Reading Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book)

This is Book Two 鍓嶇法, so yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note: There are three books, each of which is split up into two parts in the Japanese edition. So it is book 2 out of 3, or fragment 3 out of 6. :woman_shrugging:


Chapter 5! More 闈掕眴~

On to chapter 6. :slight_smile: This one鈥檚 actually a pretty long one.

Chapter 7! A day late, sorry! :pray:

Also, 銇婇銇勩仐銇俱仚锝

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Time for chapter 8~ I remember being pretty excited about this chapter when I read through the chapter titles 2 months ago. :slight_smile:
Somehow I鈥檝e gotten pretty behind though.

Chapter 9!

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Very timely new thread this week. :partying_face:

No I only need to catch up within the 2 weeks we have left of this book.

Feels like it was no time at all since the last time, but once again, 銇婇銇勩仐銇俱仚锝


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Here鈥檚 the penultimate week! I鈥檒l update the OP later! :slight_smile:

Oops - I just realised I missed a week between chapter 8 and 9. :see_no_evil:

Should I put up the last chapter thread as well?
@Hijiki, I think you鈥檙e actually caught up, right?

Yes, I鈥檝e read a couple of pages from chapter 11 yesterday, so I guess I鈥檓 on schedule.

Book 2 progress with spoilers about a character appearing from chapter 2

I intended to write something about that detestable, yet somewhat scary guy that keeps popping up in 澶╁惥鈥檚 chapters, but I always ended up moving on to the other half of the story to get rid of the bad aftertaste. Well, not that the other protagonist isn鈥檛 dealing with suspicious people herself, but at least those make me want to know more about them instead of praying for them to go away before they add any more complications to the plot. I keep switching between 鈥業 have to counterattack with some sort of characterization before this creature ruins the plot entirely (as if that could change anything鈥)鈥 and 鈥榰gh, he鈥檚 so despicable, now he鈥檚 not only wasting 澶╁惥鈥檚 time, but also mine, he鈥檚 not worth the effort馃槴鈥.

That being said, I don鈥檛 have many expectations regarding the next chapter, but feel free to post the thread whenever you like.


Sounds like you鈥檙e on my schedule, instead of the originally intended one, haha. Unless you mean you read some of chapter 12.

If that鈥檚 the case I鈥檇 take the liberty to stay on that schedule and just post the chapter 12 thread on the weekend. That鈥檇 give me a bit more time to catch up as well. :sweat_smile:

drop-down reply

That guy really is creepy! I totally get that feeling, even if I鈥檓 not feeling it as strongly. Even his absence is creepy, because it totally feels like he鈥檚 moving in the background, doing something.

The last week! Finishing the book means we鈥檙e halfway through this series!

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I forgot to ask before - are we planning to have another week鈥檚 break in between books?

Or do we skip it since I accidentally created a break week in the middle of the book already?

It鈥檚 been a long time since I last visited this thread (although at some point I remembered that 1 year ago I started reading this book and this was the first Japanese book club I became involved in) and I missed a lot of the stuff happening in the other books clubs lately, but with huge variations in reading pace I managed to finish Book 2 by the end of September.

I found it strangely satisfying to see the events unfolding in the same time of the year as my own life. Maybe moreso because after the world setting is largely explained about halfway through book 2 the focus shifts to intro/retrospection, which is something I feel more inclined to when autumn begins馃槉. Then the last couple of chapters had the characters finally deciding to tackle 1Q84 again, some cliffhangers, obviously, making it really hard to wait a few days until October began so I could start Book 3 according to the timeline mentioned on the cover (10鏈堬紞12鏈). So I guess I somehow managed to find something other than the book club schedule to pace my reading (nevertheless, I did miss sharing some thoughts with someone else every once in a while), although that also messed up my ability to keep a uniform reading pace for the other books I was planning to read simultaneously.

Book 3 has more chapters and a different structure compared to the previous two (looking at the table of contents feels like a loathsome spoiler if you do it before finishing Book 2, yet a hopeful one if you do it afterwards, so I won鈥檛 go into further detail). I think I鈥檒l try to finish the last part of the trilogy by the end of the year, without having a fixed schedule in mind - I鈥檒l probably read 2-3 chapter per week and take a break if the story advances to the next month of 1Q84 before it begins in 2021馃槀.


Book Two 寰岀法
Book Three 鍓嶇法
Book Three 寰岀法

@Hijiki I thought a bit about whether multiple threads like this make sense, but ultimately decided to stick with our original separation of 寰岀法銉诲墠绶. I鈥檓 currently reading Book Three 鍓嶇法, so will likely post there soon. :slight_smile:


I figured I鈥檇 move this discussion kind of to where it belongs :wink:

I鈥檝e read the first part of Book 1 already, so I would just wait until you start the second part and then join in, no problem!

Maybe we can first gather interest for such a re-reading group:

Would you like to read 1Q84 with us, starting from July-ish?

  • Yes, can鈥檛 wait!
  • Lemme think about it鈥
  • No, I鈥檓 good.

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I would like for you to read it and then to discuss with you. Does that count? :smiley:


Absolutely! :grin:

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