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Day 24: Today was read aloud time, chapter 18 of ハイキュー!!


Thanks for the kind words! This thread gives a lot of motivation, so hope I’ll be able to read serious stuff soon too. :durtle_officer:



Day 25! I read around 4 pages of Kiki in the early morning, then the rest of Chapter 8 in the evening. Turns out page 200 is also the last page of Chapter 8, which is perfect! So I read pages 195-200 today.

I also read two more of the dialogues from Tobira Chapter 1. They’re surprisingly easy to understand, and I can almost speed read them. I thought they would be difficult before starting, but I know most of the vocabulary words already (plus in the dialogues themselves they explain a few), and the grammar is simple, really. There’s probably one or two grammar points in there I haven’t learned yet but it’s easy to pick up from context.

My Japanese friend, who my IRL Korean friend introduced to me through Line, recommended me a manga this morning, so I’ll probably buy it on Bookwalker and read it out of curiosity. Apparently it’s すごく面白い!
Anyone know of it or read it before? Title is 君ノ声。

So, goal of reaching page 200 of Kiki before the end of January reached!! Now I’ll just try to finish the remaining two chapters as fast as I can, I guess.


Update January 24

  • 20 chapters of チーズスイートルーム 164 pages. Just ran with it.
  • Finally read the final two chapters of Tokyo Ghoul 1. Battled my way to the finish. I’m not mining anything right now but I did come across a new word today that I thought I should share here.
    狸寝入りたぬきねい feigning sleep​ because :raccoon:
  • Animal Crossing ~1.5hrs. I kept trying to get into my new villagers house to check out his stuff but he was out all day. Knocking on his door I got “ちょっくら出かけてる.” Never seen ちょっくら before but seemed like a pretty obvious ちょっと and it is. Even has ちょっと listed as a ‘see also’ on jisho. Spent probably far too much time today trying to figure out where this variant comes from.
    Played some at 3am. My favorite time to play. That hour has the wonkiest music of the entire day. Detuned with a drowsy tempo and muted horns.

Can’t sleep. Guess I’ll read some more.


Tonight I read six pages of Death Note. I’m finding the vocabulary really dark (which I suppose shouldn’t be a surprise). Here are a couple (lighter) words that I learnt.

こうなると------given the situation; now that it has come to this

略して------りゃくして------for short-(Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)


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Day 18:

Today I read the last three pages of chapter 1 in よつばと! volume 1 :four_leaf_clover::heart::four_leaf_clover:

On to the next chapter!!!


Main Post

Last few chapters were pretty short, so I just read it all yesterday. The bonus chapter was very cute, although it’s a bit depressing to read it from the cat’s point of view. That is definitely a part of the series as far as I can tell. Like the cat is doing the chores to feel better and making great food to please the protagonist. She’s very capable at her work, but drops that act at home. There’s a lot of beer involved here. To me they feel like different sides of a depression. Even if it’s just written as this girl is hopeless outside work and this cat is just too good at providing support. :black_cat:

I find the regular conversations outside work too be pretty comfy to read. During the work panels, it can get a bit more tricky and I’d moments I would have to look up multiple words per panel. Anyway it was a good thing to read and learn some new vocab. Ones I could relate to are perpetual late riser (万年寝坊) and having the habit of going back to sleep again after waking up (二度寝常習犯). I think I have enough screenshots to show, but I’ll just one more for good measure.

As for the next thing to read, I have just bought a copy of the digital color edition of death note volume 1. The bookclub has inspired me to go pick it up, but I’m gonna read ahead of schedule. It helps I have seen the anime, read the manga and seen the live action movies (except that remake one lol). I’m excited to read it while eating an :apple: .

Very happy to share

I have a V60 at home - I learnt to make pourover coffee in a V60 about 10 years ago and have never really explored the pros and cons of all the others - Chemex, Kalita Wave etc. I’m usually making coffee for two otherwise I probably would have gone the aeropress route.

However when we switched to working from home I upgraded some of our other kit as it suddenly became annoying to use it 7 days a week instead of just 1 or 2 on the weekend! We’d had a basic Hario grinder until then which I hated it because I can’t hold it comfortably. So I bought a Porlex which I’m really happy with (and I learnt the kanji for Kagoshima from the box - bonus). I also bought proper coffee scales for the first time, after getting frustrated with my general kitchen ones turning themselves off halfway through the pour every single day. And then the electric kettle died so I bought gooseneck adjustable temperature one.

I’m fussier about my coffee than most people but by speciality coffee standards I’m not THAT nerdy. Have you come across the Cafict YouTube channel? I really like their approach to coffee, as opposed to say, someone like James Hoffman. Like, taking care in making your coffee and knowing what you’re doing, but also having nice ceramics and a good slice of cake with it as well.

I haven’t had coffee inside a cafe for 22 months now and it’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most when things calm down!


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220125 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XXV: 偽物の汽車 :steam_locomotive:

Read today’s folktale from… it doesn’t say where it’s from :astonished:

A train driver keeps seeing a phantom train that appears on the tracks heading toward them, yet it casts no shadow or shade. One night the driver, frustrated with having to keep braking for it, braves the collision not knowing if it’s a ghost train or what, the trains crash yet aren’t derailed and the other train just vanishes, パッ!

Turns out it was a tanuki :raccoon: who had a burrow near the tracks and was frustrated that he couldn’t take naps with all the noise. So the priest has made him a nice new nest near the temple so he doesn’t have to turn into trains anymore.

Today is also, 中華まんの日!
Chinese dumpling day! Because… on this day, in 1902 was the coldest recorded temperature in Japan, at -41C in Asahikawa (Hokkaido), so you eat the dumplings to keep warm!

Must resist looking up recipes again, but… dumpling…

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

シュッポ ー The noise a steam train makes; I guess: シュッポシュッポ = chugga-chugga. Also, it means “plunger” the kind you use to unblock sinks.
ドカーン ー Kaboom! Or the sound of a collision.
パッ ー Poof!
はて ー Dear me! Good gracious!
もしや「若しや」ー What if…?; Perhaps; Possibly
巣穴「すあな」ー Burrow; Den
史上「しじょう」ー In history; Historical

Alt Meanings
中華「ちゅうか」ー Chinese Food. (can just mean “Chinese”)

旭川「あさひかわ」ー Asahikawa, Hokkaido


Summary Post

January 25
君の名は , 8 pages.

Honestly I don’t really know, I’m sure it varies from person to person. But for me, the way Japanese is designed with particles made me think of the language in logical chunks just put together and nothing else. I felt somewhat disconnected because I guess I was subconsciously trying to constantly translate Japanese to English or Spanish, and the way some things were translated seemed too bland. But the more I’m interiorising Japanese over time and the less subconscious translations are needed, the more I’m able to unlock that “emotional?” feel for the language I was talking about in the other post. Japanese is neither English nor Spanish, so it makes perfect sense that translations are very awkward sometimes (plus I’m not a translator so my translation ability is very bad). And well, English and Spanish are different languages but our cultures are not so far apart, and there’s a huge overlap in the way we express things, how we think of language, and so on. I feel that this doesn’t happen as easy with Japanese because, well, obviously our cultures are way too far away to have that many traits in common. To me it’s a whole new way of expressing oneself, a whole new conception of language.

Even then, I see myself constantly translating in my head and I will still need a lot of time and language proficiency for that to go away, just in the same way I for sure had it in English a long time ago but I don’t remember anymore.


Day 22: January 25

  • Satori reader - Human Japanese chapters 32-34

Still on a little break for now, but tomorrow my fiance will be gone for two days so that means I will have a lot of time to catch up with my reading :blush: :partying_face:


Today’s reading was 「開けっぴろげ」の意味とは!類語や例文など詳しく解釈 | Meaning-Book

The tl;dr is that it can mean either something left open/ajar or it can refer to someone who is very ‘open’ in the sense they don’t hide their feelings. I feel like for the second definition it might be similar to the English expression of someone “wearing their heart on their sleeve”.


This morning I read twenty three pages of ちゃお. I found a couple interesting words:

ビシャビシャ------soaked; drenched; sopping (onomatopoeic or mimetic word)

暗証番号------あんしょうばんごう------personal identification number; PIN; password number


Summary post

Summer Pockets: You know, I really really like visual novels as a medium for the things they do that you can’t get anywhere else. But I could go on and on for ages about things I don’t like in the medium. Summer Pockets sidesteps the… divisive to say the least issue of sexual content (which for the record I don’t play VNs for, but it’s often tacked onto really good stories as a means to help sell a super niche medium so I tolerate it at times). Being so niche can mean loads of creative freedom along with the questionable stuff. That aside, however you feel about it (no judgment here :heart:) it’s rare to find a VN without a few blemishes, times to roll my eyes, and I didn’t expect them to crop up much here, but suffice to say it did show its immature side a bit today. I’m still liking the total experience, but some jokes go a bit far being frivolous about things they shouldn’t and just don’t land at all, y’know? Guess it’s easier to overlook personally offputting moments in a medium where everything is 50+ hours long, haha.

Enough about that! Reading was a little trickier today because of narration and a lot of protagonist rumination, with a few sentences that really got me, but it could be worse. Today hit me with a big historical reference that I knew little about, but at least the dictionary could pick up the names it was referring to. Really all I needed to get was a name sounding vaguely similar to another. That said, a little research taught me about the Rokuhara Tandai, a sort of secret police around the 1200s, and that’s interesting info.

Today I met a new character, and I present, with no further comment, this face:

Most of the new words I mined today are more functional than super exciting on their own, but the one I’ll share is 尖った (とがった), “pointed/sharp.” It’s a kanji not featured on WK, so here’s hoping I can remember it.

Zoo 1: Have slowed down but I’ve read a few pages here and there recently, just barely crawling past the 50% point and onto the third short story. I’m digging it a lot. There are some very odd circumstances that the story has already heavily hinted at (unless they are misdirection?) but also it’s from the perspective of a kid, so the protagonist doesn’t quite seem to follow what’s happening. It’s cool.


Sorry for the double post, I forgot to respond!

Coffee again

Thank you, interesting stuff! I did the same kind of thing defaulting to Chemex… I feel like you and I are overall on the same wave. Like, I want my coffee to be nice, but as soon as it’s above that threshold I’m not super particular about it. It’s a drink I like the taste of a lot and even the small rituals of taking some particular care when making it are kind of meaningful to me, but I don’t need to chase down the absolutely perfect cup and fixate on changing what I’m doing.

My grinder is a Baratza Encore that I bought refurbished, that seemed to be about the cheapest way to get a good electric burr grinder. Must admit I’m not actually using a scale, there’s just a scoop that came with the aeropress that seems to give me a pretty good amount. It’s hard for me to break the habit of winging it when it comes to measurements in absolutely any kind of cooking too, haha. I have a similar gooseneck adjustable temperature kettle too, for when I was using pourover, but it’s still nice to have the right coffee temperature and I’ve been drinking a lot of tea recently too, which it’s great for.

I’m going to have to check out those Youtube channels! Can’t say I really know too much about any of that you referenced – I did a bit of research into how to make a reasonably good cup but I’ve not really engaged closer with internet coffee stuff. Your approach sounds nice though, for sure!

I’m the same exact way with coffee shops, yep. Though I’m forever sad that the nicest one I’ve ever known, which roasted their own beans in the shop and whatnot, went out of business. There are… ok ones left, but it’s unfortunate. I think that experience is second for me to going to a movie theater, if there are any left by the time I feel safe doing it, heh. They’re pretty much all bankrupt near me…

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January 25

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (12% → 19%)

I love this book, it’s hilarious. Really made my day.

@chikorita157 I see you’re a new face in this thread. Welcome! :durtle_hello:


I got up early today and was tired the whole day. But still I managed to read 50 pages of なんでここに先生が!? 1. The
manga is not that interesting it’s full with ridiculous situations just to show the teacher naked but at least the characters are likeable.

余っ程 やぽっど very; greatly; much; considerably; to a large extent; quite
分量 ぶんりょう amount; quantity N2
ちょくちょく often; frequently; now and then; occasionally N1
もたれる to lean against; to lean on; to recline on N2
生意気 なまいき impertinent; cheeky; impudent; audacious; cocky
仕上げ しあげ finish; finishing; finishing touches N1
からって just because; even if; even though​
レシーブ receiving (a ball)​
必殺 ひっさつ bringing certain death; deadly; knockout (blow)


Summary post

January 25 update:
Read 5 pages of 時をかける少女 (chapter 18). This chapter was again quite heavy on explanations of recent scientific discoveries of year 2660 and Kazuo’s involvement, but it got better towards the end. The end of the chapter was a bit weird, and presumably set a new mood for the rest of the story.

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Engines ready, I shall read Into the Far North by Naoki Ishikawa, it’s about a real life journey he had around the world.
1/5 Books to read this year complete 2# starting today.


Day 25 :slight_smile:
I read Chapter 17 of レンタルおにいちゃん - this was a really intense chapter! I can’t wait to read the next one to see what happens… But its nearly midnight so I really can’t start reading another one!
Especially since I decided to fill in the vocab sheet as I’m reading since its completely blank for all of Volume 4. I’m not adding every word, but it still makes it take quite a bit longer for me to read!

I’m really looking forward to reading more after work tomorrow!

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