Stuck at 87%

I just wanted to vent a little. I’ve been stuck at 87% on level six for a few days. I’ve had very few reviews during that time, and i’m ready to goooo. Maybe it would be good for the devs to speed it up a little when the percentage is so close to the next level?

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final semester of college to my prof- “Could you hurry it up with this class? I’m so close to graduating.”
Sorry I just had to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For real though, that’s why they have new vocabs drop for the kanji of the level. You should have had several new lessons from the 87% kanji you did guru and that’s supposed to keep you busy until you hit 90%+.


You need to progress 90% of your level’s kanji to Guru to level up. If it were up to me, I’d have implemented it for 100%, but the devs at WK are obviously more lenient than me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s up to you to progress your items through reviews. If you make mistakes often, you don’t progress, because it’s a sign you’re not ready for new content yet. Just take it slowly, no need to rush it. If you constantly make mistakes, maybe you can set aside some time to review your most difficult items.


You know you’ve been working when…
… you’re all fired up for the next level, but due a lack of 1-3% you have to wait another day or two.

I used to get upset about this. Now I just say: good. Let’s use that time to reduce the number Aprentice-items.


yeah, i’d be fine w/ that too, but i’m just not getting many reviews period. I had two this morning, and nothing else until mid-day. Not a huge deal, obviously, but just something they could maybe tweak. I’ve had a few very light days, and i know the barrage is coming soon.

Also, only being at level six, i’m still trying to get a feel for the best way to structure everything. Do i want to use the reorder script? how do i avoid lulls like i’m in right now where there’s nothing to do, etc.

Just keep on keeping on. It’ll all compound. :+1:

Looking at my heatmap, I haven’t had less than 100 reviews a day since level 8.

It does in part depend on how you do lessons. If you take your time adding new lessons, and only do small batches a day, your reviews will always be nice and light.

Conversely, if you do all your lessons in one day, you’re more likely to hit empty patches before that annoying spike hits.

I always spread my lessons while still mostly doing 7 day levels, so it’s not like spreading lessons has any negative effect on speed. For me it just makes reviewing less annoying, and I retain the items better because my brain doesn’t effectively memorise 70 items in one session.

Nothing wrong with reorder as long as you use it sensibly. I’ve used it for the vast majority of levels, but I’ve never once skipped out on vocab. If you use reorder to reorder items, rather than a method to skip items, I don’t see a problem with it at all.

And there is of course never any reason to be waiting around on WK. So much important JP stuff to learn and so many resources linked on this forum. :slight_smile:


Just… cheat?
Pick two of the Kanji and look them up every time they come.
It makes no sense to delay the entire next level by a week just because you made one or two mistakes.

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@Omun was right on the money with what I was going to say!

I am at Level six at the moment also, (going on a restart so I am doing all the lessons in a single day or when they are available) and I am also hitting lulls in the wanikani system. My “lull” times with Wanikani I use that time to study other Japanese. Don’t necessarily know what level you are on with the language or anything though since the post doesn’t mention it.

If you are specifically studying kanji then I would recommend maybe doing some additional study for the kanji kentei. The level 10 book/workbooks and practice tests are great for me since it is something I am interested in. I get to have writing practice with the kanji with the correct stroke order, learn additional readings or reinforce my on and kun readings that Wanikani has taught me.

If you need work on other Japanese skills maybe try doing some listening, speaking, grammar, or any other excercises? I have been doing Duolingo, studying for the JLPT with books, Bunpro, watching youtube videos like Cure Dolly and Japanese Ammo With Misa, etc. Reading Japanese Graded Readers and things of that sort.

TLDR: Wanikani is awesome and depending on how you use it to learn there may be some lulls, however, it gives me an excuse to work on other things which helps me improve overall with the Japanese Language! =D


If you haven’t take a look at this guide by @jprspereira

You mentioned that you aren’t sure how to structure things to avoid lulls, etc. and this guide has pretty much all the information you could ever need for WK. Note: The guide starts at the second post.

I feel like I’ve been linking this guide everywhere lately I wonder if Jp is getting tired of the alerts lol


Honestly? I love them :heart:

It means a lot to me that you’re able to find this much value in it :slight_smile:


I can’t add much that isn’t in JP’s guide above, but I just wanted to reiterate … consider writing down new lessons as you go, or whatever method you think would best suit you (that part is important!) to help retain the information.

These lulls are going to happen more often if you miss an item or two because that’s what’s keeping you from hitting 90% in your first go. So if progressing fast is something you want to do, a little more work up front will go a long way for you.

Is there maybe a problem because I am also stuck at 87%…for days now… most of the apprentice kanji left are already 100%… I didn’t make a mistake with them

I have been stuck at over 89.5% before, and I was actually infuriated at how they don’t round!! :sweat_smile:

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The afternoon lessons showed up. Two kanji in there, and we’re on to level 7… with 69 lessons to check out tonight.
I appreciate all the feedback in this thread. Look for me to be back complaining about the overwhelming workload soon.

じゃあね. バイバイ。ありがとううううう。


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