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Hey all! Long time member, first post.

So I started WK a couple of years ago, and took a huge break (read: level 3 took me 620 days and then level 4 took me 164 days) but I’m now back on more or less full time. Along the way, I noted that some of the radicals have changed over time - and I do remember at some point resetting the radicals and adding the new ones back into my queue.

Anyway, fast forward to level 7 and the ‘duck’ radical. I thought it was one of the weirder ones, but shrug. I have been typing “duck” every time and I’ve just got it to guru…and so now I’ve unlocked all the related kanji, they’re all referencing the…“clan” radical?? Lo and behold, I take a look at the radicals and there is no such thing as the duck radical anymore, though there used to be! Furthermore, it’s not one I had even unlocked before the great radical overhaul.

If it matters, I’m using the Flaming Durtles android app. But in any case, my question is: am I going mad? Do I need to do something else in order to make sure I’m using only the “new” versions of these radicals or will I just have to deal with radicals mysteriously changing once I guru them?


Nope, not going mad. ^^ Anyone that signed up before the radical overhaul has access to the old menmonics. And while some radicals names aren’t listed anymore, there is a secret white list of answers for those that learned under the old systems, so that they don’t get punished for their memory working well. :+1:

In the options, you can set whether you want old or new mnemonics to be prioritised, and if you ever reset, you’ll lose access to all the old stuff.


Man, I’m sure there were reasons that have been amply considered, but I think I started after the radical overhaul, and that’s one that I remember by telling myself “oh yeah, the clan radical is the one that looks like a duck.”


Here’s the full list:


The old names are still included an invisible synonyms, though.


Hah, thanks all! I’ll be sure to be more wary of it in the future.

Funny enough, I can very clearly see the duck. It reminds me of this guy:


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