Strategies for resetting after level 60?

Ok. Level 55 is now. Level 60 is in sight. Sitting at 4500+ burns and another 2000 enlightened.

I want go back and redo it all when I get there and get my last lessons in. I do want to complete the SRS.

I don’t want to do a hard reset because I want to go through the SRS for the existing items. I also don’t want to lose my old mnemonics because old school Crabigatorism.

Current thought is to go back and individually reset (unburn) individual items level by level.

Can I please get some comments from those who have chosen various strategies and reset using them? What worked, what didn’t, etc? Please?


Why do you want to do WaniKani a second time? Isn’t there a better way to put what you’ve learned into practice?


Complete WK here and use Anki the second time. You’ll have more control with SRS timings and the option to remove words or add custom words and make the deck your own.

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I’d wonder if there’s an opportunity cost here. Of all the time you’d be spending going through things again - would that be better served in using the language in practice? Picking up the non-WK kanji that are out there in the real world?


Aha !

I played out the exact same thought process - For those who have reached level 60

And after that advice I think I have decided that I will go back and un-burn individual items.

The time that will be freed up from not doing Wanikani I am going to use for speaking / listening comprehension. even if i forget half the items on here - i will still be streets ahead in reading !

When do you reckon you’ll hit lvl60?


Seconded. I put WK into an Anki deck and am going through everything again. The stuff I remember well gets pushed further into the future, the stuff I don’t is taken down a few pegs.


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