Recommended books for N2 and N1? Pace to study

So, I have been using bunpro for a year, I went from N5 to beginning of N1.

But honestly it only helped me with n5 to n3, I got the idea for several grammar points which led me to watch anime with japanese subtitles and understand a lot what they are talking.

But from N2 and N1 bunpro drops the ball and became only frustration for me because their srs doesnt work with advanced grammar points (like 5 or 10 different ways to say the same thing and saying “nuance” is the key doesn’t work for me).

Then, I realize there is shin kanzen master n2 and matome books n2.
I am not into writing so a book with multiple choice answers would be best for me, since I dont have much free time, specially beginning next year. Listening questions to answer with mutiple choice would be good also to train my listening,

Are there other books you recommend? And what pace would you recommend? Like doing one chapter per week is fine? I dont want to overwhelm.

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I’ve only used SKM N2, but their books are amazing. I’d skip their kanji book if I were you, but the other four are all great (the kanji book wants you to write a lot of sentences). There is a little bit of writing (conjugating words) towards the end if the grammar book but not much. Doing 1 chapter a week in grammar, vocab, listening and reading sounds like a nice pace that allows for some time to let stuff sink in, and fit in some repetition. I personally went at a 1 chapter a day pace to clear close to 600 pages over summer break but I would not recommend this for anyone who has the time to spread it out :sweat_smile: I think the SKM books have you covered for grammar and vocab, so I wouldn’t bother getting more books covering those areas. For reading and listening I think “real” books and audiobooks should be the go-to after you finish SKM. Also check out 日本語の森 on youtube. Their videos are amazing!


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