📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

It meeeeeee!! (I couldn’t agree with you more, and I’m excited to not be alone :pleading_face:)

We’re on the other side now :durtle_noice:


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Day 34 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: The River Sanzu, Episode 10.

Tired, part 3 (Finale). Tomorrow IBC, hopefully; gotta catch up. 5 pages per day and I’m on track for next week.


Summary post

Day 34: July 4th
What did I read?: 不可解なぼくのすべてを Vol. 3
How much did I read?: 52 pages (2 chapters - finished the volume)
How long did it take me?: 50 min

Wow, ngl, reading this felt easy breezy compared to ふたりのライオン :laughing: Yay for Kotone coming out! I’m glad Mogumo finally had that conversation with her. And angel Mogumo was stunning :heart: Will be interested to see what happens in the next volume with Mogumo’s sister…they really did not look thrilled to see her :sweat_smile:

Absolutely! Here you go: ふたりのライオン bookmeter


Read 1 manga chapter today - went a lot faster than the last few - about 30 minutes. Started on the next one, but got a message from a friend and opted for a virtual hangout instead - it looked very text heavy when I opened it, so expecting it to take a bit longer tomorrow.


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  • July 4th からかい上手の高木さん chapter 4 page 16 one panel.

More moving house today. After today there is only 1 panel and I’ve finished this chapter, but I’m way too exhausted, I’ve already spent longer than I’d like to admit procrastinating and putting off this reading.


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July 3 Update

It’s been a very rainy and dreary day, and with it has come a strong lack of motivation. I just managed to read the last chapter (and omake) of the 3rd volume of ハイキュー!! Glad that’s done, though this chapter was slightly more effort than the previous few. Everyone in the reading group agreed to go at a 2-chapters (ish) per week pace, so it’ll be interesting to see how that holds up over the next few months. Well, one more volume of ハイキュー!! down, 42 more to go!

June 4 Update

Today I attempted another few (4.5) pages of 君の名は. Probably took about an hour or an hour and a half to get through, and looking up words is becoming less and less troublesome (mostly because I’m getting used to it, not because I necessarily know more words on kanji). Though, I do feel like I at least partially recognize way more kanji now than I did at the beginning of June, even though I haven’t made nearly as much progress through WK in that time.

For once I’d like to read a body-switch story where it doesn’t focus on a woman’s breasts in great detail but perhaps I’m asking for too much.

I should probably look at the pace that was used by the intermediate book club for this book and try to keep up with/surpass that. I think if I can manage that, I should be able to join in the next intermediate book club’s pick.


Yesterday I read the first chapter of ヲタクに恋は難しい since it was free on BookWalker! Did not look anything up, so since I watched the anime and read the manga in English before, I knew I was missing most parts xD Still really proud of what I could read and how much faster I can read Japanese now ^^


Day 7: July 5th

At library after work.

・無理をお願いする(4 pages)

Not much time today, need to prep for an interview and go to a work dinner thing, so just 4 pages again. But the point is to just read every day! So I will still consider this a win~

Edit: Read to the end of the chapter in 精霊の守り人 before bed.


Thanks, I went looking for it and couldn’t find it. I remember see that cover and instantly dismissing it as not the book for some reason. :roll_eyes:


Thanks, glad people can enjoy them. It’s been good revisiting Yotsuba in Japanese.

For Polar Bear Cafe, I’ll probably do it differently and make a single post per volume/week.


Read 3 more pages of IBC. Yesterday story was good so in the end I read more than planned and today I can take it slowly.


It’s been a while! Here’s to a new month of reading goodness. :blush:

I finished chapter 2 of 私の押しは悪役令嬢, bringing me to a bit over two thirds through the book. I’m still enjoying it.

I read a little bit more of 私の押しは悪役令嬢, and then decided to start a new book, 青の王, yet another one by 銭天堂 author 廣嶋玲子. This one is aimed at a bit of an older audience, I believe, maybe middle school? I think it’s about the same as 妖怪の子預かります in terms of language difficulty/target audience. There’s less oldish Japan feel and language, but more fantasy world feel and language. If that makes sense. :joy:

I didn’t read that day! I went camping, and between the preparations for that and the actual camping, I was quite busy relaxing by other means. :grin:

I read a few more chapters of 青の王 and a chapter of からかい上手の高木さん.

Same as yesterday - I finished からかい上手の高木さん volume 1. It’s cute, but unless it’s free I won’t be continuing this one.

I’ve plans to read a bit more tonight, maybe. Maybe.


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Day 35 :ballot_box_with_check:
コーヒーが冷めないうちに , 5 pages.

Today IBC as planned :sunglasses: wanted to do some Satori Reader too but I have no more brain power.


Summary post
July 5 Somehow found myself playing minecraft for hours.

・Started the last side story of SAO 8. (p 361 → 370)
・Finished Kono Oto Tomare vol. 4

I don’t think I’ve recovered yet :rofl:


Read some sentences in my visual novels. I wanted to start reading a new manga but it seems all the manga I tried reading were much harder than the ones I already read.

Okay which videogame should I play?

  • Famikom Detective Club
  • Fate Extra CCC
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta
  • Idolm@ster
  • Sol Trigger
  • Grandia 2
  • Black Rock Shooter The Game

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Most people probably don’t even know the games on that list lol.


Grandia 2 is great! :ok_hand:

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Yeah I played it in english a long time ago but never finished it. I will definitely replay it in japanese one day.

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Summary post

Yesterday was busy! Readingwise, I reread the first half of chapter 2 kikis on preparation for the bookclub (then did that), and also did the reading section of an N4 mock test haha. The only new reading I did was about half a chapter of ハイキュー while I was giving blood. Given that I had only one hand free I wasn’t looking up anything, but it was still enjoyable and distracting enough.

Today I also had a lot of things to get done, so I just finished off ハイキュー3 (rest of last chapter and mini comic at end). Haven’t met my one (non-reread) chapter per day goal on either day but still feels good to at least read a little :slight_smile: hopefully I should be a bit more free the rest of this week!


Read about 10-15 pages of 1Q84 book 2 before I got bored (around an hour total, up to page 55).
I usually set a goal of an hour plus a day of reading so if I can hit that target before my attention wanes, I’m happy.


I have plans to play Famikom Detective Club on Super Famicom so I recommend that. :eyes: