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Feb. 14

Pretty tired today, so I switched it up and read one NHK article, 2 Watanoc articles, and tried to read the system messages in Bookwalker instead of immediately plugging them in to Google translate.


15 Feb | Home

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:desert: 日本へようこそエルフさん 4 manga 27 0% → 50%
:squid: ダンジョン飯3 manga 29 30% (no change)
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 30% (no change)
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 15% (no change)
  • Read through about half of Elf-san 4, though there was a big political discussion where they were talking about guild stuff that I will need to go over again. I don’t know if it’s because of Dungeon Meshi or just doing more novel reading but I’m getting a lot more comfortable with just kinda vaguely understanding what something is about and forging on ahead even with giant blocks of text. I think maybe I’m just diversifying in the ways I read/study? I dunno but I’m liking it. That said, I did read the light novel of this in english once already, so I might still just be remembering things. Will probably finish initial pass today and then go over it again.
  • As an aside, was poking through this thread today on regional dialects. Extremely funny.

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Feb 14

  • :desert: BASARA part of chapter 2

Just a little bit of reading today.


I read two level one stories.


Has anyone ever read the book " ぼくは青くて透明で"? I am reading the sample and compared to many others it seems to be an easier read (I put HP on break as I need something I’ve never read before but want it to be at my level). Does it have a happy ending? Is it worth my coins?

EDIT: I finished the sample and was still intrigued so I bought it. Hopefully, it’s worth it but thus far it’s a painless read. P.g. 14 of 218 read so far.


:cupid: Feb 14 :cupid:

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同じ夢 page 33 34 35


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Episodes 22 - 24 of Sakura and Suzuki. I think I may be able to finish it within February! Yay! My second series. Hopefully nothing derails me!

New words and grammar
  • さすが as one would expect, after all
  • 詰める「つめる」 to stuff into, to jam, to cram in, to pack, to fill
  • Adj/N らしい -ish; like a …; typical of …; appropriate for …; becoming of …;
  • 引っ越し 「ひっこし」moving, changing residence
  • お袋 「おふくろ」colloquial way of saying mom in an affectionate way (これは面白いね! I like the idea that the bag may be referring to a mom’s womb)
  • 忘れっぽい「わすれっぽい」forgetful
  • 自慢「じまん」pride, boast
  • 暴れる「あばれる」to act violently, to struggle, to be riotous
  • 狂う「くるう」to go mad
  • てるてる坊主 「てるてるぼうず」paper doll to which children pray for fine weather
  • しかない have no choice but to…
  • 晴れ男 「はれおとこ」man who causes the weather to become sunny when he gets out (I wonder if they have a term that’s the opposite of this)
My google search results of てるてる坊主

That last one though… :disappointed_relieved:

to Alygator

I like your list! It takes me back to those episodes. And it’s funny to see which words I know I learned then, some I have no recollection of from that series and learned later, and others I still don’t know lol

Nice search on てるてる坊主 !


There’s 雨女, a woman whose presence brings rain. Idk if theres 雨男 and 晴れ女 though.


That’s interestingly backwards from the traditional European weather house, where the woman appears to indicate fine weather and the man to indicate rain.


12 Feb - 14 Feb

:books: My home thread

Title Pages read Progress Status
ふらいんぐうぃっち vol. 8 96-147 147/176 reading
ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 vol. 5 180-191 191/256 reading

It is a miracle, but I still manage to read every day. I think that next month I won’t be so strict with myself and let me skip a couple of days :sweat_smile:


Feb 15, Thu of Week 7 of Q1 2024

  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 Ch.7 end [208-212/258]

  • ぼぎわんが来る (10-12%)

  • Persona 4 Golden

Looks pretty cool so far, with timer.

Words of the day
  • 要領(ようりょう)を得(え)る = to be to the point. Another one is 要(よう)を得(え)る.
  • 大事(だいじ)を取(と)る = to play it safe; to be prudent
  • 製菓(せいか) = confectionery
  • 民生(みんせい) = public welfare. One of 三民主義(さんみんしゅぎ) is 民生(みんせい)の安定(あんてい).
  • 排外主義(はいがいしゅぎ) = anti-foreignism
  • ぎょうさん = a lot. Kanji form is ä»°å±±(ぎょうさん).

Book highlights

日英同盟 = Anglo-Japanese Alliance - Wikipedia
血の日曜日事件 = Bloody Sunday (1905) - Wikipedia
ポーツマス条約 = Treaty of Portsmouth - Wikipedia

義和団(ぎわだん)の乱(らん) = Boxer Rebellion - Wikipedia
扶清滅洋(ふしんめつよう) = Support the Qing, annihilate the West! (Boxer rebellion slogan)
辛亥革命(しんがいかくめい) = 1911 Revolution - Wikipedia (Xinhai Revolution or Hsinhai Revolution)
孫文(そんぶん) (Sūn Wén) = Sun Yat-sen - Wikipedia (Sūn Yìxiān)
袁世凱(えんせいがい) = Yuan Shikai - Wikipedia
宣統帝(せんとうてい) (Xuantong Emperor) = Puyi - Wikipedia (溥儀(ふぎ))


15th feb

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had a bunch of other stuff to do today so just read ouran, which was lucky cos it took me ages. it was a bit longer than the other sections i’ve done, i found the side story really difficult for some reason, and then there were ten pages of fan messages, some of which were kinda lengthy. shoutout to the person who tried to write ouran high school host club (in english) and ended up with a very neatly written ‘ouran high-sohool kostclub’

lengthy fan letter

today’s nhk article was this one, the granblue valentine’s event story has started so i’m back on that, and the entries on <次第>[しだい] and しかも in aDoIJG

word that stood out

ネーム - specifically the ‘storyboard, rough draft’ meaning


Feb 15

虐殺器官 4% - 6%

More smol progress


:raccoon: :snowflake: :books: February 15 :books: :snowflake: :raccoon:

ひでり狐 :sunny: :fox_face:
Chapter: 4/4

The villagers notice the main guy has been missing for days so they all come to the only logical conclusion - he’s been transformed into a fox. When they find him he’s so drunk and out of it that it is all too clear that he’s been on a fox transforming party all week, they believe it so much that they even manage to convince him that yes, he had been a fox all week. And with that he accepts and realises his one true destiny, that he is foxman.

Onto the next story! :raccoon:
dramatic tanuki foreshadowing

Words that Transformed into Foxes

松明「たいまつ」ー Wooden/bamboo torch; torchlight
騒々「そうぞう」ー Noisy; boisterous; loud


:notebook: :computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: February 13

Read あなたも殺人犯になれる! chapter 15

:notebook: :computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: February 14

Read あなたも殺人犯になれる! chapters 16 and 17

Yes! It’s getting interesting and I’m also having fun reading everyone’s comments in the book club threads. At this point I only stop reading because I don’t have more time. The short chapters are great motivation.


Home Thread // February 15th, 2024

Name Progress State Finished
The King’s Birthday 3/7 chapters (43%) Currently reading —
Aryn’s wonderful world 6/6 chapters (100%) :white_check_mark: Finished 12th Feb, 2024
Aryn’s rescue 24/24 chapters (100%) :white_check_mark: Finished 9th Feb, 2024

Just the usual: All four NHK Easy articles and one more chapter from the King’s Birthday. I also translated one of the NHK articles today, and I think I won’t do that anymore because the NHK articles take so much time and effort that I feel a bit drained afterwards…


Feb 15th!

3 pages of the Orange light novel today :slight_smile:

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16 Feb | Home

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:ring: 隣は何を食う人ぞ ~ほろ酔い~ 7 manga 27 0 - 51pg (0% → 30%)
:desert: 日本へようこそエルフさん 4 manga 27 50% → 100% (complete) :white_check_mark:
:squid: ダンジョン飯3 manga 29 30% (no change)
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 30% (no change)
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 15% (no change)
  • Finished Elf-san 4 last night but will go over again thoroughly as there were sections I didn’t completely understand. I’m lucky I bought the light novels at some point because while it’s not 1-1 it really helps deciphering some of the more political dialogue.
  • Casually reading ほろ酔い7, really nice. I just twigged I’m actually beyond where I read it in eng (because the scanlation group gave up) so I guess I’ve finally achieved my goal of learning enough Japanese to read a manga a scan group gave up on. No bingo square for that one unfortunately. Today’s recipe was oden and tofu, but I don’t really like making those.

:bookmark: Home post // Feb 15 :snowman_with_snow: :books:

・サイレント・ウイッチ VII (12% → 15%)

Read a bit in the morning while I was still half-asleep.

Today was the last day of clinic on campus with fellow students – felt weird to think we’re not gonna have to show up there anymore. Next week everyone is off to their respective place for internship for 2 months. It’s going to be busy-time with long days and plenty of stuffs to do, but also lots of time for reading on the train, so that’s great.