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Hmm…I mean I should probably note that as a transmasculine person, the fact that the lead is a trans man is a big sell for me because it’s rare that I get to ‘see’ that aspect myself in any kind of media, much less manga. So that will definitely have something to do with it. But I do think that it you can also tell that it’s written by someone who has lived that experience. More details in the drop down (I’ve stayed high level to avoid spoilers)


I think in general the difference for me is that when I’ve read things by cis authors featuring/about trans people they either tend to be a non-stop trauma fest and very ‘this is Trans 101’ (and often really feel like ‘this is what a cis person thinks it must be like to be trans’), or the characters trans-ness is very much backgrounded (I’ve read enough of the former to prefer the latter by now haha). Granted, I’ve only read a chapter so far but the difference to me so far seems to be that because it gets the emotion right, it can make you invested even in the smaller things. While the main character is different from me in many ways there are certain things that happen or inner monologues where I was very much like “oh yeah, I remember thinking just like that” or remembering something really close happening to me and how that felt. So yeah, a lot of my love for it so far is very personal so it might not have quite that level of engagement for all others but idk, I think it’s great so far! Also, I get the sense already that it’s not going to just be about the characters identity (although that’s obviously important) but also about him working with friends to do something he loves and that always gets me.

I also just read this chapter the other day! Was also surprised by the bit in spoilers, just expected silliness from early Naruto tbh. I was originally planning on Naruto being my ‘low effort’ manga but as soon as Kakashi and other adult characters showed up (but mainly Kakashi) I also found myself having to look up a lot. I did notice quite a few times that new words repeated fairly frequently so I’m hoping that over time things might sink in and reduce the amount of lookups needed.

I’m a よつばと fan so I’ll give my two cents here! I think part of it is that as @vonnutje said, it’s a manga that centres around a child and has quite a lot of other child characters so it does tend to have simpler dialogue and more every day vocab generally. It’s probably the only manga I’m currently reading that I can (depending on the chapter) sometimes get away with not looking anything up and feel like I’m still getting a pretty full understanding. That said, I remember finding the first chapter hard (granted, at that point I don’t even think I’d fully covered N5 grammar), mainly due to casual speech and contractions that I hadn’t come across in ‘textbook japanese’ - but really be the end of the first volume it felt much more manageable. That’s the reason people pick it I think…the reason I’ve stuck with it and intend to read the whole series is that I find it really charming and funny. I’ve been reading the first two volumes with a few friends and we’re feeling up to trying a novel next (魔女の宅急便)…but we ended up deciding that we’re going to keep reading よつばと as well (switching back and forth week by week) because it’s been such a fun read. It probably just depends what works for you though - I know for example that Teasing Master Takagi-san is another popular ‘beginner’ choice - I tried that and couldn’t get past the first chapter as I found the characters really annoying - so a lot really does depend on personal taste!

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I’ve found another MC LP(霊夢のからくり生活) which recently started with Create mod. It has much more complex grammar than my previously watched LP. E.g. Reimu during tutorial segments goes full politeness(“非常によく回っております”).
I’ve also watched 動物園をつくりたい #1, #2
Can’t say that I easily understand everything, but this particular LP doesn’t provide enough of challenging subs to actually read them thoroughly

2021-06-05, からかい上手の高木さん#6, 日常 #11, #12

Today is a new weekend, so it’s time to visit ABBC and BBC.

Current plan

I’ve found webnovel of re:zero and some touhou manga , so depending on workload at work, I think to check them as well, as LP episodes can be watched fully even during lunch break. I enjoy seeing bite-sized sentences in LPs. They are much easier to break up to parts than grammar from books and it helps that YT generates transcript.


As other people said, the dialogue tend to be simpler, as Yotsuba is a child and other people explains things to her in a simple manner.
It’s the first manga I read and I did find it a bit difficult because of the casual speech and contractions. Also Yotsuba often talks without kanji and I sometimes had a hard time with that as I was not sure where the “words” ended.

After reading the first volume of Yotsuba, I began Flying Witch and I found it a little bit easier though. So I think I will read the available volumes of Flying Witch first, and read the rest of Yotsuba later.


I’m reading からかい上手の高木さん at the same time as 魔女の宅急便 and honestly, I like Kiki quite a bit more :sweat_smile:. It’s actually easier in some ways for me, although more exhausting. As in, I can read a chapter of Takagi-san in half an hour and be fine but with Kiki I read one or two pages (one page takes maybe around half an hour for me) and be like, I’m done.
I’ve noticed Yotsubato’s popularity. I might give it a shot after Takagi-san to practise understanding casual language!


I stole it too :joy:


There happens to be a bookclub reading 1Q84 right now… :eyes: We started Book 2 a few weeks ago, but if you have any questions or feel like sharing your excitement/horror/confusion with others please feel free to use the chapter threads. We love talking about books here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think I posted about yesterday? Day 5 is still only halfway underway, but so far I have only read book club books. I finished すべてがFになる chapter 9 today. I kind of feel like continuing a bit ahead… does it count as non-book-club reading if I’m reading ahead of schedule? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ll probably read some more 赤毛のアン before bed today, though.


And now people are stealing it from me, since I have post 3 :rofl:
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It’s about daily life from a child’s perspective. Most chapters stand on their own, but there is some continuation between events.

Style is very distinctive, not being dialogue intensive and having recurring elements make it easy to make sense what typically happens during a chapter, so it’s beginner friendly. That said the casual speech can throw people off at the start and the background scribbles can be hard to parse at times. So I think more people benefit from reading it.

It’s also pretty wholesome with good art, so it’s a pretty safe recommendation.

I also have shirokuma cafe volumes, which I’m thinking of reading next. It’s kinda similar, except with lots of puns. Helps I’m familiar with these works at least. (Still let it pile up before actually attempting to read).

Had some breaks between reading and it definitely takes some more effort to get used to it again.


summary post

Day 5 - I did, in fact, read yesterday, just thought I would get more done than the 5 pages after work and post later - I did not, in fact, get more reading done. But I finished my chapter so I could start fresh with a new chapter today.

I read 2 short chapters - about 15 pages. Reading Japanese can be tiring - not sure if I fell asleep over the page in the middle of the afternoon because it was hard work, or because I was tired from getting up early and weeding the lawn before it got super hot - it was one of those… But, after a 15 minute nap I was good to finish out the chapter. Hoping to read more later today, but wanted to actually get to posting today.

It’s really exciting to read how everyone else is doing!


June 5th. Time: 1 hour. Manga Pages: 4
What: Manga からかい上手の高木さん (Volume 1), current pick of ABBC. Chapter 6, Pages 3-6.
Met single kanji which is above my WK level: 瞬 (L 46)


Well I started 銭天堂2 from where I left off in chapter 3 last year. I decided for the sake of trying to set a routine again to only do 30 min per day of reading…which didn’t get my very far tbh. I went from 40% to 41%, or about 3 ebook pages because I was looking up a lot of unknown words, some of which I vaguely remember as being common in the series (あわてて、朱色). I think tomorrow I’ll be skipping the abverby ones to increase my speed and focus on the ones critical to parsing the sentences. The good news is I found the grammar is still easy so once I had the vocab looked up understanding the sentences wasnt bad.


which sites are you guys using for your ebooks? I’ve been using ebooksjapan for the past few years but the fact that I can’t download the books for offline reading and there isn’t a mobile app available outside of Japan is starting to get a bit troublesome since it’s harder to read on the go. Keeping up with my progress has also been a bit tricky since they (afaik) don’t use percentage and only show page numbers while reading, and those page numbers can change if you change the size of the text.

I really like the selection and layout of the rest of the site but if there are sites that make reading a bit more convenient I’d like to switch over before I buy any more books here :sweat_smile:


I use

If you want free books (legally) - then there is also


I continued reading the ふらいんぐうぃっち manga, once again I read around 20 pages, and I read one text in the reading section of the second Genki book.


Sum up! - Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Day 5 - June 5th
今日の読書: からかい上手の高木さん.
ページ: 14

Finished chapter 4 and ready for chapter 5 - last week chapter for ABBC. 14 pages may not seem much, but I’m becoming faster and I’m judging this on the base of 1) number of looked up words: if I compare the first pages and the last one, omg, the first ones are a rainbow of color and notes, while in this chapter I looked just for few words; 2) grammar making sense: at the beginning I had to stop more than a few times to identify grammar and look for it, while now I first guess the meaning and then, if really uncertain, look for it, discovering that the guess was more or less correct.

This is satisfying and tiring, but I hope it’ll pay off in the future (๑・̑◡・̑๑)


I’ve always used amazon. Easy phone and pc app that you can use. Also you can use a kindle if you have that obv.

EDIT: Honorable mentions for ereaders goes do google docs :3

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I am confusion. Did you take photos of the whole book…? or is that amazon related maybe? :thinking:


Well, I take screenshots of every frame. It should be ok, because I’m only doing it for personal use in my notes app. Like this:


No I just copy pasted the whole book into google docs lmao


ohhh, so copy paste is ok with books on amazon… I’m used to bookwalker where you can select text, but you can’t “pick it up” in any way, only with yomichan