I recently got back to Wanikani after 2 years

Hi everyone, i recently got back to wanikani after 2 years because im planning to study in a language school in japan. the last time i studied was during highschool up to level 30 or so. Do you guys recommend me to just continue? or start from scratch? I remember most of the things i learnt but still not 100% sure on some.


I did a full reset after being away for years. I’m not sure I recommend it, but if you’re really struggling maybe reset ten or so levels. If you’ve been bothering to read Japanese at all, you see the first 15 levels of kanji everywhere, so I don’t think it’s necessary to study all that again.


It’s not a necessity, resetting is for those who don’t want to, or can’t deal with the pile up and / or forgotten items. If you really think you’re not struggling that much then I’d say go through your burned items and resurrect what you forgot, then continue as usual. If something you forgot is in some other SRS stage it’ll currently be in your review pile, you just need to review it and get it wrong, SRS will do its job if you let it.

Good luck!


I also did a full reset after lv 30 the last time and came back after a gap of 1.5 years. Try doing reviews and if you really struggle, try resetting 5 lvls or so and see how much you remember. It took me a full 7 months to get back to lv 30 from scratch

I suggest relearning Kanji as you read if you still remember Kanji somewhat – as at this point you should have enough Kanji to read. Kanji (readings and meanings) and vocabularies can easily exceed Wanikani, even for Wanikani Kanji. Lower level Kanji can easily be imagined how far they lack.

Resurrecting burned items is indeed an option.
[Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire) Other items in SRS queue can let SRS evaluate your memory. Nonetheless, I don’t regret resetting, only that I am not exactly sure Wanikani is a good choice anymore.

I am of the mind that I should use WaniKani to level 15. That is enough Kanji to build a base and start reading to learn new Kanji and reinforce what I’ve learned. What do you think of this idea?

Also when you say you don’t think WaniKani is a good choice anymore: do you mean overall, or just because of where you are at in your phase of learning?


Building Kanji from radicals and older Kanji definitely has some value, but the return somewhat diminish at the latter levels (say 30).

Thinking about how exactly to study Kanji is yet another problem.

SRS cannot replace reading, but can greatly reduce amount of intensive reading.

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