📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

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Day 17: June 17th
What did I read?: サメーズ :shark:
How much did I read?: 41 pages
How long did it take me?: 34 min

Well, I felt inspired by the earlier conversation about the sharks, and my other shark books were still sitting on my end table, so…here we are xD Lots of new sea creature names in the first part of this book. They’re all written in katakana, but sometimes it’s fun to look at the kanji.
For example: 提灯鮟鱇 (ちょうちんあんこう) - literally carry in hand, lamp, anglerfish, anglerfish (why are there apparently 2 kanji that mean anglerfish lmao)
And a new kind of fish I’ve never heard of: 団子魚 (だんごうお) - literally a freaking dango fish xD
They do pretty much look like dango, though xD Look at these little weirdos



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June 17 Update
Today, I finished up the last chapter of 進撃の巨人, and man was that a tough one. While there was a decent amount of action in this chapter, I still ended up with about 141 new words. It took about 3.5 hours to read, and there were some really dense places (in particular, when they started explaining the biology of the 巨人 and how to kill them – this was really technically dense, and I probably encountered almost half of the new words from that part alone. Like I said when I finished the last chapter, it’s like reading ハイキュー!!'s first chapter all over again: very difficult and slow going, but also very interesting. I have a lot more stamina than I did back then so it’s not nearly as exhausting, and pushing through is significantly easier. I honestly only meant to read 10 pages today, but then the technical jargon started (love me some technical jargon) and then people were being eaten and then the chapter ended so…

Anyway, that’s the fourth book I’ve finished with this challenge, and that’s super motivating. It’s officially time for me to select new books to read (since the only two I originally chose that I still have left are book club books). I didn’t expect to finish these four so quickly, so I guess that means I can be a bit more ambitious with the next few.


  • 明日、私は誰かのカノジョ(1)
  • ホリミヤ(1)
  • トニカクカワイイ(1)
  • ナルト(3)
  • 僕のヒーローアカデミア(1)
  • 君の名は

I hope most of these are simpler than the last two chapters of 進撃の巨人 have been or I’ll have very little chance of actually finishing these within a reasonable time…


Have not read as much as I’d like in this week and my streak is gone but I’m still here.


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Decided to change the way I reply, so that instead of replying to the main post, I would be replying to my previous posts, which is a system a lot of people use :cat2:

Anyway, today I’ve read:

  • Today’s NHK Easy News.
  • Some more はたらく細胞 light novel. Finished reading second chapter. Started reading third chapter. Reached page 64.

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Read some more of Yotsuba volume 8 last few days. Given me the weekend to finish off the remaining chapters. All good stuff so far. Makes me want to see some rain now.

chapter 51

Loved how they just named their cafe フランス人 and even made shirts, it’s definitely a thing I can see Fuuka push on others. The decision to go for poundcake was not that great lol. It’s cute seeing Yotsuba be so disappointed by it and even refusing to call it a cake. Everyone wants to please Yotsuba, so they even buy her a strawberry crepe, but the damage is already done.

chapter 52

One of the chapters that again show how Yotsuba really likes the rain. Even got the dad to join in on it and gives one of the best panels so far. The downtime spend with the neighbors is cute and makes the ending stick so much. Also the Ayase dad is probably stuck at work in this weather, now that I think about it lol.

chapter 53

Just a fun chapter all way through. Jumbo and Yotsuba is always a good combination. I wonder if Jumbo is the type that classifies 怪獣, like he did with Yotsuba’s drawing. I appreciate it as I learned what an アロサウルス is. Whenever Yanda gets involved things spiral out of control, poor dad.



Finished my good good bird boy Nageki’s route, making that one playthrough of はーとふる彼氏! :sob: I got teary-eyed lmaoooo

I do like how Valentine’s Day is マメンタイン (mame-ntines because you give birds beans instead of chocolate, of course).


Well, the last part of the book was mostly action+tea and dorayaki. So it was easy-ish to keep away from snacks while reading.

Anyway, it’s still smack in the middle of a story arc. Said story is getting much more involved than in the first book or so. At the same time, I did enjoy the “slow life” part from the beginning more, I think. Hopefully things calm down after everything is resolved.


June 16 + 17 + 18: Read and finished the third story from the 理髪店 book. This one was a bit harder to read for me initially, so it got a bit dragged out. Also, at first I did not engage with it as much as with the second story. But then there was a nice plot twist which made it very interesting and also a bit mysterious :upside_down_face:


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 18

I finished another chapter! Chapter 9 in カラフル. I had actually read 3/4 of it this morning, but went back (late) tonight to read the last bit.

Too sleepy to post today’s words, but will be sure to update in tomorrow’s post :zzz:


Today I read about 8 more pages of Forbidden Scrollery, completing 37/153 (24%) pages total.

Phrase of the day:
虫食い算 (girls were discussing letter eating bug (“虫食い算はまさに字喰い虫の仕業ね”))

And ねこかみこ uploaded 3rd episode about Create mod.
And though it’s only 8 minutes long(so rare to see videos not stretched to be 10 minutes long) I had to pause and consult with ichi.moe almost at every phrase.
Like “作業環境のさらなる拡張をしてこうかと思います”, “丸投げするスタイル”, “ざっくり言えば水車より上位互換の動力ですかね”
So it took at least an hour to decipher.


Summary post
June 18

・Read 23 pages of SAO 7. (p 200 → 223) This last one third of the book… sad times. Big big spoiler: So many medical words! I learnt names of lots of diseases, like HIV, AIDS, pneumonia… I saw it coming, but this turn of development is still very sad. The new mysterious character being hospitalized and expected to pass away soon. Asuna just wanted to help out with a quest and make friends with them… :sob:

Aaaah, I was going to read more but got totally distracted by a bazillion things ;-; Like having to step up as mom’s tech support for almost the whole afternoon - she got new phone today. Will hurry and go to sleep so can read early tomorrow :triumph:


Rough week at work this week - I’ve been on low-key Japanese - a daily 1-3 chapters of Chi’s Sweet Home. Just wrapped up volume 6 and have been pleasantly finding that some commonly repeated words have stuck. I find myself referencing a dictionary much less often, which is lovely.

100% would not have read most of this week if this challenge wasn’t running. I kept going to bed at 10:30 semi-conscious, and then realizing I needed to read and reading a chapter of Chi before I passed out - probably not optimal for learning.

Spent some time today with the first volume of 極主夫道 - I 100% do not have enough Kanji for manga with no furigana yet (which I knew), but it was fun to go through a few chapters that were familiar-ish. main goal was to recall kanji IRL without furigana - the readings that I recalled were definitely not always the right ones for the compounds in question, but since I often knew one of the two kanji in the word, I’m okay with that. Looking up the unknown kanji was okay. most I could draw - a few were so detailed that I did a jisho radical search because it was easier for me to see the parts than draw them.


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June 18 Update

Started on one of the new books, 明日、私は誰かのカノジョ. It’s not divided into chapters, as far as I can tell, so I read about 30 pages before I ran out of stamina. This one doesn’t have furigana (except for names and uncommon words), so there was a lot to look up via radical search. But manga like this is also great because I realize how much I can actually read in Japanese. With respect to manga with furigana, my eyes automatically go to the furigana, even when I know the kanji. Actively stopping myself from doing that takes up a lot of time and only works sometimes (and when I can’t immediately recall something, I automatically look at the furigana and think – oh, yeah, I knew that). When there’s no furigana, the effort it takes to look something up is much greater, so I’ll try really hard to read something by myself. Reading this took about 3 hours and produced about 40 new words for me.

Story wise, I really like it so far. Not much has happened, but there’s hints to the main character’s past, and I’m excited to see how she grows throughout the story. I’m hoping for a happy end.


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Day 18 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: Kiki-Mimi Radio, Episode 24.


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Day 18: June 18th
What did I read?: サメーズ :shark:
How much did I read?: 28 pages
How long did it take me?: 24 min

Today was a stupid day and I’m in a bad mood. People are stupid. And the dinner I ordered to put myself in a better mood was not nearly as delicious as I wanted it to be.

But then this happened

Cutest. wordplay. ever.

甚兵衛鮫 (ジンベエザメ) = whale shark (the guy on the right)
甚兵衛 (じんべえ) = informal summer clothes for men (short jacket and trousers)​

Once again, the sharks made my day just a little bit better. Thank you sharks :+1:


Yesterday I finished my first manga volume :tada::tada::tada:
I am planning on reading it again over the next few weeks to focus on understanding all the sentences, in stead of just reading without a dictionary. Even though I did not look up words, I still learnt some through context, which I am really happy about. I think these words will stick better than the words I will look up later on.

Besides reading manga, I also studied vocab through Anki (2K/6K deck) using example sentences. This week I learnt 380 words through those sentences, so I count that as reading too!

I love how this thread keeps me motivated to just try to read something, even if I do not understand most of it yet at my level. Thank you all for sharing your progress with everyone :hearts:


Finished reading for ABBC and BBC clubs. 日常, chapter 15 was a blast.


My streak is laying in pieces on the ground and have for days. But I’m still here. And reading will be picked up again.

For me, this challenge is more about reading more than I did before, but maybe that just means I’m a bit of contrarian that can’t stick to guidelines. ¯\(ツ)


I count YT subs as reading(in first days of challenge I did only them before branching into manga). No one called me on that so far, so guidelines here are very lax.


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Today I’ve read: