Reading Compression

Even though I have this application, named Jisho, that has the reading material that I would need for easy reading, I still feel like reading stuff on here isn’t giving obvious progress. I don’t know much of what would help my reading.
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To really answer that question we will need to know more about what other methods of study you are applying, and how well you understand what you read.
What is your vocab knowledge, what is your grammar knowledge, how much do you actually read ?
Essentially, what is your learning strategy, because that is likely where one should look if one has trouble seeing progress.


I have hardly any clue on a proper reading strategy, I am going for a trial and error kind of route, though I feel that this set back might do to problems that I had during grade school, obviously for my native tongue, I was never given an opportunity to read for myself due to the person in the special education room, they read and write for me instead of letting me develop those skills naturally; I feel my impression from public school caused a detriment here, I am getting anxious about doing the work.

I think my Japanese vocab knowledge is rather sporadic and sparse.

Im not sure how to answer this.
Going directly to reading and expecting to get much from it is probably a little too optimistic.
Reading is good, and its what you should spend most of your time doing (In my opinion at least).
But you also need to spend some time on grammar and vocabulary, even more so in the beginning until you reach a certain level.
Id say the amount of reading you do should go from 0-10% in the very beginning, progressively increasing to 60-80% by the time you finish N4 grammar (which honestly doesnt take that long)

Wanikani gives you a good basis for kanji and vocab recognition. Without it its really hard without furigana, but once you hit lvl 10 you already have a lot of common kanji and will experience improvement. You still have to look up quite a few words but this continues to decrease as you read more.
Without grammar study on the other hand its going to be very tough. I like bunpro but there are plenty of other methods to study grammar.

As your grammar and vocab increases, you will see great improvement in your reading aswell


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