False positive review bug

Sometimes I can get review for one item correct even if I failed first time. It happens in following order:

Fail meaning → After failure add new synonym → here meaning again and that time this is correct → correct answer for reading.

I suppose it should be failed, because first time I failed with meaning part, but in result I can get correct for this item. I’m not sure in exact order, because sometimes it hard to member how they appeared during review.

Thank you for your great work!

It’s just a UI bug. The item is actually marked wrong even though it was displayed as being correct.

In my opinion, it should behave the way you’re describing, even though it doesn’t. If WK is going to accept the synonym you added in perpetuity after this session, you shouldn’t get penalized for merely not having it listed earlier.

Though it would be nice if they displayed the actual result correctly.

@viet does know about this.

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Super agree so I can finally do reviews in peace on my work computer without the override script (reviewing in perpetual fear of typos).

Totally agree. Especially since you (inexplicably) need a script to be able to add synonyms during lessons. I won’t be holding my breath for them to do anything about things like this, though.

Yeah, I’ve run into this a few times myself. Luckily the ignore script comes to the rescue.

Link to this script? Ive looked for something like that but not had any luck.

Here you go: User Synonyms

Just been updated since the old one stopped working.

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