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お月様の唄 :crescent_moon: :musical_note:
Progress: page 26/35

The prince organises a moonlit festival to try and lure forest spirits out since they’ve disappeared for the past few days.

Words Found Under the Moonlight

守役「もりやく」ー Guardian; nurse; nanny
頓着「とんちゃく」ー Being concerned about / mindful of
心地「ここち」ー Feeling; sensation; mood


Feb 7, Wed of Week 6 of Q1 2024

  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 Ch.5 end [170-174/258]

  • 正欲 (1-3%)

A little depressing, but I don’t really hate it.

  • STEINS;GATE (VN) Ch.10 end

Seeing sprites translating and flipping is funny. How 2D.

Press to end

Alternate route has Ch.11, though; so pause for now.

Words of the day
  • 公衆(こうしゅう)の面前(めんぜん)で = in front of the public. Doing something shameful.
  • あられもない(.) = immodest; unbecoming
  • 日射病(にっしゃびょう) = sunstroke. Another word is 熱中症(ねっちゅうしょう), but symptom and not necessarily sun :sunny:
  • オトガイ(.) = chin. Kanji form exists, but not appearing in IME nor context.
  • やりきれない(.) = too much to bear; unbearable
  • 指数(しすう) = index / exponential
  • 暗視(あんし) = night vision
  • 倒錯(とうさく) = perversion; aberration. Really means pervert.
  • 大多数(だいたすう) = majority
  • æ°·å±±(ひょうざん)の一角(いっかく)に過(す)ぎない = no more than the tip of the iceberg :mount_fuji:
  • å¡©(しょ)っぱい = salty / troubled looking
  • ~の極致(きょくち) = ultimate of; peak of
  • 何様(なにさま)のつもり = who do I even think I am (you are). Like 偉(えら)い version of 何者(なにもの).

Book highlights

アミアンの和訳 = Treaty of Amiens - Wikipedia
ナポレオン法典 = Napoleonic Code - Wikipedia
トラファルガーの海戦 = Battle of Trafalgar - Wikipedia. IME suggests トラファルガー・ロー :skull_and_crossbones:
ネルソン伯爵 = Earl Nelson - Wikipedia
アウステルリッツの戦い = Battle of Austerlitz - Wikipedia
ティルジットの和約 = Treaties of Tilsit - Wikipedia
大陸封鎖令 = Berlin Decree - Wikipedia (ベルリン勅命)
ライプチヒの戦い = Battle of Leipzig - Wikipedia
ワーテルローの戦い = Battle of Waterloo - Wikipedia
「英雄」 = Symphony No. 3 (Beethoven) - Wikipedia, formerly dedicated to 「ボナパルト」


Home Thread // February 7th, 2024

I managed to read the NHK Easy Article that I planned to. Appearently, it was an Austrian that introduced skiing to Japan, which is quite funny, as I’m from Austria myself hehe


:notebook: :computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: February 6

Read あなたも殺人犯になれる! chapter 9 and played 逆転裁判 for 20 min. I’m having fun with this, too bad I don’t have more time to read.


:cherry_blossom: :teapot: Home post and thread


:frog: かえるくん、東京を救う (Super Frog saves Tokyo), short story by Haruki Murakami, 3 pages.

Waw, some passages were very challenging and when the sentences are too long, I end up mixing up everything :laughing:
Today I tried to read first what is at the end of the sentence, beginning with the verb, then going from it to the rest, and it worked quite well^^
I’ve read 13 pages on 36 so far, and I want to know how it ends !!!


:house: home post :house:
:calendar: 2024年2月7日 :calendar:

:question: Title Read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: Fujiki 2 episodes 3/41 —
:railway_car: 阪急電車 1% 62% 10 new words
:kimono: 舞妓さんちのまかないさん 1 chapter 115/261 —

Not much reading done today but I have a good excuse, went out to eat a delicious ramen :grin:


:bookmark: Home post // Feb 7 :snowman_with_snow: :books:

・サイレント・ウイッチ VI (54% → 57%)

Today was busier than expected, had friends over at my place. Tomorrow will probably be more of a reading day, there’s a train ride in my schedule :ok_hand:



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-02-07 :family_woman_girl: 老女的少女ひなたちゃん3 :green_book: Manga :white_check_mark: Chapter 19-25.5
:page_facing_up: 178 pages
:hourglass_flowing_sand: 1h25m

Well I wanted to put something on the tracker for this week as complete, so I read all of volume 3 of Hinata-chan today. (And that’s another Natively bingo to tick off). From a story perspective, it’s clear that we’re meant to think Sakuya thinks Sadao murdered her at this point, buuut I don’t think Sadao is Nagisa, and I’m also not 100% sure she was literally murdered instead of metaphorically. But we’ll see where the story goes.

I was partway into chapter 25.5 and I hade to look up a few words, and it suddenly clicked to me that there had been no furigana in like ten pages. “Wait, weren’t they adding furigana for stuff like 言う and 大丈夫 until now?”, I thought, before having a moment of worry given I’d nominated volume 1 of this for the ABBC and was pretty sure it had furigana. But a quick check back at the rest of volume 3 and of volume 1 reveals this is a Chapter 25.5 only thing, I guess they just didn’t bother for the long extra chapter for whatever reason. Even the short bonus chapter got furigana, so I guess 25.5 was added for this edition? I guess it makes sense, 25 ends on a cliffhanger, so I’m guessing 25.5 is out of sequence too. Or possibly imagined by Sadao.

Anyway, depending on how tomorrow goes, there’s a good chance my next update won’t be until next Tuesday, so don’t think I’ve given up on the challenges if you don’t hear from me for a few days.


2月7日 | Home post

  • 夜カフェ 1 (17.00% → 19.00%)
  • アオハライド (2) pp. 1-22

I got distracted again, but I’ll argue that it was an investment for the future.

The result of my distraction

Now I have the same setup for reading manga on my laptop and on my shiny new Android tablet :star_struck:


Amazing :star_struck: Do you live in Japan?


7 Feb | Home

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:shallow_pan_of_food: ダンジョン飯2 manga 30 81% → 100% (complete)
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 17% - no change
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 10% - no change
  • Another chapter of Dungeon Meshi 2 to finish out the book. This was more like it, substantially trickier than the last two chapters even though it was mostly just casual (well, as casual as you can discussing monster ecology and soap-making) dialogue. By my calculations I will be ahead of this week’s anime episode, I think. (I skip the omakes because they’re super dense)

Feb 7

Home post

Page 17 18 19 from 同じ夢.


Home post

Feb 7

  • スキップ・ビート! second half of chapter 64
    Just a short read today.

I read seven level one stories and two level two stories.


:red_gift_envelope::cityscape: 2月 7日 :cityscape::full_moon:

Book Natively Progress Type
:stars: 美知子(みちこ)の星空(ほしぞら) L 19 60% → 66% Reader
:dolphin: マグメル新海(しんかい)水族館(すいぞくかん) L 24 27% → 42% Manga
:notebook: 新にほんご 500問 N2 L 33 8% → 12% Text

Adding the textbook I’ve been hacking away at this week so I can feel accomplished by the completion percentage even if my brain hurts sometimes :face_holding_back_tears:

If you’ve been dying to know how Michiko is doing, she seems to have found a better man while working at the sugarcane farm lmao now I just need a Sousuke vs. Hiroshi standoff (for some razzle dazzle)

If you remember my Atelier obsession, :dolphin: マグメル similarly hosts some really fun non-panel pages and I also love when the story is interspersed with facts about undersea creatures:

minor spoilers

See you next time!

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OMG that looks so good! :yum:


My cold’s been kicking my ass, so I can’t remember when I last updated .

Feb. 6

Worked partway through ch 3 of みんなの日本語 Vol. 2.

Feb. 7

Read one level 2 graded reader on Tadoku about Hokkaido. I understood it pretty well! I’ve somehow had more than one Japanese teacher from Hokkaido, so it’s my favourite region of Japan. (I have never been to Japan).

Other than that, I finished 13 Sentinels. The text was in English, but I’d set the voiceover to Japanese so it was fun to realize how much my understanding increased as I learned new words.


8th feb

home post

okay so this is still true but i was definitely asking to be hit with a very heavy look-up chapter wasn’t i :joy: ah well, i blame kyouya. still, vol 10 complete! started the next manga the randomiser gave me, シンデレラは探(さが)さない which seems to be a light slice of life romance kind of thing. only read a chapter of that, but did read more of the bakumatsu book to compensate. about halfway through that now! (update: also translated a page)

today’s nhk articles were this one and this one(not gonna pretend i fully understood the stocks one, but i read it), and the entries on 例(れい)の and relative clause in aDoIJG

words that stood out

めんそーれ - okinawan for いらっしゃい
蛋白(たんぱく)質(しつ) - protein. usually in katakana but was it in ouran? was it hell
パン食(く)い競走(きょうそう) - game in which a dangling piece of bread is grabbed in the mouth and raced to the finish line (in school sports festivals)

利便(りべん) - convenient. love when they flip the kanji and meaning is similar but different


Feb 8, Thu of Week 6 of Q1 2024

  • STEINS;GATE (VN) all endings clear

Much longer than expected. (Around 5 hours perhaps.) Lesson learnt, don’t think the end is near.

Also, 1 CG still missing.

  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 start Ch.6 [176-181/258]
Words of the day
Book highlights

ウィーン会議 = Congress of Vienna - Wikipedia
メッテルニヒ = Klemens von Metternich - Wikipedia
神聖同盟 = Holy Alliance - Wikipedia
四国同盟 = Quadruple Alliance (1815) - Wikipedia
「会議は躍る」 = Der Kongreß tanzt - Wikipedia (The Congress Dances)

七月革命 = July Revolution - Wikipedia
オルレアン家 = House of Orléans - Wikipedia
ルイ・フィリップ = Louis Philippe I - Wikipedia
ヴィドック = Eugène François Vidocq - Wikipedia
「赤と黒」 = The Red and the Black - Wikipedia (Le Rouge et le Noir)

二月革命 = French Revolution of 1848 - Wikipedia (February Revolution)
三月革命 = March Revolution. See German revolutions of 1848–1849 - Wikipedia.
ギゾー = François Guizot - Wikipedia
ルイ・ナポレオン = Napoleon III - Wikipedia, that is, ナポレオン3世.
「共産党宣言」 = The Communist Manifesto - Wikipedia


5 Feb - 7 Feb

:books: My home thread

Title Pages read Progress Status
ふらいんぐうぃっち vol. 8 64-96 96/176 reading
ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 vol. 5 142-153 153/256 reading

The Quidditch chapter was pretty fun and easy to read. Flying Witch was, on opposite, harder than usual, with so much text.