Relearning Radicals

So I chose to relearn the radicals that have been renamed in the recent WK revamp and several have been added to my lessons queue. However, when these radicals show up in my Reviews, the item is deemed correct after I input the old radical name, so I am not actually forced to relearn them to get it correct. What am I missing? Is this an error?


That is intentional. If I remember correctly there’s a hidden whitelist of the ‘old’ radical names. This is for people who don’t want to learn the ‘new’ ones, and so that the people who learned the ‘old’ ones, and are relearning the ‘new’ ones have something to fall back on. In my opinion it’s quite useful as there has been times where I can’t remember which radical name is ‘new’ so I can input any and have it marked as correct :slight_smile:

tl;dr fully intentional

EDIT: Found where it was mentioned

A few people said they were emailing them to ask about an option that would make the old radical names be marked incorrect.

The new radical names will be reinforced by any kanji mnemonics they appear in. I for one, am happy I can still input the old names, though I did learn the new names as well. I just fon’t want to be failed on a radical that I actually already knew

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