📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄


Day 8 — Read pages 137-139 of Kiki. I, uh, wasted a lot of my time at home today doing nothing useful, or I could have read more :pensive:

To motivate myself a little more, I’m going to set myself a goal of getting to page 200 in Kiki before February. Perhaps I’ll even be able to finish it by the end of this challenge if I succeed in that, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time in February. I’ll see.

Mini goal for tomorrow: read five pages of Kiki!


Be careful about setting your goal too high (although 3 pages every day still seems doable). When I’m not satisfied with what I’m accomplishing, and try to accomplish something by setting a (higher) goal, it works really bad when I am not able to accomplish my goal. I don’t know if it is the same for you, but maybe it is something to think about.

If you are doing less useful things and want to read more, maybe it’s a good idea to have you book/kindle/reading device with you to the place that you usually don’t do useful things. I have my book with me on the couch all day, so when I want to read, I don’t have to stand up to search for it (yes I’m lazy xD). That and consistent morning routine really helps me read a lot more.

I don’t know if this is helpful for you though :sweat_smile:


Summary Post

January 8
君の名は , 9 pages.

Random words
  • 修繕 = しゅうぜん repair, mending.
  • 戦友 = せんゆう comrade in arms.
  • 感心 = かんしん admiration.
  • 無関心 = むかんしん indifference, apathy.
  • 仕業 = しわざ deed, act.
  • 塞ぐ = ふさぐ to block the way, to stand in the way, to stop up.
  • 涙ぐむ = なみだぐむ to have tears in one’s eyes.


Today’s reading was a blog post from 昼寝ネコの雑記帳 titled とってもお利口なSiriちゃんだ.

Some words I looked up

放電 - to lose battery charge
桁数 - number of digits/chars
稚内 - Wakkanai, a city in Hokkaido.
閲覧 - reading for information
容量 - volume/capacity
重宝 - handy/convenient
不可欠 - indespensible
視野に入れる - to keep an eye out for; to consider

This started out talking about how the author’s Fitbit battery kept losing charge too quickly, they got a replacement from Fitbit, same issue happened and Fitbit declined to send another replacement. From there it turned into fawning over the Apple ecosystem (after getting an Apple Watch to replace their Fitbit) which didn’t interest me much, but did give me some good vocab and examples of expressing opinions naturally, so really nothing to complain about I suppose.


This is awesome! I like the flow! lets try it


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220108 :books: :raccoon:

1 week (+1 day) of reading! :books:
I was too preoccupied with the healthy plants yesterday that I didn’t even notice it’s been a week already

Tanuki Scroll VIII: おいしいおかゆ :bowl_with_spoon: & キツネの恩返し :fox_face:

First is a world folk tale (a Grimm’s tale) about porridge! so much porridge

I think this one’s aimed at smaller kids than the usual stories on here since I found it rather easy. Which is a nice reminder that my reading has actually improved!

Small reflection that ended up not being so small

I enjoyed the Summer and Autumn challenges (a lot) but I’m enjoying this one even more as it feels my reading has improved quite a bit (big thanks to these reading challenges!! :grinning:). It doesn’t take me as long anymore, so the stories are making a lot more sense, since I don’t have to keep checking and rechecking the same words all the time, and I’m catching on to some of the puns and nuances a bit more.

I did keep up with my reading after the Autumn challenge but didn’t read anything during the Christmas-New Year period and it feels like my Japanese ability has magical incubated itself in the downtime (that or it’s the magic power of the sake I had at new year). Well, my reading has improved at least, I’m still bombing the reviews I have left on WaniKani but I think that’s more due to the words left are ones I never come across and just, you know, those words that for some reason your brain refuses to learn because reasons.

It actually feels like I’m making headway on this whole Japanese thing.

ANYWAY back to the reading!

The second story was another short one, a folktale from Yamagata Prefecture, about a fox who tricks people but ends up getting caught and sees the errors of its way (after getting threated to become fox soup).

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

騙す「だます」ー To deceive, to trick. (I feel I should have seen this by now with all the fox stories I’ve read, but if I have I really don’t remember it)
村はずれ「むらはずれ」ー Outskirts of a village / the edge of town



Sometimes you just need time for your brain to make the connections happen I think. I hit ‘walls’ every few months where I’m like “wow, my understanding of Japanese is going nowhere despite daily practice. What gives.” and then a bit (days/weeks) later I’ll suddenly feel like floodgates of understanding opened and I can suddenly grasp things that frustrated me before. Brains are weird. :brain:


And super stubborn, learning anything feels like a constant battle with the brain.

Please brain, just learn this little thing
:brain: NO


Having struggled and failed many(all of the) times to write reading summaries at the end of my day I decided to summarize on the following day. Before I do any further reading.

Yesterday’s Reading Summary

三星カラーズ・第5話・13 pgs
極主夫道・re-read chapter 9, because it’s awesome, and finished the three bonus mini-chapters to finish the manga・33 pgs
Daily Animal Crossing chores.
Followed by some Biohazard 4. Almost finished with my second play through on normal. ~100000 ptas until unlimited rocket launcher.
Briefly picked up Chainsaw Man. 4 pages of chapter 5. Establishment of a new character there has me a bit lost.

Clunky at best… I’ll figure out my format along the way.

Had a tea and senbei break while drafting this and read Chapter 5 of Yotsuba&!, 27 pages. Loved this chapter, I was laughing so hard I thought I might crack a rib :roll_eyes:

Today, my goal is to read this weeks book club assignment for それでも歩は寄せてくる(3). Also, if I have time, setup a spreadsheet for Eastward and see where I stand with its dialogue.

Not in Chicago, Chicago-land, still in Cook county. This Kinokuniya is actually inside a Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights so you can stock up on Japanese groceries, get a Ramen and a mochi treat, and then go Book shopping among other things.


Day 8!
My original plan was to finish 極主夫道 volume 1, but I had my covid booster shot yesterday, and also my flu shot at the same time, so I’m a bit under the weather today and I didn’t think I had enough brain power to manage 極主夫道 without the vocab sheet being filled out already, since its quite a tough read for me.
So what actually happened was I finished off the whole chapter of 三ツ星カラーズ, though I only needed to read the first half for the ABBC this week, and filled in the vocab sheet so its ready for other readers in advance of next week. :slight_smile:

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to face 極主夫道, because I’m really excited about finishing it!

(Home Post)


Today I read this week’s assignment of 笑わない数学者 (a bit more than 40 pages). I timed myself and consistently managed to read 10 pages per hour.
(Now I wish that pace would work for all books :sweat_smile:)
Tomorrow I will continue my journey through The Pillars of the Earth; let’s see how many vocab I can collect this time around…


January 8 :snowflake: Home Post

One more day down :+1: I read 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ again and oof it was a little rough today, it started out with some pretty dense descriptive background info but I made it through! That bit took some doing but afterward it was back to the adventures of ビスコ and ジャビ so that’s always fun. I’m starting to get a sense of some future angst with ジャビ being rusted and probably dying and ビスコ being real concerned about that, not the father figure mentor :’( so good to know that’ll probably wreck me eventually :joy:

I’m aiming to get through at least chapter one before school starts back up in a little over a week, which should be totally doable! It’s only like ten more pages, so I’ll probably start on the next volume of ラストゲーム before then too; I miss those idiots :sparkling_heart:

Cool words!

結晶(けっしょう) - crystallization, fruits (of labor)
()()くす - to engulf, consume, completely destroy
根負(こんま)け - being beaten by opponent’s persistence/outlasted, giving in
()(さき) - remaining years (of one’s life)
(むしば)む - to be worm-eaten, to eat into, destroy
くたばる - to kick the bucket, drop dead


Day 2, January 8th:

I’ve actually started reading ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石.

That was the first English book I’ve ever read and I always thought it would be nice if it was also the first “real” book I’ve read in Japanese (not counting short stories and such).

I know the story pretty well, so I hope that is going to help.

That said, it’s VERY slow going for me, but since I haven’t really gotten any Japanese practice in like 2 years and wasn’t on that high a level before, that doesn’t surprise me. Let’s see how this works out.


Summary post :bookmark:

January 8
・Like @NicoleRauch, I also read 笑わない数学者. (Is this where I should insert @Windupbird’s spiderman meme? :joy_cat: )

Progress: (22% → 31%)

Was travelling all day and night, am so tired.


Summary Post

Day 8: Today I finished chapter 19 of よつば&!I love the zoo chapter a lot, also it made me realize a lot of the animal related vocabulary I learned early on with Japanese stuck with me lol


Finally I changed my username on this forum I hope it won’t confuse people too much.

Today I read 10 pages from a manga about an orc who works as a manga editor but I didn’t like it so I deleted it. Furthermore I deleted some more manga I didn’t like from the bookwalker app.

Maybe I will have more time for reading tomorrow.


I have continued with my 1st grade reader, and got to a fun story about あまんじゃく! あまんじゃく is a kind of ghost which the writer claims is totally not scary even though it is a disembodied mouth that creeps in at night and possesses children who are sleeping with their mouths open? Then it makes them say the opposite of whatever they were going to say. :joy:

Then at night I usually read a little manga, although I’ve been very tired this week, and also can’t really decide between reading Yotuba and reading Flying Witch …

I partially filled out the vocab sheet, hope it helps!


Summary post

January 8 update:
Read a little over a page of 時をかける少女. This one was a bit easier than the one I read yesterday (or maybe I was just less tired), but overall it feels like I’m scaling a mountain, and I’m still at the very bottom… I’m thinking of switching up my approach: perhaps I should try reading it with minimal lookups, trying to get a basic understanding of what’s happening without much details. Finishing an actual book this way would still be an achievement of sorts, and I’ll probably get more out of it than if I plough through a few more pages in my current thorough manner, and then burn out and give up.

I was a bit confused, but you kept the profile pic, which helped a lot :slightly_smiling_face: Lovely username! Have you considered how you’d spell it in Japanese? My best guess would be 夏花 or 夏葉, but Jisho suggests a dozen options.


Today I read ティアムーン帝国物語2 chapter 29. It was a bit of a slog, as it was from one of the villain’s POVs again and there was lots of military and politics-related vocabulary, a change from the usual cake or guillotine-related vocab that ends up in the Mia-focused chapters. :joy: I think I looked up 100 words in 8 or so pages :sob: Even so, onwards I go! (But I sure am glad that I’ve read this before in English.)


Summary post

Another day down! I haven’t read Zoo 1 yet today, but I might sneak in a little tonight. I didn’t mention it before, but I also have 3 manga book clubs I’m in (and increasingly becoming a distant silent member of, oops :zipper_mouth_face:). I go back and forth on wanting to continue those, because they are quite nice, but also wanting to focus more time on the stuff I’m choosing to read. There’s never enough time. So today I slotted in a manga instead, for now.

Ace Attorney: The final investigation phase of case 4. Today was mostly the character backstory dump where the full story starts coming together. Couldn’t help myself and kept going a bit, mining 25 words today. I’m still managing fine, so I keep pushing myself :slight_smile: Among them, I rather like キュン, an onomatopeia for feeling strong emotions of the sort that make you get choked up or feel chest tightening. I encountered a few new grammar points today as well. Silly as it is, I always get amused to see something is “N2” or whatever – I don’t intend to take the test so it means nothing, but I have a small voice in my head that will celebrate every time I learn one of those, like encountering that one point makes me now an advanced learner or something silly like that, haha.

I’ve played the game before so I know I enjoy the story, but today was the day that they really hone in one big thing the whole series is about, which I rather like. It’s nothing too deep, but I like how earnest the series is. See, Ace Attorney is ultimately all about believing in and being at someone’s side when they have absolutely no one at all. It’s sweet, and nice when put in the context of a trial system where successful defense almost never happens. This about sums it up:

Plus, look at “きゅうきょくのこどく”. I love the sound of this language.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move: For the aforementioned manga, I finished up volume 3 of this, with 2 chapters and a bonus. It’s as cute and light as ever. I’ll spare this thread most of my thoughts (and try to find the chance to post them in the actual club thread…). That said, just from a reading perspective, it was pretty relaxed, and as this club was how I started, and back then I pretty much couldn’t successfully read one panel, that feels very good. This volume was loaded with more Shogi terms than usual (shogi words in a shogi manga, crazy right?), so I had to look some stuff up, but it’s increasingly easy to just see the bits I don’t know and either contextually get it or at least see what the rest of the line is doing. In the past, every unfamiliar word would’ve derailed everything and taxed my brain.