📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

That just goes to show how good the AI was. It wouldn’t be a very good invasive program if it couldn’t, well, invade.


2021-06-02 (day 2)

Read 氷菓 for 30 minutes, advanced 4 pages (p.127-130). Looked up 28 words.

Around 86 pages left. I could finish it by the end of the week if I read 10-15 pages tomorrow and on Friday and 30 pages on Sat, Sun each.


Main post

Day 2: :white_check_mark:
Satori Reader: Kiki-Mimi Radio, Chapters 3 and 4.


Day 2:

I was procrastinating by browsing the forums again, but then I saw this thread and was like…I guess I better read something.

Opened マジック・ツリーハウス 1 today. Took in 20 pages in about an hour and a half - I read faster than I expected, and felt really dumb the 4th time I looked up the same word in the span of 3-4 pages. Some words stick so much better than others. Feeling good about progressing through this book. It will be done by the end of June…hopefully sooner, even if I take some ‘easy day’ breaks and read more Chi.


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For Day 2, I was able to get from the 7% mark to the 9% mark in reading 名探偵コナン 瞳の中の暗殺者. If I can keep up 2% per day, that’s 46 more days to completion, giving some leeway for 1% days.

There was some intersection of learning for me today:

1. I had 江戸(えど) come up in my WaniKani lessons today, and the main character of the story I’ve started reading is 江戸川コナン.

2. One of my word look-ups came up in both the book and an unrelated manga today.

Conan novel:

Unrelated manga:

Aside from that, I got in a couple of manga chapters:

それでも歩は寄せてくる Volume 3 Chapter 27

ポケモン SPECIAL Volume 4 Chapter 45



Summary post

Two day streak!

Day 2: June 2nd
What did I read?: よつばと!Vol 15
How much did I read?: 1 chapter (36 pages)
How long did it take me?: 20 min (but I was also eating :sweat_smile:)

I did a smart thing and may have stumbled onto a new life hack

So I knew I wasn’t going to get off work until 8pm today, and I knew I was probably not going to be in the mood to cut into my already-shortened end-of-day decompression time (which typically involves me browsing the internet while reruns of Kitchen Nightmares play in the background). BUT, then I realized that I could actually take a break to eat dinner (instead of working while eating, which is what I often do) and read then, before it got too late for me to want to bother. Then when I get off work, my brain can be done, which is what it seems to like xD (I should have just read before work, but I wanted to save as much of my brain as possible for work and doing The Things. My mind is a delicate ecosystem, which is often on fire. - A quote I saw somewhere on the internet and probably remembered wrong. Anyway.)

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before - I used to read during meals all. the. time. when I was a kid. When I became an adult, I just replaced books with screens. But reading during meals could be a great natural Pomodoro-type thing to build into my routine, because it’s built around an activity that takes a finite amount of time. When the activity’s done, I can be done (or choose to keep going). Ah! Life hack!

I probably won’t have a whole life story to add to each of these updates, but I seem to be feeling wordy recently xD Thank goodness for spoiler tags.


Maybe writing down the sentence and underlining the vocab could work? Makes me remember the vocab longer than when I just look it up. The downside of this is that it takes way longer. On the other side, you can read the sentences you wrote down for the word at other times again and that makes the word stick more


:ballot_box_with_check:Day 3
Started reading カラフル, just the preface. It’s already really interesting!

Today I felt like I has superpowers cause I was able to guess a couple of words’ meanings based on context (such as 奪ううばう, cause I knew it wasn’t 盗むぬすむ but has a similar feeling). Even with such an “on” day, I still had to look up so many words. Looking forward to it getting easier as I get used to the new writing style/vocabularies used!

Today's Interesting Phrases/Vocab:

疑問ぎもんいている = to have doubts
ぞくう = commonly referred to as, slang for
めでたしめでたし = happily ever after
縁起えんぎでもない = Bad luck, ill-omen


That makes me feel like I might enjoy reading it soon after all. I haven’t been feeling up to vague metaphors lately and had somehow got it in my head that 羊と鋼の森 would be full of those. :grin:

Yesterday I didn’t have much time to myself. I read 2 pages (or 2 entries) of 使ってはいけない日本語, and maybe 5 pages of あせとせっけん.

It’s still morning, but after waking I decided to finish the chapter of あせとせっけん I started yesterday and ended up finishing the volume instead. I think the next one, vol. 11 is the last one… :cry:


Yooo, you genius. I’m going to edit my June 1st post into a summary post as well. Will also include box table because I like clicking boxes. Looks something like this:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Ooooh, mind if I also use this when I start reading? This looks so satisfying.


Today’s reading (will update this post once I do some more):

  • Read today’s NHK Easy News.
  • Took some more notes on はたらく細胞。Reached page 148.

Sure! :grin: I changed it into calendar weeks instead of week 1, 2, 3… etc. This will be my way of keeping track of the days during summer time lol


Edit: Feel free to copy paste if you want to use the same format too :slight_smile:

| June | 月 | 火 | 水 | 木 | 金 | 土 | 日 | 
|Week 22| | [x] | [x] | [] | [] | [] | [] | 
|Week 23| [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] |
|Week 24| [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] 
|Week 25| [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] | [] |
|Week 26| [] | [] | [] | | | | |

I definitely used to be a ‘write down the sentence’ person. Lately I’ve swung across to ‘just read something’ to keep myself reading - most books where I’ve tried to note down sentences with words I don’t know I’ve given up on (because, I mean, that’s every sentence, and I’m not writing out a whole book). Thinking about trying to find a sweet spot in between and writing down words that I have to look up more than twice for easy reference. Of course, that means I need to remember that I looked that word up… we’ll see how it goes.


I love the idea of ticking everything off - and see others doing the same - and I’ve done it too °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Sum up! - Summer Reading Challenge


And finished the part I started yesterday, it changed from being pretty boring to actually get interesting. Not always that happens, but now I’m glad I finished reading that short story. Also day 3 in the bag. ^^


Oh, I wanted to get back to you yesterday but forgot - sorry!

Yes, I guess that’s what will happen a lot. But if you read like 3 or 5 times more (because you spend more time reading and less time translating or writing down), you will get 3 or 5 times more exposure, and eventually things will start to stick.

Yes, that I also agree with. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t dive into sentences if need be. My approach is often that I continue to read, and when I am really surprised or get a “mental clash” by something that is written after that, then I must have misunderstood something, and I go back and try to reread. (It often happens for me because I misinterpret those pesky じゃない - often I’m not sure whether it’s an actual negation or just an “isn’t it” :joy_cat: - but I can feel it’s getting better).
For me the question would rather be “do I need to do a deep dive for every sentence?”.

Anyways, just my two cents :grin:

For my reading progress:

June 1st: Did not have much time and only managed to read 3 pages from すべてがFになる。
June 2nd: Finished chapter 8 of すべてがFになる (about 20 pages maybe? didn’t check). Also continued my current “book-on-the-side” which is 海の見える理髪店 (a collection of 6 short stories, the first of which is veeeery slow, and somehow reading it is also very slow…)
June 3rd: Continued 海の見える理髪店 - now halfway through the first story.


ohh this looks fun and is perfect timing for me since I just got back to japanese studying :blush:
I’ll update this post tonight to make it more detailed but for now I’m thinking my goals for this summer will be:


  • 1 chapter of Yotsubato (this is a reread so the first few volumes should be a bit easier)


  • 3 pages of the Hyouka light novel (gonna start small…)
  • optional: Yo-kai Watch on the switch

I’m also considering watching the Hyouka anime (with english subs) alongside the light novel so that I’m more familiar with the character names and supernatural vocabulary. Not sure if I should watch each episode before or after reading the chapter related to it.


unless youre rereading do it before


gotcha! I actually prefer watching first and reading after but kind of felt like it was cheating haha. I’ll probably get to watching the first episode tonight and starting with reading tomorrow :muscle: