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January 12th (Day 12) :snowflake: :cat2:

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Brief update today: I’ve completed chapters 11, 12, and 13 of チュベローズで待ってる AGE22. Bookwalker claims I’ve read 69% of the book.


Very fair! If you’re looking to save a little more, BOOKOFF might be good for SBR. I think the digital price and BOOKOFF price for JJL might be the same (400-450 yen/volume)


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January 12th

17 - 26

The sandman sent me to collections and I ended up going to bed really early. Here’s to hoping that I’ll be well rested today…


January 12th!

Today I started reading Volume 7 of Mitsuboshi Colors, reading Chapter 53. It was a fun chapter :slight_smile:

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The kindle price isn’t too different, so I have been opting for that. I figure SBR has high enough acclaim I am not sweating owning it digitally. If its a series I am just trying out or the art is so good I need it physically I usually just go the BookOff route.


Summary post

Day 11: January 11th
What did I read?: おでかけ子ザメ2
How much did I read?: 8 pages
How long did it take me?: 3 min

I didn’t post yesterday, but I did do a tiny read of tiny shark. It was as cute as ever - watch as tiny shark goes to a shop and finds a tiny Hawaiian shirt with sharks on it :pleading_face:

Day 12: January 12th
What did I read?: おでかけ子ザメ2
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 3 min

More tiny shark :pleading_face: I swear I could post every single panel of this manga, it’s so cute

Tiny shark made a leaf boat for his little friends :pleading_face:

And went to a puppet show and made friends with the puppets afterward :pleading_face:


Ok I’ve been glossing over mentions of this one around the forums but your post made me actually go read the synopsis and now I’m intrigued :eyes: Confession, I tend not to pay much attention to the “real” books that get mentioned around here, because I low-key assume I don’t have the skills to read them anyway, which is probably not, like…the best mindset but it’s also not wrong Not that I have time or energy to attempt it right now, as evidenced by my barely countable reads the past few days, but :joy: Putting it on the list

This sounds like top quality news content :pleading_face: I hope it at least came with a cute picture to ease the pain of trying to read it!


Yay! Welcome to the dark side! :wink: I might add that I wanted with every fiber of my being to not want to read it and not like it, but it’s primary book I look forward to reading every day now.

And it’s looking more and more of being my first completed novel (not counting children’s books), and I have mixed feelings about that because 1) it looks like a “trashy” book like the equivalent of a chic flick, 2) and if someone even happened to be familiar with the title, it’s not exactly the kind of thing to admit to reading to other (Japanese) people without them questioning what kind of person you are lol. Basically it’s hard to make conversation with outside the forum, and I definitely couldn’t talk about it at my schools if I don’t want to be fired :upside_down_face:

For this book, I look up practically every word I don’t know, but I’ve decided not to push too hard to understand details if I don’t quite get it. I’ve found the discussions in the book club to help fill in the missing gaps, so if I don’t get everything the first time, everyone can be a big help!

I think you will be surprised by how much you understand, and if you can just get the major points in every chapter, I think that’s enough! Since the chapters are pretty short, it’s a lot easier to reflect on the events of each chapter! I say read the first chapter and see if it will suck you in right away.

I didn’t think I had the time to read a chapter a day, but I find that I make time to read it because it’s that intriguing…


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NHK easy :newspaper_roll:
Short stories and novel reading in English :books:

Yesterday was only English reading but to not have only that today too, I read 3 NHK easy articles. Too tired to read the regular version.


January 12th
What did I read?: にわにはににん
How much did I read?: 27 pages
(Finished 4th Story: にわにはににん Started 5th Story: 庭師の休日 )
How long did it take me?: 2 h 32 min

I started reading earlier than usual today, and ended up reading for quite awhile, which was nice, especially after missing two days this week. It might be better to aim for something a bit more steady and regular, though. But anyways, today I finished the 4th story, and a two chapter one at that! :tada: I liked it quite a lot! Not everything was explained in it, but it was a lot less vague than the other stories so far, with a bit more of an overarching plot. Which, I guess is a lot easier to achieve when you have 2 chapters’ worth of pages to work with. And the cover art hits different, now that I know who the characters are and what their story is. :face_holding_back_tears:

The 5th story is pretty intriguing too~ We have the gardener from the prologue, and the appearance of a water orb similar to the one in the 1st story. The gardener also mentions the garden from the 4th story, which somewhat confuses me since he doesn’t look like any of the characters in that story? I mean, it could be a lot later than that story or before, so people could look different, but it isn’t obvious who it’s supposed to be, if anyone.


Finished sub chapter 1 of Chapter 3, no real new developments story wise. Just characters kind of dropping hints at things alluded from before, which is kind of standard. There were some like “oh snap” moments in chapter 2 but I am eagerly awaiting the shoe to drop on this story. The first two chapters were everything I want from 青ブタ but now I am concerned the author is doing that thing where he gets going on a lot of needless details about everyday things that don’t have anything to do with what’s happening. He hasn’t done that yet this volume, but I am concerned it’s gonna happen. One more subchapter for the day, I am pretty tired -_- hopefully I can muster enough energy to finish on the way home.



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I’m so glad everyone is working and reading through the slump that seems to have hit a lot of us this week. Not gonna lie, I felt better when I saw I wasn’t the only one struggling to be productive these last few days.

Thanks for 頑張ります-ing and inspiring me to keep going, too. I hope we can all feel better now that the weekend is almost here!

Here’s a brief weekly wrap-up and update from me:

What I finished reading this week

  • クリスタルハンターズ v3
  • クリスタルハンターズ v4
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi v2 (English translation)

What I read today

  • 月刊少女野崎くん v1 p. 23-32 and クリスタルハンターズ v5 p. 65-79

New words

  • チャリ:bicycle
  • 華やか 「はなやか」: showy, brilliant, gorgeous
  • わがまま : selfish, egoist
  • 攻撃 「こうげき」: attack, assault

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January 11th ・ January 12th

:red_square: 授乳 (25% → 29%)

Switched books out! Small reads for both days, but progress is progress. I think this is the third time I’ve started reading the current short story (コイビト) in this collection…That being said, I made it farther than the last two attempts, so good job me! The story’s piqued my interest, so it may be a while before I go back to 冬物語.

I came across the word for pores today, and I don’t know whether to be amused or weirded out (I’m probably a mix of both): 毛穴. “Hair holes”?! I mean, I get it, but…maybe I don’t want to picture it? :see_no_evil:


:spiral_calendar: Day 12: January 12th :evergreen_tree:

spacer:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: からかい上手の高木さん Volume 10 (33% ➨ 43%)

👧 からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 10 (45% ➨ 52%)

Someone went a little overboard on making sure their cameo characters are recognizable.


Even after ten years, they’re still wearing the same style from their childhood.


January 12 :snowflake: Home Post

More 地縛少年花子くん today! I finished off the second volume and started on the third; it continues to be great time. Starting to meet more characters I remember vaguely from the first time around :eyes: exciting stuff!

チュベローズで待ってる reply

Why do you say it looks like a trashy book? Is it the cover that makes you say so? The fact that it was written by an idol? Or the content?
And why would it get you fired to read it? (I’m realizing you’re probably exaggerating for comedic effect, but still). I’ve read nearly to the end of the first book, and while it’s not Akutagawa prize-worthy literature, I would certainly not go as far as calling it “trashy”, nor is there something in the content that would make me feel embarrassed about reading it.
The fact that the author is an idol bothered me a little too, but he’s written quite a lot actually, and seems to read quite a lot too, judging by an interview I watched, so it doesn’t look like he’s just making a quick money grab exploiting his publicity.
Anyway, just honestly curious :slight_smile:

Now everyone's going to want to read this book lol

It’s a mix of all the above really? I haven’t read books in English for a while but isn’t that a genre? Trashy chick lit? That was the kind of connection I was going for. There is a sort of perception people have of you based on the book cover you read.

Even in the states, if I were to be anywhere - on campus, in a coffee shop, at the park - and was reading a book that indicated trashy chick lit on the cover (high heels, lady in sexy clothes, etc) I can guarantee someone would perceive me in a certain way. Maybe a superficial girl, not too bright, not well read (even though I’m ironically reading a book).

But hey, I remember when kids were put down for reading Twilight or people who admitted to reading Fifty Shades of Grey were given the look, like really? You’re reading that?

It’s not too different in Japan except the judgment feels a lot stronger? Like it’s common for people to buy book covers (and even get simple ones for free) to keep their books private while they’re riding on trains. It might help to keep from people to talk to them about their book too if they’re that antisocial…

But let’s look at this book’s cover. I think there was a poll before and a lot of people thought it looked like a YA book? Some kind of teeange dramatic/angsty romance maybe? (Particularly looking at the second book)

I think a lot of us judged the author being an idol, particularly a Johnny’s idol which is known for producing a lot of popular idol groups like Arashi, Snow Man, etc. If you knew nothing of the author’s works or the content of the book, it’s likely you would imagine the above genre.

And if you did read the synopsis but don’t read further recommendations, then all you know is it’s about a guy who can’t find a job ends up working at a host club. I think there’s already been discussion about what a host’s job entails, but let’s put it like this.

It’s basically like soaplands except it’s men who are working and so there’s not as an explicit sexual image compared to soaplands, but it still has that atmosphere. Maybe at its most innocent, it’s more like maid cafés, but both are fetishized. The maids at the café can have a lot of unwanted experiences, to put in a nice way.

So what I’m saying is that world is seen as “lower” to the public service job working people like company employees, city officials, teachers, etc. There’s the image of selling your body in that kind of world and depending on your personal morals, you might see that as disgusting or disrespectful.

If you’re willing to work in that kind of environment, should you be around normal people, perhaps influencing them with your “impurist” ways? Likewise if you’re a teacher reading about that world, especially on the job, are you morally sound enough to work with children?

Did that answer your questions? :wink:

チュベローズで待ってる reply 2

Thanks for the long and detailed answer.

Yes, people do tend to judge strangers based on what they’re reading, sometimes even based on cover only, without knowing anything about the book itself. The book cover thread was mine, actually, and I made it because I really have trouble judging Japanese books by their cover. A lot of serious, quality literature seems to have the kind of covers I’d expect on Western YA or chick lit books. Since I think you are in Japan, are such covers taken to indicate “trashy” or simpler books by the Japanese, or is it a western notion?

I get what you’re saying about host clubs, but writing (and by extension reading) about the nightlife industry isn’t the same as working in it. Many very worthy books have been written about the underworld. The book doesn’t glorify working as a host, in fact it shows how people with socially acceptable aspirations may end up there, and how this will interfere with their trying to find a “proper” job afterwards. Reading books exploring such subjects is the closest many of us will get to a world that definitely exists but we know nothing about.

On the quality of this particular book I’ll reserve my own judgement until I’ve read both volumes, as everyone keeps saying they are to be taken as a whole. But so far it’s very readable, and definitely not questionable in content. Having read half of it, I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone for reading it. In fact, it’s possible I’d recommend it (but I’ll wait till the second volume). :slight_smile:


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Day 12 Progress:
お隣の天使様 五冊 - 96.85% → 98.95% 五冊完成!!!

お隣の天使様 5.5 SS冊子 - 0.51% → 2.47%

So, I opened volume 5.5, expecting it to be a tiny collection of short stories I might be able to breeze through in a week or two.

It was 40% longer than an average main volume. I wanted to die a little inside.

Needless to say, I will be cutting back on my 天使様 reading for a bit, probably going for one short story a day at most while focusing on Slow Loop or Bocchi for a bit. Needed a bit of a breather from the series anyway.

Word of the Day: む - to eat (fodder or grass), to receive. Just a very cute and onomatopoetic eating word that I see very rarely.


Not finished with the 2nd subchapter for the day but my comment was VERY wrong. SHOE DROP SHOE DROP!


Finished my second subchapter for the day. WHAT A CHUNK OF PAGES THAT WAS T-T