Japan traditional games (and more)

こんにちは !

Do you happen to know some traditional Japanese games? If so, how about sharing it right here. Shiritori is a nice one but is there any others?

And what about learning new words at the same time, you can share what you learned today about the fabulous Japanse language if you wish it. :slight_smile:

Mahjong is created in China. But played a lot in Japan. Does that count? I have been playing Mahjong since I was 8 or so. Love it.

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Here’s a really unique Japanese game.


Depends, what kind of traditional games are we talking about? Competitive games? More recreational games? Games where you try and climb on a pole?

I’m going to attempt to learn Shogi. A friend really likes it and I like chess, so I’ll try to learn how the pieces move and start playing with him.

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Any kind is okay

Go is a lot of fun if you have the brain for it. I haven’t played it in a while, but I prefer it to chess.

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じゃんけんぽん? Japanese people love that one!

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Hanafuda is a pretty fun game. A lot of luck is involved, but it has some skill as well.



If you already know chess, learning the differences is pretty simple, I could probably teach it in 20 minutes.

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Well then:

Karuta (Generally competitive Karuta, but a few other games can be played)
Shogi, as well as games with shogi pieces such as 将棋崩し
Hanafuda card based games, like Koi Koi, Hachi Hachi, Mushi, a few others.
Kabufuda games such as Oicho-Kabu

Since there’s a lot of card games here here’s an old Nintendo Meiji period advertisement.

Bo Taoshi
Baseball - The most traditional of Japanese games
And a few more games since I’m tired of typing them.

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