Reducing the Level up percentage to 80 for Kanji

90% isn’t too bad, but most of the times while doing the reviews, there are 1-2 kanjis which I take time to level up, but there are atleast 3-4 every level which I mess up because of typing in really fast, and hence results into waiting for an extra 3-4 days only for that 1 kanji. I know a quick solution would be the override script.

But, I feel 80-85% would actually be a better requirement to level up, atleast for the kanji.

I think Creators intended to make leveling up as slow as possible, per level.


The typo issue can be fixed with the override script. Just use it sparingly.

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See i’m of the opposite mindset. Since you end up with some Kanji at a lower than Guru level they end up mixed into your new lessons and I find that over time I have a harder time remembering them. Personally I think it should be 100%, the goal is to KNOW kanji, not know… 90% of them.

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Well, WK doesn’t teach nearly enough kanji to reach even 90% of what a native adult can read, never mind how many kanji there are in total.

As such, I don’t see any reason to agonize over mastering every item you come across, preventing you from moving on. If someone completes the first 10 levels 100%, and I learn 90% of the kanji for the first 20 levels, I will be able to read more than them.

Of course you would, because you have 10 more levels of knowledge, its not an equal comparison. someone at level 10 who learns 100% vs someone who learns 90% WILL have more knowledge and be able to read more because they know more. The comparison is in the amount taught here, not the entire collection of known/used Kanji

Maybe you’ll feel differently when you’re a higher level. I was in a rush until I hit the 20s then I began to wish the levels took longer

He meant to say that someone that “cheats” and skips some Kanji, will go on to learn new ones… and that might give a superior outcome than the first option.

However, I don’t really see that as a problem. Knowing 90% of the Kanji normally means not knowing like 3 kanji. With 5 to 10 minutes, anyone could actually get a way to know those Kanji. That alone is worth not jumping the levels trying to speed everything.

But oh well… my opinion \o/

No I mean, if you hold yourself back, making sure to get 100%, you will end up spending the same amount of time to learn fewer kanji, even if you have a higher percentage of learning for the ones you encountered.

Why does the percentage matter at all.

If I learn 200 kanji in a month, and you learn 100, what does it matter if I was introduced to 300 and you were introduced to 100. My percentage is 67% and yours is 100%.

What bearing does that have on the fact that I know more kanji in the same amount of time?

The only thing is that the 100% person has bragging rights in a respect that only they value?


Accuracy is very important. I believe it should be above 95% at the end (+2 SD), although 90% would also be a reasonable goal.

Another interesting aspect that WaniKani doesn’t teach would be “fill in the blank”, like Skritter’s or certain Kanji workbook’s style. (It is more interesting to fill Kanji in the sentence, rather than in a word, though.)

Even if you don’t often need to write a character.

I think 85% would be a little better, but I get why it’s 90%. And it doesn’t seem likely to change.

Really though, they should let each person configure it to an extent, maybe requiring it to be at least 75% - 80%. That way people that want to wait until 100% can and people that want to go a little faster can.

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