[Reading Practice] 老後すごろく- Board Game for your retired life in Japan!

I came across this image at work today and thought it would be a fun reading practice activity to share. Full size image here!

Its like a Japanese version of Game of Life, but for your post-(compulsory)retirement years. It was originally an ad run in a newspaper by Hebel Haus, a home construction company. There are some humorous squares, like:

  • まごまれる。+500てん
    Translation: Triplet grandchildren are born. +500 points.
  • いぬかいして つま会話かいわ。-100てん
    Translation: Using the dog as an means to converse with your wife. -100 points
  • 夫婦ふうふでフラダンス。+200てん
    Translation: Hula dancing as a married couple. +200 points
  • 三国志さんごくし全巻ぜんかん読了どくりょう 。+2,000てん
    Translation: Finish reading all the volumes of the Sangokushi (aka Annals of the Three Kingdoms) +2,000 points

What are some of your favorites? Questions on translations? Comment below!


There is a Japanese Game of Life. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dunno how widespread it is, but I’ve seen characters in anime playing it more than once.


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