📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Oh that’s great to hear! Moving is always so annoying - I wish we could just teleport our stuff and ourselves :sweat_smile:

Oh speaking of which: After our Paris BookOff rampage I decided I need a new bookshelf as well :grin: Will go do some shopping later this month, I guess.

Hilarious story :slight_smile: I hope your sunburn will get better soon!

I get to chuckle every time I remember that - and also every time somebody gets killed or something, in this very interesting “documentary” :crazy_face:

Ooooo I love it! It fits so well into the page, like you said. And I don’t think it looks too wobbly actually, I think you have a nice flow to your writing.

Home Post

Today I finished this week’s Kafka section and started to read this week’s TUGUMI section, but I’m getting pretty tired so will head to bed without reading further. Tomorrow I should finish that and continue with Flesh & Blood where we have a lot of excitement upcoming, it feels :sailboat: :pirate_flag: