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In my opinion, the issue is that the writing style is easy to grasp for a native kid, but absolutely not for an adult learner. Also, there’s a lot happening at the beginning; we go through a lot of places and meet a bunch of people, which means that there’s a lot of vocabulary thrown at you in quick succession.

@Magillou It does get easier later on. 頑張って!


April 15
So… tired…

Passover started at sundown and I had basically been cooking all week in preparation. Looking forward to sleeping in now that it’s the weekend.

Managed to read a level-two graded reader about Hokkaido. Very pretty place, I want to visit in the summer when it’s not covered in snow.

I was excited to recognize the Aや B、C、Dなど grammar pattern in the book. That was one of the things I was corrected on in my essay, so seeing it in real material will help it stick in my brain.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
12 / 12 level-ones
1 /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes

おやすみ :sleeping:



Super tired today from work. We were hella busy today. You’d think today was the holiday, not just the Friday before one.

I only read 1 page today of 2.43. It seems Ochi’s less miffed about Subaru not having taken their last practice match seriously and more just worried about him since he knows something must be wrong, which Subaru doesn’t really like. He doesn’t want anyone to worry about him.

I also ended up reading ch 1 of 先生もネット世代: The Net Generation Teacher by 那多ここね on her pixiv. Since I already don’t like reading digitally and there was zero furigana, I ended up only looking up unknown words if I could guess their readings (or at least if I could spell them out kanji by kanji). lol and I had only ended up on there because I’d wanted to see if there were a larger-resolution version of one of her クールドジ男子 illustrations that had made it onto tumblr, but the link went to a different post and a cursory skim didn’t turn it up. Instead I found this earlier work of hers. From the series description on pixiv:


More, plus a couple caps:


And it’s especially hilarious because that photo of him from when he dressed as a girl once five years ago, which has catfished many a man… is currently being used by an unknown person on Twitter (well, ツイスタ) to catfish! That’s actually how it gets discovered by Ueda’s students, as he’d deleted his old account, and why he’s thinking about it now. That, and a student in another class has come in to the faculty room to turn in a reflection essay she’d had to write due to her going out to meet a stranger she’d met through social media.

He does make a very cute girl, though.

I’m curious as to where the story goes from here. We’ve got a young teacher who considers that crossdressing photo “黒歴史” and wants his students to be careful on social media, a boy who developed a crush on a girl in a photograph, not knowing it’s his teacher 5 years younger, and an attention-seeking girl (the essay girl) in love with a boy who doesn’t pay much mind to her (a friend of the catfished boy’s).

I’m likely gonna end up buying both volumes at some point and reading them then.

Some vocab of note:

四六時中 (しろくじちゅう) [adverbial noun] around the clock; day and night. It comes from 4 × 6 = 24.
男を釣る (おとこをつる) [expression, ラ五] to catfish. This one I learned through context from 先生もネット世代. Imiwa at least doesn’t have it, and I didn’t have the energy to try checking other dictionaries.
先般 (せんぱん) [adverbial noun] some time ago; the other day


Happy Passover!


April 15th (Calendar Post)

It’s a holiday today so I managed to get a lot of reading done for my various bookclubs, yey~

からかい上手の高木さん => 16 pages (19 minutes)
それでも歩は寄せてくる => 18 pages (17 minutes)
大海原と大海原 => 37 pages (34 minutes)
Happiness => 30 pages (18 minutes)
極主夫道 => 31 pages (34 minutes)
シメジ シミュレーション => 12 pages (46 minutes)
Flying Witch => 26 pages

Some nice manga panels from today:



Wadanohara’s art style was really nice, I’m going to miss that now that the bookclub finished the last chapter.

Maybe it’s just me, but that looks like a weird hand pose for saying hello…





Sadly no, a カニ didn’t also randomly appear…


Just something I was curious about for all my people who read books here (sorry manga people)

Do you use primarily use a tool/reader that allows you to use yomichan while you read? (e.g. ttu, textractor) or no (e.g. paper books, kindle, etc)

  • Yes
  • No

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If you answered no, is there another one click pop up dictionary you use while reading?

  • Yes
  • No, I don’t use instantaneous lookups at all (e.g. physical books)

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In my case it’s not an external tool like yomichan, it’s already built into the ebook reader (it accesses the iPhone dictionaries). So it would be „no“ if you want to know whether I put in some extra effort to get this setup going, and „yes“ if you want to know whether I use digital lookups while reading (the latter is how I answered).

Edit: Hmm, I skipped over the „kindle“ in your example list, sorry! Changed my vote to „no“ then.


I was asking specifically for yomichan. Other things like kindle have dictionary lookups possible and I intentionally put that in the no section. I’ll add another one for general lookups.

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Ok gotcha! Sorry for the confusion.

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I added a second poll

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Well, I do use my phone dictionary when I am reading on my phone, and nothing when reading a physical book.
Although I should, because there are two words right now that I don’t know how to read (I understand them from context though), and it’s driving me nuts.
Alright fine; for my own sanity. 焙烙 ほうろく didn’t see that reading coming.
箙 えびら That one had furigana the first time, but it didn’t stick.


April 15 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

The opposite of early today :joy: but oh boy VLR; I finished another main ending and couple other bits and pieces! With that I only have one more main route from the second branching point, and then it’s just finishing up all the locked bits I open. So like… the end is in sight :muscle: Unless all of that takes like thirty hours I’m going to finish this in less time than 999 took which is pretty wild!

VLR stuff!!

So I completed アリス’s ending; mostly more information about the terrorist organization and the bombs and ディオ’s connection to these things. And all of that is super relevant clearly, but like… they’re not putting on the nonary game, you know? ディオ’s completely trying to sabotage it, so that raises a lot of questions about why, what’s actually going on with it, etc.

But oh man, the bombs. Especially with what seems to be the main ending which is very much a work in progress; when you fail to stop the bombs and ファイ hugs シグマ and you actually see him in the present for the first time?? No idea what to make of that, especially with the whole K thing, there’s just a lot :joy:

Semi-related anime tangent

I did check out a few anime today (with Japanese subtitles so it’s reading-adjacent) and if you’re looking for something easy and cute to start out with, Shikimori-san is like… shockingly understandable. I feel like it’s even easier than other slice-of-lifey cute stuff that gets passed around a lot, though all of my judgments difficulty and content-wise are entirely based on the first episode so if it gets weird it’s not my fault :joy:


I answered yes since most of my Japanese reading happens on kindle, but I also read physical books to a lesser degree. :thinking: I just checked since it was bothering me, heh. ⅖ of the books I’ve started reading this year are physical, that’s more than I thought.


Home post

Day 14:

日本語: I read some of ミニスカ宇宙海賊, some of 冷たい密室と博士たち, and a bit of 鋼の錬金術師.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ダンジョン飯 and perhaps half a chapter of 蟲師.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean and one page of 骑士幻想夜.


Interesting there has yet to be a single person who uses yomichan while reading. 30% don’t even use an insta popup dictionary. Definitely unexpected


:tulip: Day 15 :tulip: :house:
Read:マグメル深海水族館 [2]
Finished: Extra edition
Time: 4 minutes
Read the extra included at the beginning of the second volume of マグメル, I’ve never seen the extra in the front of a manga before.

New Vocab

間際 (まぎわ)the point just before; the point of doing; the verge of happening
清掃 (せいそう)cleaning; clean-up; garbage collection; scavenging
閉館 (へいかん)closing (for the day; of a library, museum, cinema, etc.)

Also made a bit of an impulse purchase...

I won’t have to worry about reading material for a while

The newest one came with a shiny Ceolacanth card

How am I gonna fit all these on the shelf… :joy:


Ah well, I just imagined it to be easier? 夜カフェ and 銭天堂 went much smoother for me.

I do have problems with the writing style a little.
I think so too, that it will get easier later on. I will continue reading for sure.


Reading novels on the computer is no fun. With a handheld device you can read anywhere, in an armchair, outdoors, in bed. I would love to read on a kindle because of e-ink being so much easier on the eyes, but I dont want to jump through hoops to register, so Bookwalker it is. Thankfully the build-in iOs dictionary is good enough, and there’s always extra dictionaries installed that are easy (but not one click easy) to access from within the device.


I take it you don’t own a laptop

I do. I still use it on my desk only, it’s too large for comfortable reading in any other position other than sitting upright. And there’s no way to read on a laptop while waiting for the bus, for example.