Reading じん marked wrong for 神

As the title says, the Crabigator’s eyes flash red with disdain if you enter じん as a reading for 神:


I’d like to request that じん be added as a “semi-correct” reading, so that the page shakes and lets you try again when you enter it (as is the case for the かみ reading).
しん and じん are both Jōyō readings, and both are used in WaniKani vocab (for example 神道 and 神社).




At least as far as I’ve seen, the only time the screen shakes during the E > J parts is if you put a onyumi when it’s looking for kunyomi or vice versa. I think I would recommend the double check script as this might provide what you are looking for. It enables you to retype the answer if you mispelled something and got the question wrong.

EDIT: I’m embarassed to say I didn’t read your whole post and see that the reading you put should actually be correct as well. I’ll leave the recommendation though in case anyone else would like to check it out

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Sorry for the delay. We’ll add this to our content review list. When/if we add it, it’ll be updated on the Content Updates category.

Just FYI though, the shake animation is only if it were the other reading (e.g kun’yomi instead of on’yomi for a kanji). じん is also on’yomi so I think if we were to add it, it would probably be added as an extra reading like how it is for 大.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

If the only options are “green” or “red”, I can see how that complicates the decision somewhat.

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We ended up adding it, just FYI :sparkles:





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