of times in the past (not specifically on WK, but elsewhere).