📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

:ballot_box_with_check: Day 37

Yeah, it’s not getting easier :sob: Three pages of chapter 3 in ぼくはイエローでホワイトでちょっとブルー. Gonna keep going though–I think it’s going to be really worth the effort.


Finished this week IBC (5 pages of Coffee…)


Summary post
July 8

・Read Kono Oto Tomare vol. 10 last night
・30% of vol. 11 today

edit: almost forgot to update table again


Day 10: July 8th

At lunch.

・心をこめて贈る(2/4 pages)

Today I did not meet my goal of one section a day. Normally I head up to the library after work, but today I was just too tired. But I did read a little at lunch, so the streak remains!


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Day 38 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: The River Sanzu, Episode 12.

I was out today, wanted to read IBC but I’ll have to catch up tomorrow.


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Day 38: July 8th
What did I read?: 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Vol 1
How much did I read?: 20 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 10 min

Well I stopped procrastinating today and caught up with this book club. …Actually I’m a week ahead now, because I went ahead and finished the chapter xD Why is this manga so hard :sweat: Stg, I never know who’s saying anything and it makes me misinterpret things constantly. Please give me my context, I’m powerless without it :weary: Despite my complaining, I’m not not enjoying this manga story-wise. Just wish I was better at understanding it.


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July 8th からかい上手の高木さん chapter 5 final EIGHT PAGES - finishing chapter 5 in 3 days \o/
I was aided by a few pages being very light, using DeepL to get hints on grammar constructs I was unsure of, and the ABBC threads.

In the morning I read for ~ 30 mins, and at night maybe an hour an a half, so call it 2 hours all up - although I didn’t time it at all.

I took a break from The Great House Move which allowed me to make more progress. But for the next few days that won’t be possible. I have to disassembling the final pieces of furniture, and Saturday morning bright and early everything will be loaded into a truck - so I’m not sure how much (if any) progress I’ll be making over the next few days.


20 more pages of 1Q84, up to 136 pages now, around half way through. I honestly feel like I could read for longer but I limit myself to an hour, for habit’s sake. I guess in a sense I don’t want to accidentally read too much and burn myself out on it, so I’ll stick to my guns for a bit.


I so far have 5 days which I have not read. Preety good and at least on the Satori Reader Level I understand more and more!

Would not mind reading about rock collecting mhm…


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:heavy_check_mark: Day 13
July 8

  • 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…4 (74% → 79%)
  • 不可解なぼくのすべてを4 (0% → 20%) (book club schedule)
  • 地縛少年花子くん1 (0% - 9%) ( ½ book club schedule)

I splurged on Kindle Oasis. I already had Paperwhite and was using it for the past year, and generally really liked it, but was constantly bothered by the lack of warm light in the evenings. I changed my decision 20+ times before making this purchase, but after the first day of testing, I’m glad I bought it. Warm light really does make a difference, reading is way more comfortable, and I agree with reviewers that the screen itself is a better quality too. I was afraid it will be too big, but it actually feels fine.
Random: I registered Paperwhite on July 7th 2020 and Oasis on July 8th 2021. Seems I really like to buy e-readers around Tanabata.


I think I got into the reading habit. Reading everyday and looking forward to it.

Almost finished 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? Just 20% left. I will finish it in a few days. I finally got to the new material not covered by the anime, so I’ve been binging a bit :wink:

One of the interesting things I learned lately is the usage of 龍 and 竜. I thought they essential meant the same thing. But the book had sentence that used 龍と竜 which meant there was a difference!

Apparently 龍 is only used to mean a Chinese style dragon.

And 竜 can mean both Chinese and European style dragon (ドラゴン)

But if both of the terms are used in a sentence then it must mean both types of dragons.

By the way, the only correct spelling for 恐竜 (dinosaur) is with 竜. I guess that shows that 竜 is more closely related to the Western idea of a dragon.


Wow thanks for the explanation! I’d had dragon on my list of vocab to add to Anki, but I had put them off once I saw there were two forms. Those images are great for separating the concepts.


Kou Yoneda is one of my favorite mangaka, read the manga in English like five years ago. I think in English it was still confusing to read now and then. There is a lot of reading between the lines. Love to see other people enjoying his works ^^


Wide awake at 6 this morning - got to use the hour before my usual morning routine starts to get my reading done for the day. Finished Volume 5 of Love so Life - on to the next one. I keep worrying that I’m reading it too fast because I don’t really want it to end, but really, there are 17 volumes - I have plenty of story left :stuck_out_tongue:


If anybody know a Japanese website about collecting rocks let me know :thinking:


Summary post
July 9

Days and volumes are blending together. If not for these posts I wouldn’t know how much I’ve read each day lately. Must be some kind of binge jetlag phenomenon :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

・Read the rest of Kono Oto Tomare vol. 11 + 12
・About 30% in vol. 13


Forbidden Scrollery (1), 5 more pages and it’s essentially completed! There’s an outro, but I always skip them and not going to change it in Japanese media also.

Got the salary just in time for Forbidden Scrollery (2).

Sentence of the day is " 何より妖怪と仲が良いように思われると霊夢としては不都合だったからである".
Too packed with grammar


Every day I read 20-30 pages of volume 1 of the マジャン ~畏村奇聞 manga. It is pretty hard also it doesn’t help that the manga seems to be mostly about mahjong. I have already read the first half of the volume. What happened until now The protagonist his name is Takuji moves with his uncle, to his missing father’s village in the mountains. He is told to not go into the mountains but he goes there regardless. He meets a half undressed girl. She runs away but Takuji follows her to apologize lol. He ends up at a place he shouldn’t be, some old ruins. Next day in school nobody other than a cute girl I think her name is Takumi talks to him. Takuji is bullied by some other guys and forced to play mahjong against them. If he loses he will have one finger cut off. Takuji is lucky, wins somehow and manages to run away. Too tired to make it home he is found, by the girl he saw half undressed in the beginning. He wakes up at Takumi’s house, which is a ryokan a japanese style inn. She treats his wounds and he goes home.


Oh good, that makes me feel a little better about being confused xD I’ve heard lots of good things about this manga (and the mangaka) so I have faith that it will be worth the effort! :grin:


Summary post

Day 39: July 9th
What did I read?: ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 10 and レンタルおにいちゃん Vol. 2
How much did I read?: 21 pages (1 chapter) and 30 pages (1 chapter)
How long did it take me?: About 20 minutes each (40 min total)

So much wholesomeness in these readings today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
First, I started the new Flying Witch volume with the book club - I didn’t realize how excited I would be to get back into this series haha, I think the break helped me get some enthusiasm back. Then, after I finished off this week’s chapter of Flying Witch, I felt like reading a bit more, so I picked up Rental Onii-chan and read another chapter of that too. We met Makoto’s friends, who are absolutely charming and lovely people. One of them has a dog, and the dog’s name is Ron :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: