😫 Kindle frustrations! Registering an amazon.co.jp account

I have a very old kindle (4th generation and nearly 10 years old). I dug it up recently so I could get some Japanese kindle books and practice my reading, yay! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But, I can’t seem to register it to an amazon.co.jp account and therefore can’t read Japanese books, boo… :frowning_face:

Here’s what I have tried:

:x: Registering my kindle with an amazon.co.jp account - it can’t seem to find the account
:x: Creating a new account from my kindle - it creates an amazon.com account instead
:x: Transferring my newly created amazon.com account to an amazon.co.jp account - looks like it’s not possible

I tried following these steps from another WaniKani post but it doesn’t cover the issue of registering the account on your kindle.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is it because my kindle is old and it’s not an issue for newer generations?

Any help would be much appreciated. Even just getting some clarity over whether or not it’s possible would be amazing! I’ve done so much Googling, I’m at my wits’ end. :tired_face:


I ended up purchasing a new kindle (Kindle Oasis) and had no issue connecting with my Amazon Japan account. It worked seamlessly.

So it seems, for whatever reason (my guess it outdated software), older kindles like my 4th generation one are not compatible with Amazon Japan accounts. Oh well, I can still use it for English literature.


Go to Amazon Japan on a computer and create a new account. You will need a Japanese address, which can be obtained from a forwarding service. Change the region to Japan and add your credit card. Log into Kindle with the new account credentials.

I strongly recommend popping for a new Paperwhite to take full advantage of the vocab features.


I have an amazon.co.jp account with a fake Japanese address and payment details attached. My kindle just won’t let me register to that account. I can register an amazon.com account, an amazon.co.uk account, but not an amazon.co.jp account. :disappointed:

I’m wondering if it’s because the latest software update available for my kindle is version 4 1.4 (which came out in 2016) and that is somehow earlier than when Amazon Japan was added to the ecosystem?

Ah found a Reddit thread which confirms my suspicions, unfortunately.

Shame. I was so happy to find my old kindle. :disappointed:

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Okay maybe that was a bit hasty. I thought it said “old kindles”. Regardless, I still can’t register an Amazon Japan account from my kindle.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Not really a fix, but just in case you didn’t know they’re a thing:
You could be using either the Kindle mobile apps or the kindle cloud reader in a browser.
I use both on my tablet because I want to read on both amazon accounts :see_no_evil:


I live in Switzerland. When I wanted to get Kindle content from the US store of Amazon, I asked Amazon chat support for help. They asked me, which store/country I would like to get my content from and adjusted it accordingly. Mind, that was a few years ago, but it’s worth a shot.

Yeah, but the Japanese account already exists in this case, Kindle just doesn’t seem to be able to find it… :confused:

Obvious question is did you use separate mails, but it’s probably not it since you can’t even register a new account directly from Kindle?
I tried to google a bit as a challenge but can’t find anything either. :frowning:

Full disclosure: I don’t have a kindle. I had the iPad app from Amazon though. And when I asked Amazon for help, I was on my Mac. And I only have the one e-mail address I use. While I try to stay away from Amazon these days (I only use Audible.com with any regularity), I do have two physical addresses logged: my address in the US and the one in Switzerland. When asking for help, I went through the Amazon.de help desk.

I found this on reddit:

Maybe that’ll help you along? Although, answers are 3 years old and Amazon has changed a bit since then.

Yep, I have two different emails associated with my two new accounts.

The only thing I could find online for someone with the same issue (trouble registering the amazon.co.jp account not buying books from the account) was this question but the answer given was unhelpful.

Thanks for searching! I am actually able to buy kindle books from amazon.co.jp, the issue is that they won’t be synced to my kindle because I can’t register my kindle with that account. The comment on that thread suggesting to de-DRM the books to copy onto kindle reader seems like it could work even if it seems like a bit of a hassle.

Yeah, I’ve seen that one, but the answer is… meh.
It probably is the issue with the 4th generation - I have the newest Paperwhite and the account linking… simply worked. And I really feel the difference for the eyes with Kindle vs other screens.
But I understand a new purchase may be a little too much investment. :neutral_face:

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Yeah this might be what I need to resort to - I was hoping to use my kindle because it’s easier on the eyes. Maybe it’s just something I will get used to?

Well it’s reassuring to know it works for newer generations! I’ll have to do some research. I’m more inclined to buy a Kobo eReader now because how much frustration Jeff Bezos has caused me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My pleasure.

There’s one answer that I found interesting: have two passwords. Did you try that out?

Buying the paper books is out of the question, I assume? I personally have gone back to reading just regular old books, because, to me, it’s just very comfortable and I love buying old books :smiley:

Especially for Japanese books, a comfortable online dictionary is a very nice feature that a paper book cannot provide.

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Agreed and very understandable. There are times when I am leafing through my dictionaries quite a lot while reading in Japanese. On the other hand, leafing through a dictionary is in itself an adventure and I learn a lot while doing so. I consider that a plus on the side :slight_smile:

Yep unfortunately I did. :disappointed:

UPDATE @Aislin

I completely let go of my principles and bought into the Amazon ecosystem even more. :see_no_evil:

I splashed out on a Kindle Oasis. :grimacing: I’m intending to use that for Japanese reading and make use of my old Kindle for English reading. I’ve now got the Dawnshard Kindle book so I can read that before listening to my Rhythm of War Audible book through my Alexa Dot speakers… I am such a disgrace.

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Thanks for sharing your frustrations and potential fixes for this issue! I tried recently to set up an amazon.co.jp account for my kindle as well, but gave up as my kindle is so old and I didn’t want to remove my UK account from it. Been thinking about a new kindle so might do the same as you :sweat_smile: let us know how it works out!

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Haha, I’m glad it’s been of value to someone! I will let you know how it goes. My new Kindle should be arriving next Thursday - I’m not bought into Amazon enough to have Amazon Prime for fast delivery. :sweat_smile:

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