📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

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Just discovered another cool resource:


Which makes it as good as any other Japanese source!


I picked up 天冥の標 3, but instead started reading 人馬, an edo-ish period manga, but with centaurs. I keep getting my ships destroyed by the fact that characters are apparently all heterosexual. I guess this isn’t a BL manga not that I had any reason to expect otherwise… but come on. 小雲雀 you had chemistry with 松風, why did you get with his sister just because she has bewbs.


I finally got through the はーとふる彼氏 character introductions :raised_hands:

It took me so long because I typed up every single word I didn’t know into an excel spreadsheet. I know the introductions use a ton of words that will come up later, but dang this was a slice of humble pie lol. I have a total of 147 unknown words, but I was happily surprised with how I didn’t really have to look up grammar which was my biggest fear. I’m really enjoying it though I continue at the speed of a snail.


2016-06-07 day 6.
Reached page 11 of カニバル・フラン.
Learned the word 妖精 today(fairy) and that it shares kanji with 妖怪 (youkai, general touhou baddies). The art style is very cute.


Main Post

Started volume 7 of Yotsuba. Feels a bit heavier than the previous one. Love the sheeps on the cover.

Yotsuba ch 42

Was a short and sweet chapter. Took about 15 minutes to read through. Gave me some good reaction faces like



June 6 - finally had some free time to relax and read. Now that 夏目友人帳 is on the backburner I went right ahead and read the remaining 74 pages of 乙女ゲーム and finished the first manga volume :confetti_ball: ( I was already about halfway through it before this summer reading challenge started). I am liking this series way more than I thought I would so am probably going to buy volume 2 soon. I had some more free time so thought I’d read some more manga. I saw people reading やがて君になる, which I had bought after seeing it picked for one of the bookclubs but never properly read it. Ended up reading 48 pages.
June 7 - busy day so squeezed in 5 pages of やがて君になる

To echo the sentiment of others - it’s really interesting and fun to see what everybody is reading, not to mention motivating to continue reading each day. Keep up the good work everybody! :muscle:


I read some more ふらいんぐうぃっち manga vol.1. Already read over hundred pages, I will need to decide what to read next soon. There are so many more manga, books, video games. visual novels I have to read.

One day I will need to update my bookmeter account but right now I don’t have enough time to do it.


Summary post

Done reading early today - I finished the last chapter! First non-manga in Japanese and it was not excessively painful! Took me less than an hour to get through the last chapter - lots of more familiar vocabulary that was used in the first chapter, and in the first/last chapters of the previous story.

Also took about 30 minutes and finished Vol 3 of Chi’s Sweet Home.

DHL claims that my order will arrive today, so I’m hoping to go into tomorrow armed with new books!


The books are here! Books!!!

In all seriousness, Mandrake had the ‘Love so Life’ set marked as ‘damaged’ - I paid 1700 yen for the whole set - I do not know what is damaged about them - I was a little nervous about it, but figured even if they weren’t in great shape, I was fine with that. I have looked through them, they don’t even really look used - like, maybe someone has read them, but nothing that I would term ‘damaged’ - no complaints here!


Day 3 complete. The newsletter arrived but it was way out my league so I opted for NHK News Easy today. It’s very weird reading it and knowing most of the words but not fully being able to understand the meaning of the sentence. I have a general idea of what is being talked about but can’t quite get it yet.


summary page

I did read yesterday but forgot to do an update so today is 2 days worth. Anyway, I read another chapter of ボ−イズ and ナルト yesterday.

Some thoughts on differences in manga difficulty:


Reading on a daily basis does make it a lot more apparent to me the difference in difficulty (at least as far as I find it) between different things that I’m reading. For example, the chapter of ボ−イズ was only 33 pages but it took me almost an hour, whereas the chapter of ナルト felt a lot easier. I’m guessing it’s the difference between a manga written for kids/young teens and one for older teens. I feel like (as discussed a little before) ナルト reinforces vocab a lot, whereas ボ−イズ does just tend to throw a lot at you. That said, ボ−イズ continues to be great so it’s worth the struggle.

Today I was pretty tired so just read a chapter of やがて君になる。I’m getting back into it and starting to remember why I read the first vol over a weekend!


How was shipping with Mandrake? Do they ship internationally or would a forwarding service be needed?

Summary post

June 7 one week already?? 0: Feels like I’m in the future.

・Read Honzuki 4. 75% → 86% Lots of stuff happened, couldn’t stop reading for a while :eyes:


ルッツ not receiving permission from his parents to travel to another city for work purposes, ベンノ admitting that he’s thinking about adopting him if that’s what it takes to let ルッツ reach his full potential, マイン staying in bed for at least a week(?) because of fevers, ルッツ “running away” from home, his family members bothering him at the his work place, and then マイン talking about all of the above with the 神官長… The fact that “normal” citizens usually are scared of just going near the nobel part of the city really set a different perspective to what we’re used to with our main characters going there all the time.

The part with ルッツ living away from his family for five days and feeling like he was completely alone, you could see in his eyes how tired he was already… Broke my heart ;-;

One thing I noticed is that ベンノ is too quick with scolding マイン for every single thing she’s doing wrong, he’s almost doing it reflexively by now. She might be a 考えなし, but she has no way of knowing everything, y’know?

Anyway, can’t wait to read the next chapter :eyes: :sparkles: Probably just a few left and then extra stories at the end? I think that’s how the previous books were, too. Will travel tomorrow, so plenty of waiting time which means plenty of time to read, but knowing myself I get easily distracted by my surroundings so we’ll see how that goes :eyes: :sweat_drops:


Summary post

氷菓、4 pages (176-179), 15 minutes. Looked up a couple of words but not every unkown word.

Really tired today, wasn’t sleeping well lately because of the heat, so didn’t feel like reading. But just to keep the habit going spent 15 minutes on reading.

Today’s text was pretty easy - it was a dialogue between two friends, nothing too challenging.

Will try to read around 20 pages tomorrow.




It was great - as d-hermit noted, they definitely just ship internationally. The hot tip is to order from the Sahra store because you’ll be able to see the shipping in advance (vs the storefronts, where you won’t know what shipping will be until it’s packed). Took less than a week to get here, everything was well packed and secure.

One note - recommend searching for titles on the Japanese site rather than the English site - otherwise it tries to search the translated titles some of the time, which doesn’t go great. Example, most of the Chi’s sweet home volumes had “Cheese” instead of “Chi’s” in the title, and I was super confused about why they didn’t have any volumes of it until I searched the author, and then changed over to the Japanese site instead. Easy to switch back and forth though, in case you’re not confident about reading most of the info in Japanese (which I am not)


You should still be able to find what you’re looking for on the English site, iirc. You just generally still need to search in Japanese.


:ballot_box_with_check: June 1: かがみの孤城 上 (63 pages)
:ballot_box_with_check: June 2: かがみの孤城 上 (20 pages)
:ballot_box_with_check: June 3: かがみの孤城 上 (90 pages)
:ballot_box_with_check: June 4: かがみの孤城 上 (40 pages) + 日の鳥1 (10 pages)
:ballot_box_with_check: June 5: かがみの孤城 上 (112 pages)
:ballot_box_with_check: June 6: かがみの孤城 上 (69 pages) ~ Finished

:ballot_box_with_check: June 7: かがみの孤城 下 (170 pages) ~ 46%

Progressing well - even better than expected. 170 pages may be a new record for me. At this rate I’ll probably be done with the book in a couple of days. And yep, it’s still very good!

I’ve also started reading in a nearby park because the weather is so good lately. I’ll probably do that more often from now on. Amusingly I reguarly switch between at least 4 “devices” for the same book: laptop, phone, tablet and physical book, depending on where I am. For outside reading physical books are definitely the best, especially the smaller bunkobon books.


Yes. Except for end of arc books, the extra stories tend to come at the 90% mark, so probably just one or two more.

Happy fullcakeday!