Is there any way to disable the old radical definitions?

Hi folks,

I’m embarking on a massive reset, trying to get back into WK properly after a very long hiatus. Part of that involves relearning an awful lot of stuff. I was around for my first proper WK stretch during the days of the old mnemonics, boobgraves and all. While I remember some of them, I have forgotten enough that I would quite like to transition over properly to the new ones.

However, I find myself cheating myself a little bit during reviews, by instinctively answering with the old answers for radicals, and thus not properly learning the new radical names - or not remembering that there’s a new radical name until after I’ve already submitted the old name and enlightening/burning the radical. Which makes studying the kanji harder because I don’t have the radical mnemonics in my head.

Is there a way - a script or a setting, perhaps - to stop WK from accepting the old radical names as answers during reviews?


My instinct would be to use something like double-check to override the correct answer, though that’s a pretty manual way of handling it, and you’d have to realize you used the old answer yourself for it to even really work :laughing: I’m not sure if there’s a more specific method, but if all else fails!

WaniKani has a user defined synonym list, so I wonder if it’d make sense for them to add a user defined disallow list.

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@Mods what do you think? Are there, or will there ever be, plans for this?

Hard to say right now, but we’ll think about it!


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