Starting over after finishing

Is there anyone who has finished WaniKani and decided to go from the start once again? Did it provide any benefit? Was there many kanji completely gone from your memory?

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There’s a topic about it here :slight_smile:

I don’t see anyone in that topic who reset from 60, though.

I’m not there yet, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about as I approach the end so i’d be interested to hear from anyone who has done it, too.

One option I’ve been considering is resetting and then using reorder to go through just the kanji again. Would be very low on time consumption and that’s the main thing we’re all here for anyway. Would be nice if there was a way to only reset kanji so you could keep the vocab you’re struggling with alive.

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I thought I read somewhere that @BreadstickNinja did this by just resurrecting all the kanji.

I’ve reset a few kanji that I failed to read after I’d burned them but I don’t think I want to go through the whole thing again!

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That seems to be right

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I made a new account after 60. I rushed as fast as I could with the re-order script so I could be one of the first few to level 60. However during this time WaniKani was adding a lot of extra vocab to lower levels and I was getting slammed at work. That account is in vacation mode with like seven hundred or so lessons and like two thousand or so reviews. I am on team super slow now.

I use Skritter and I have a Kanji Anki deck I do everyday, but Wanikani really helps keeps kanji solid as I have to physically type things in. I wouldn’t say any are completely gone, its more refreshing the Kanji I see not that often and know the meaning but forget the reading, or remembering the weird readings of some words.

Instead of resurrecting all kanji, I’d rather resurrect all vocabs and nothing else. It’s not very useful to know one or two readings of kanji in isolation, much more useful to know how to read words (kanji combinations).

This is true, but I’d rather use other systems and word lists for vocab. Wanikani’s word list is slightly peculiar.

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I’m definitely more with @BreadstickNinja here… it’s easy to get sloppy with the kanji when reading, so I really want to make sure I know them as individual characters as well.

Vocab on the other hand I’m starting to find increasingly frustrating to have to come up with an exact definition for… my reviews nowadays consist to a large extent of words where I can come up with a roughly similar english word, but just not similar enough that I can justify using the override script.

It’s actually starting to feel really liberating to just encounter the words when reading and be satisfied that they make sense in context rather than being pressed for an english definition! :slight_smile:


That’s an exaggeration. There are some peculiar words, yes, but it’s a tiny minority.

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Well, that’s why I said slightly. Also, I’m talking more about the choice of words in general. Their main purpose is to help with kanji readings, right? I’m pretty sure they’ve made an effort (which is to be applauded) to find one word for each kanji with each possible reading - as much as is least. (Not sure about this, but I seem to remember reading it somewhere.)

Personally, I treat WK’s vocab as mainly a way to reinforce the kanji. Of course, when there are vocab items I don’t already know that look like they’ll be useful I’ll try and remember those for active use, but usually I’m happy to know them well enough to get right here and then move on. Wk’s vocab serves its purpose well, but I think there are more useful word lists out there.


Ummm… I know that @chepe263 reset from level 60.

like a phoenix


But all at once? Those reviews will come by the thousands.

Doesn’t feel like resetting from 60 makes a whole lot of sense to me. By that time, your review of kanji/vocab and new kanji/vocab acquisition should primarily come from native material and perhaps taking words from that and inputting into something like anki/memrise if you still want to have the srs system for those words. Plus, there are a lot of kana only and onomatopoeic/mimetic words that you can’t get from WK. Plus, I doubt you’d want to have gated progress your second go around. Finally, you’d probably not want to review some of the more uncommon words that you had never seen outside WK (which were largely picked for their use of a kanji rather than usefulness or frequency).

But I guess if you have lifetime and don’t mind the extra WK cutting into other study time, it’s not that bad.

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That’s what happened :smiley:

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Will never do that o.O

Level 51-60 is awful :frowning:

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If resurrecting items is good enough, Burn Manager lets you select by type (e.g. kanji) and level.


Nice! That’s exactly the type of thing I’d be looking for. Will make use of it in a few months’ time.

Thank you.