Does this happen to anyone else?

I am just doing my reviews, when I click off of chrome (Im on macbook air BTW) and click back, type anything into the text box, it’ll repeat every letter indefinitely

When I press another letter, it adds that one to the mix:
It’s not that big of a deal, as I can just refresh the page, but it’s strange.

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Nope, never. Not on my Macbook Air (2012), desktop, or mobile (android).

Woah! Nope. Never had that happen before. That is quite strange. :thinking:

It used to do that on the old PC I used at work, but only if I held multiple letters together. Like If I timed it exactly to the 1/100th of a second and slammed ‘i’, ‘p’ and ‘a’ together, instead of just getting something like “ipaaaaaaaaaaa” I would get “ipaipaipaipaipaipa”.

… that was my version of goofing off while everyone else was on social media.


I think WaniKani is trying to ask you was’sup


That keeps happening because っis different than つ and–oh wait false alarm.

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Round 2, this time in kana:

Also, I noticed when I clicked inside of the growing text, it stopped.


Have you tried updating you keyboard driver?

I also wonder if your keys are sticking and perhaps your keyboard needs cleaning???


Oh man, one-handed browsing sure is risky…

This has happened on both my school and home laptop, both cleaned basically weekly. Not impossible, just improbable :stuck_out_tongue:

My home computer’s is up to date, but I can’t mess with stuff like that on my school laptop.

I’m amazed no one else has had this. It’s no more than a mild annoyance, but I’d figure at least someone has had it.

Does this happen with all userscripts turned off? We’re happy to look into it if it’s an issue with our code, but that’s always our first request so we can start to narrow it down. :smile:

A similar thing happens to me on Firefox for Android, but I’m almost sure it’s because of scripts that I installed there :stuck_out_tongue:

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