Recurring item when user synonym is added during review

I was thinking maybe you are getting radical and kanji confused as “repeating” because sometimes they have different meanings that are accepted, but I don’t think the two you provided are included in that so…

Ignore this comment. lol…

This happens to me also, but only when I am adding a user synonym to the meaning while having answered the question correctly, but slightly off. I then check the correct answer and see where my answer was different. I then sometimes add my answer to the synonyms.

This invariably puts the word (kanji/vocab/radical) back on the pile of the currently running review. I do not know if it has any influence on the level (Guru I, etc.).


I just had an item (“antarctica”) that wouldn’t disappear from my review queue no matter how often I did it.

Switched from the website to the app (Flaming Durtles), did it there and then it disappeared.

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I have the same issue with 悪女. It keeps reappearing. I use Jakeipuu and I thought it was a bug there.

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@peksan san: Welcome to the community :sunflower:

Same here. This is the scenario when I see an item twice.

That’s a different scenario… you may want to check out one of the following :slight_smile:

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Heya! Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Could you email us about this ( It seems to be related to a script, but since you’re not running any scripts, we’ll do some investigation!

Sorry to disappoint, but personally I haven’t got the problem (I don’t have pending reviews at the moment). But since this is the 4th thread (?) in a very short time-span about this issue, I thought it only proper to alert you directly. I think I spotted yet another thread among the new ones as well. :eyes: @tls above was kind enough to track down some of them above.


悪女 has been hidden. I think it means that if you have learned it in the past, it will be in your review queue; but if you have not learned it, you won’t see it.

Hidden, in the WaniKani context, means the subject has been “soft” deleted. It is no longer a part of the learning curriculum. When this happens, the app stops displaying it on the website and reject any requests to interact with the subject.

In the case of 悪女 and using Jakeipuu, I am going to guess the Jakeipuu is still showing the user the subject 悪女 and when it tries to register the review through our API it is getting rejected. One way to address is to pull in updated objects either at some frequency, app load, when loading the review screen, or some other smart mechanism and replace the cached objects with the new ones. And then filter out any objects that are hidden to ensure the subject isn’t being surfaced to the user.

Thanks a lot! I’ll pay more attention during my reviews and write down a detailed email when I spot the problem.

I had the duplicate review item on my home pc and work pc (which obviously doesn’t have scripts). For me it seems to only happen when there is 1 item to review. The 18 I did this morning closed like normal but once I had a single review pop up then it kept repeating. Later on I reviewed 9 and they closed no problem, and the single review from earlier was not included with them. So it seems to keep renewing if there is only 1 item to review.

Yes, the issue is with the Double-Check script as others have also reported.

You can either turn that script off OR turn the Script Compatibility mode on.

I also did notice in another thread some people are having issues without the Double-Check script, but for a majority of the people who have contacted us, it seems to be that one script. Turning on the compatibility mode should work though.


Hi, thanks for looking into it. I sent you an email with some more detailed description of the phenomenon.

Actually, I was trying to clarify that those are two different phenomena :sweat_smile:

  • The scenario described in this thread is simply that during one review session the same item is quizzed multiple times (2x reading, 2x meaning … ) even if answered correctly.
  • I was able to reproduce the phenomenon with adding user synonyms during the review session.
  • At the end of the review session, there are no pending reviews left… unless the wrap-up button is used.
  • The first time I noticed it was many weeks (maybe few months?) ago. => It does not bother me though => Anki has same behavior.

And since OP mentioned they are not using any scripts (and I’m not using any either) I’m not sure if only the double-check script is responsible in this case :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing that up! And I just noticed yet another thread this morning (haven’t read it)! ^^; Hopefully there will be a solution soon to your (no-script) problems as well!

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Hmm, now that you mentioned it, the repeating items started to reappear after I added synonyms during the review session for:

I didn’t see any repeating items in my last 3 reviews (I didn’t add any synonyms in the session). I’ll try to play around with the user synonyms to confirm.


This is my fault, I made a recent change to how reviews were submitted that affected the final submission. The change should be reverted/undone in the next few minutes.

Basically the app redirected too soon in some cases to the summary page before the final review result was submitted.


I’ve noticed that too a while ago when I wasn’t using any scripts yet. When I added a synonym during a review session, the item got shown to me again, even if I answered it correctly.

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Yes, it feels a little bit like mushroom hunting on a rainy day :blush:

Thanks for sharing. Yes, it looks like an item is re-added to the review queue in case a user synonym is added during review session itself. => you may want to rename this thread though. It seems to cause a lot of confusion and mix up with another issues ~ one about pending reviews not leaving the review queue.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately this is the wrong thread :innocent: Although, it looks like the word has been spread already by a friendly colleague of yours…

I emailed you with some up-to-date test cases I took approx. 30 minutes ago. So feel free to have a look into them… next Monday (or later) of course though! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion! Renamed :slight_smile:

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