📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Thanks I bookmarked it for later. I love the 加藤/ビリー dynamic too. Such goofballs.
PS: my favorite for now is the one with the potato in the kitchen :smiley:



Day 29. Read pages 208-213 of Kiki today. I should be less busy tomorrow, so I’ll see if I can read up to Chapter 10 (which starts on page 222).

This is so true for me!

Which is why I’m thinking of stopping my detailed record of my study habits. I originally started as a way to justify spending ~$50 on a children’s kanji dictionary from Gakken, saying once I had studied 100 hours I could order it. Then there were more things that were above my level but I really wanted anyway. But now I’ve gotten to the point where my accumulated hours exceed my book budget anyway.

Also, not having to always pay attention to the time would be nice, it will leave me more time to post in the forums :slight_smile: , and I can always start again if I want to make any comparisons with my study habits of the last year or so.

So, maybe soon I’ll be posting a little more frequently here!

And I wanted to say thanks to @rikaiwisdom and @windupbird for reading books I’m interested in and posting word lists! I’ve been sneakily copy/pasting them into a document for potential SRS before reading the book myself. :blush:


Oh, had I known they were very useful for some of you I’d have kept posting them :o I’m just being super lazy lately :smile: . I’ll try to resume it and post them frequently.


That’s okay! Didn’t mean to pressure you at all. I was just happy to get a word list for the first part of the book. :blush:


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Tanuki Scroll XXIX: 聴き耳ずきん :fox_face:

Read today’s folk story!

About an old man who helps out a fox, and the fox helps him back :fox_face:

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

背負い込む「しよいこむ」ー To carry on your back
一日中「いちにちじゅう」ー All day long
何度も「なんども」ー Repeatedly; many times over (Recognise this now seeing it in hiragana, don’t think I’ve seen it in kanji before)
古ぼけた「ふるぼけた」ー Worn-out; threadbare; weathered
ずきん「頭巾」ー headgear (usually made of cloth); hood


Summary Post

January 29
君の名は , 4 pages.

Random Words
  • 関心 = かんしん concern or interest.
  • 関連 = かんれん connection, relation.
  • 強行 = きょうこう forcing, enforcement.
  • 預言 = よげん prophecy.
  • 同様 = どうよう identical, the same, equal to.
  • 巷間 = こうかん on the street, around town.
  • 薬指 = くすりゆび ring finger, fourth finger from thumb.
  • 不在 = ふざい absence.

These last few pages of the book are destroying me :joy: . I’m not sure if I’m just tired, but they’ve been a significant bump in difficulty for me for sure. Too many unknown words per page, and the sentences have gotten so long that it’s hard to parse everything together. By the time I reach the end I’ve lost track of the beginning. But I think it’s fair to call defeat and move on. I hope to come back to it at some point in the future and see that it isn’t a challenge anymore! But for now, though, dammit I just can’t xD

Oh it’s no pressure at all :slight_smile: don’t worry about it, I’m glad you let me know.


Today’s article was オーディオブック制作の裏側--原作を重視し過程を踏んで作るオトバンクのこだわり - CNET Japan
It’s about the founding of the company audiobook.jp/otobank and some of their notable projects.

It was a longer and more complex article than I’ve read recently and made me stare at how long I have to go before I’m at any level I consider ‘fluent’. I’ve been B1 in “can do” statements (pg 5, pdf) for a long while now and I’m trying not to get down on myself about the time it’s going to take to reach B2.
I prefer the CEFR can-dos over JLPT levels because I’m not sure I ever plan to take the JLPT but I care very much about what I can do

Some words I looked up

こだわり - obsession about s.t.; pickiness about s.t.
創業 - established (I knew this one and forgot it ;_; )
緑内障 - glaucoma
失明 - loss of sight
試行錯誤 - trial and error
開拓 - open a new market
なぞる - to trace
台本 - script
吹き替え - dubbing
落語 - traditional style of comic story telling
群像劇 - production w. multiple storylines
行間ぎょうかんむ - to read between the lines


If it helps, I’d be genuinely super excited to hear about that! As Key VNs go, I’ve actually only read a lot of Clannad years back, but I burnt out well before the end. Hoping to return to that in Japanese, and get to Little Busters eventually… anyway, would love to know more people reading this sort of stuff! Also I don’t know a single thing about Solanin, but I love that panel you posted.

There’s a fine line, that I guess varies for everyone, for what level of that sort of thing is motivating and exciting vs just too much added stuff to keep track of. You all can surely tell I like to ramble about the stuff I’m up to; I look forward to posting here when I finish reading, but I’ve also always done best monitoring things in a general, lax way. No hard check in times, posting about whims that pop into my head the moment I start typing… that’s why I’m super scatterbrained about my time spent, haha, but I like it overall. I’m sure you’ll work out what’s best for you soon; don’t feel too overly attached to something if you’re getting tired of it.

The plateaus are brutal, and this language is so much work as a whole, but from what I’ve gathered about where you are, it’s super impressive. I know that doesn’t exactly alleviate the grind you’re staring down, but since you’ve come this far, no doubt in my mind that you’ll get the rest of the way there eventually.

Summary post

I did actually think to watch the time today, and I’d say about an hour and 10 minutes! Not bad. One of my finger joints is aching badly for some reason today so I was going to keep this short… and then I accidentally typed a ton to other people already because I can’t help it. So I’ll wrap up fast this time:

Nothing too surprising, gliding through. I’m also 60% through Zoo 1 and finished the third short story! Very low key session of Summer Pockets in happenings, so I’ll just share this nice night swimming picture:

Simple to please as I might be, I remain enamored with the mood conveyed by this game’s colors and whatnot. Since I always seem to learn some piece of trivia from this game’s references, today it was a reference to Mikako Kotani: “a Japanese former synchronized swimmer who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics, where she gained a bronze medal each for the solo and duet events, and the 1992 Summer Olympics. She was the first woman to be Japan’s flag-bearer for the 1988 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.”

I’m a sucker for expressions, so today’s cool new word is 大目に見る (おおめにみる), to tolerate/overlook/etc. I guess this STILL wasn’t all that short, huh? I’m gonna get some ice for my finger and stop rambling.


Summary post :bookmark:

January 29

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (34% → 36%)

Haven’t been able to concentrate on reading lately. So many times I’ve had to reread a sentence 4+ times :durtle_durtverted_lvl1: It has been a tough week.


Aww, thanks for that. I know I’ve come a long way since I started, but the plateaus are indeed brutal. Probably didn’t help that I had ~500 anki reviews when I got back from traveling. Historically I’ve hit really low spots in plateaus and then had a sudden burst of understanding a while later so I’m hoping that happens with articles soon like it did with literature. :crossed_fingers:


Oww yeah, after doing WK reviews I already sigh a bit when I see my daily ~120 anki reviews. Luckily I’ve not yet been hit with a pile like that.

I wonder how common the experience you’re describing is for people, because I’d say the same myself. In my own way, the couple times I got into a big rut and had those brief “I’m learning nothing” moments of despair, I always came out the other side feeling like I suddenly had a huge, noticeable jump in my abilities. I’ll be hoping you’re almost there, too.


Summary post

January 29 update:
Today was a very busy day for me, so I just read the remaining part of Death Note club’s last week’s assignment. I’m amazed how easy reading can be with a vocab list at hand :grin:

I still have a chapter of 時をかける少女 left, which I’m planning to read tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m contemplating the idea of giving 君の名は a go, even though it’s clearly way outside my current comfort zone – even 時をかける少女 wasn’t as easy as I would’ve liked… :confounded: As a backup plan, I have 14 more volumes of よつばと! to fall back on :joy:


On Thursday, I actually finished 大聖堂 for the week, just as I had hoped. I’ve stopped mining each unknown word, which of course lets me go a lot faster. Also I started learning some of the words, which already helps quite a bit. Plus, the prologue was much more dense than the story now that things are actually happening. I still wouldn’t say it’s an easy read for me, but I can go at about 5 pages/hr which is ok for this book.
On Friday, I was super busy (worked all day and had a long chat with 大聖堂-friend in the evening) so I only managed to read a few pages in 青の島と猫一匹.
Today I went to the sauna (because I was too busy yesterday) and read a fair bit of 星の王子さま. In the evening I read this week’s assignment of 笑わない数学者 which is my easiest book right now, I can go comfortably at a pace of 10 pages/hr which is super nice. I think I could even increase that speed a bit if I forced myself to. Let’s see about it next week :wink:

Plans for the next few days: Read this week’s assignment of 大聖堂 and continue to read 青の島と猫一匹。(Edit: Oh, and of course Death Note as well!)


I didn’t have time to post in the last three days. In that time I finished the second volume ドメスティックな彼女 started エデンの檻 volume 3. Finished the prologue in the Demonbane visual novel it wasn’t that hard the sentences are mostly straight forward but lots of unknown vocabulary.

Every day I am now reading some texts in the Kanzen Master N3 reading book. The texts are interesting but rather confusing or maybe I just need to get used to it.

Updated with a vocabulary list for ドメスティックな彼女 volume 2 list may not be complete.
天然ボケてんねんボケ natural airhead; person prone to making silly mistakes
不倫相手 ふりんあいて person with whom one is having an illicit love affair; mistress; lover
予定通り よていどおり as planned; according to plan
撃沈 げきちん sending a ship to the bottom; sinking (a ship)
祝福 しゅくふく celebration (of a joyous occasion); blessing; giving one’s blessing; wishing (someone) good luck
勘ぐり かんぐり suspicion; distrust
パッと見 パッとみ (at) a glance; (judging from) appearances
初恋 はつこい first love
気味 ぎみ -like; -looking; -looked; tending to
肌荒れ はだあれ bad skin; rough skin; unhealthy skin
新参者 しんざんもの newcomer; novice; newbie
気になる きになる to weigh on one’s mind; to bother one; to worry about; to be concerned about; to care about
植わる うわる to be planted N1
こび flattery; flirtation
谷間 たにま cleavage (breasts)
もしそうなら if so; in that case
あんま師 あんまし masseuse; masseur
うつ伏せる うつぶせる to lie face-down
セフレ friend with benefits; fuck-buddy; sex friend
ハブンチョ being left out; being ostracized


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Day 22

I read three more pages of よつばと! today :four_leaf_clover::slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:


Day 29!
I read Volume 4, Chapter 8 of からかい上手の高木さん today.
I was hoping to read a lot more today, but I had a bit of work I needed to get done today that I expected to take about 1-2 hours to sort out… but actually there was an issue so I ended up working for about 12 instead :sob:

Tomorrow might be another lighter reading day since there is a “Japan Festival” in my town that I’m going to go to. No idea what it actually is since I just saw a poster advertising it a while ago that didn’t really have any information other than a date and a location :grin: But I’m hoping for tasty food and some fun cultural stuff!

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I keep lurking around the thread, occsasionally reading everyone’s updates, yet never really writing my own updates down…

Here is my last week… not very original, just the good ol’ 歴史 book and some bookclub readings…

23/1: didn’t read… :smiling_face_with_tear:
24/1: texts from 上級への扉, does this count
25/1: 暁のヨナ, fanbook, it started as browsing, but then i ended up reading big chunks and several pages on character info
26/1: 歴史366 (25min)
27/1: 歴史366 (14min) and also 暁のヨナ、ch.62 plus vocabulary
28/1: 歴史366 (10min)
29/1: 歴史366 (17 min), also ヨナ read-aloud with bookclub


I’ve never participated in any WaniKani community thing like this before, and I realize that I’m a month late, but I want to do this anyways!

I’ve heard a lot about Shirokuma Cafe being a good anime to watch for beginners, so I assume that it would also be good reading material for beginners. My initial idea is to keep track of all the new words I have to look up, which may be a lot because I haven’t truly dedicated time to JPN reading yet.

Week 04 X X X X X X
Week 05
Week 05
Week 06
Week 07
Week 08
Week 09
Update Posts

placeholder :slight_smile:


Welcome, happy to have you! I haven’t read Shirokuma Cafe, but I did watch the anime a while back (to, uhh, questionable levels of comprehension). My understanding is that it is indeed a solid first pick, but just be aware that there are going to be some uncommon words that may not be too useful to you right now, because they love to do wordplay.

If you run into troubles or questions along the way, since you’re starting out, I’m sure someone would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Oh also, this manga was read by a book club in the past! Highly recommend checking out the thread. There you’ll find already assembled vocab lists, lots of questions you might have already answered, and usually people watch those threads even long after the official end, so Shirokuma Cafe specific questions posted there will probably get a quick answer even now.