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Reverso Context is also helpful if you’re looking for examples of how things have been translated before. It suffers the same issue as weblio (some of the sentence have uh…questionable translations) but as another tool in your toolbox it might be handy :smiley:


Have you seen the anime? I enjoyed season 1.


Ooooh thank you so much! Bookmarking now :bookmark:


Which volume is this? :eyes: You’re convincing me to read it instead of おじさまと(ねこ) lol


I also have this book. I picked it up on Amazon Kindle 5 years ago. (I had to search it up because I knew it sounded familiar.) I haven’t read it yet though. I keep buying cheap books on Kindle and adding them to my TBR pile.

So like Boa Hancock’s favourite move?

I can’t do it. Something in my soul stops me. I even struggle to highlight and note ebooks. I find that having notes and highlights in a book that I’m reading distracts me from the story because I’m always compelled to read them and it breaks the flow. It’s like I’m hearing two people’s thoughts at the same time and I hate multi-tasking.



I almost thought I wouldn’t get to read any of GREEN today, since just after I sat down to read it, the neighbor started mowing his lawn and I couldn’t focus. Then when I could, my mind was too much on 2.43 to do anything but read that, but then I ended up finishing the subchapter and needing something to take my mind off stuff that happens later in the series, so I did get to after all! I read Seed 5. lol in the character intro at the beginning of the volume, Makoto is described as: 農業を愛する純朴な青年。

Some commentary:

Oh my god, so Wako never told her parents where she was disappearing to every weekend, so this time they handcuffed her to her bed, but she ended up breaking the chain and running off anyway! So yeah we briefly meet her parents and her little brother Kei-chan. Anyway, she’s running late, and when she finally arrives at the farm, she throws herself into Makoto’s arms and asks if he was worried about her. Nope, not particularly. Not even a little bit? Not especially… lol he’s a farming-baka and he can’t lie.

We also learn that Makoto’s father is an inept doctor at a Tōkyō hospital. And apparently Makoto had told Wako that he was a salaryman—he earns a salary, so technically, he is a salaryman! Then we soon meet his older sister Sayuri, who’s come to bring him home to make him take over for their father, so was just on the news for forgetting a needle inside a patient he’d operated on. Makoto runs off with Wako, and instead of giving chase, Sayuri goes and reports him missing! She also offers a monetary reward of an unspecified amount for whoever can bring him to the Ono house, so everyone in the village is like, I wonder how much the reward is. 1 mil yen? I heard it was 10 mil. I heard it was 100 mil! 100 mil yen?! We gotta go catch him! lmao

Well, they manage to find someone to help them get away and put them up while they lay low for a while, Makoto assures Wako that he has no intention of leaving the farm or becoming a doctor (and he teases her and uses examining her tonsils as an excuse to kiss her), and Sayuri eats their grandmother out of house and home waiting for Makoto to turn up lol

I read 5 pages of 2.43, finishing ch 1-2 and getting me to pg 49! Skimming ahead, it looks like the next subchapter (ONE AND ONLY POSITION) is when we get to meet the rest of the team, and the 4th (RIVAL’S SHADOW) is the first mention of Seiin.

Rambling, of course:

A friend pointed out today, after I’d messaged her about how being real short as a kid and then growing to be real tall in HS is something else Subaru and Chika have in common, that that could mean that Oda’s “unfounded” optimism about growing 30 cm in HS and becoming a super ace wasn’t actually so unfounded. Granted, this is the first day of school that he says this, so he may not know yet that Subaru has reached or surpassed 180 cm already, but he does absolutely know of Subaru, who is a wing spiker like him and in MS was his team’s ace despite not being all that much taller than Oda. Subaru was never described as 小柄 as Oda is (163 cm as a third-year in HS, and likely at least a little bit shorter in MS), just as “not 大柄” and “not by any means blessed with height,” but he was still definitely short for an athlete, and short for a spiker, and yet he was still the foremost spiker in Fukui MS volleyball. And if he can have that, why not Oda? Ah, I’m sad now.

Ochi does know! Or at least some. In the scene where Subaru tries to convince him not to leave the team, he tells him that when their teams faced each other in the Winter Tournament second year of MS, there was one time where he’d thought he’d succeeded in getting a clean spike over, but Ochi picked it up with a flying receive. He still remembers that play in his dreams even now. Ochi’s surprised that his playing left an impression on Subaru in middle school. So yeah, he may not know that Subaru specifically wanted him at Fukuhou, but he does know that Subaru, the player he looks up to most in their age group, took notice of him!

lol I love how Subaru gets Ochi to stop crying by going, “Well why don’t you give being manager a try? You’ll definitely get to go to Nationals that way!” all cheerful-like. Ochi’s just like, “Eh, what.” Just totally flabbergasts him. (……えーと……? なんだその、オレ理論……:interrobang:)

「ぐずぐず言ってえんと、腹くくっておまえの三年間、おれに預けろ。おれがおまえを春高のセンターコートのマネージャーにしてやる。想像してみろや、春高のセンターコートのベンチスタッフやぞ? 絶対目立つし、かっこいいぞ?」

brb, I’m trying not to cry knowing that they never end up making it. They never get to stand on that brilliant, orange center court. “けど、三村なら——三村がいれば、行けるのかもしれない,” except he can’t carry them there, they always end up falling short before the semifinals, and in their third year they don’t even make it that far, Seiin takes the representative spot from them. And now I’m thinking about how Subaru takes everyone’s—the team’s, the parents’, the coach’s—hopes and expectations onto his own shoulders, and instead of crushing him like it may anyone else, it only serves to motivate him, but in their third year when it’s their final chance and he can’t even get them as far as HaruKou, never mind that orange center court, it must surely crush him then. F*ck. I gotta go be emo for a bit.

At least this ain’t gonna lay me out flat for literally two full hours like thinking about the friggin;;; “Fundamentally I’m someone who acts with ulterior motives.” “Ulterior motives?” “It’s all right if you don’t understand.” exchange between Aoki and Oda in the first book (I don’t have access to it rn so I can’t put the original lines, unfortunately, they’re better) the first time I actually properly thought about it. Why is Aoki like this. He makes me insane. He makes me utterly feral. He’s so—!!! (Granted, part of that was also from me imagining Oda confessing in college by basically turning that ulterior motives line back on him [well, the version in Funimation’s subtitles, at least, since I hadn’t read the novel yet at that point] and Aoki echoing, “Ulterior motives?” like Oda did except his confusion being tinged with a lot of hoping and still not quite daring to hope, but mostly it was just Aoki and his stupid utterly-devoted-to-Oda self. Like seriously, he doesn’t care about anyone else, he doesn’t do anything he isn’t required to if it doesn’t serve him in some way, but he will do literally anything for Oda. And I mean literally. I hate him. Not really. He’s my fave. I gotta draw him again sometime.)

I read ch 21-45 of コナの大冒険, finishing the story!


I’m really proud of Kona for attacking that snake in ch 38. Even if he did leap on them on instinct and had unbalanced them and thrown them off the tree before realizing what he was doing, it was still really brave. He could have easily continued to sit there watching in terror, hoping the snake wouldn’t see him and decide to make him their next meal. That wasn’t pitiful at all.

I’m excited to start the sequel, but I think I’ll read at least some of their other intermediate stuff first as they recommend. Though, well, I guess that’s just 奥日光 and 三途の川, as I’m not interested in thrillers/horror. I’m also interested in a few of the easier stories they have, so, well, we’ll see what I start next.

Some vocab of note:

大人びる (おとなびる) [一, intransitive] to look/sound/behave grown-up; to be adult-like; to mature
腹を括る (はらをくくる) [expression, ラ五] to prepare oneself for the worst; to strengthen one’s resolve; to accept one’s fate; to prepare oneself. I found this one without the を. I don’t know if it’s common practice, but this author at least seems to like dropping particles from expressions.
破顔一笑 (はがんいっしょう) [noun, 四字熟語] smiling broadly. This reminds me of another phrase meaning the same that was used with Subaru that, when I drew it into Google Translate so that I could look it up more easily on imiwa, came up as “breaking the liking” (although this is “face-breaking,” but still) which is—
相好を崩す (そうごうをくずす) [expression, サ五] to smile broadly; to grin widely
玉座 (ぎょくざ) [noun] throne
魅力 (みりょく) [noun] charm; fascination; glamor; attraction; appeal
一目惚れ (ひとめぼれ) [noun] love at first sight; being taken with someone at the first meeting
金一封 (きんいっぷう) [noun] gift of money (contained in an envelope); money reward (for services rendered)

I haaaate writing in books. Can’t do it myself, and if we were ever forced to annotate for school assignments, I always got rid of the volume afterwards. If I’m buying used, I much prefer to do it in person where I can check the books over to make sure there aren’t any marks, as well as stains or any other damage. If I have to buy used online, I only go for ones in like-new/excellent condition. Cracked spines are fine. Means the book is loved if it’s read so often. Marked-up pages? Disrespectful.


April 6th (Calendar Post)

My current book suddenly had a very interesting plot twist, and I wish I could read more but I’m exhausted after 10 pages >.<

三日間の幸福 => 10 pages (113 minutes)

New Kanji I’ve run into today:

=> Garden, Field


I’m rereading Level 0, Vol. 1, Book 2, of my Graded Readers. I read four pages today and will finish off this book and start Book 3 tomorrow. I sure am learning a lot about soybeans!

New vocabulary:
料理 cuisine, cookery
作り making, producing
臭い stinking, smelly


Chapters are only one page and it’s really cute! The characters might be a bit harder to read than in regular manga tho, but it’s really worth it!


Day 7 - April 7

  • 美少年探偵団 1 - 13,64% → 15,48%
  • 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~ 1 - 0,00% → 1,73%

Finished chapter 4 and now I’m done for this week’s bookclub. I did not understand most of the nuances in this chapter, and I feel like the whole chapter was just flavour text (that was too hard for me to fully grasp the deeper meaning of). Still, reading this book gives me the opportunity to learn lots of different grammar and vocab, so I’m seeing myself improving over time ^^

I think I’ll go back to Sukasuka or kino no tabi for a few days to see if I can up my reading skills just a bit more before returning to this
Edit: I decided to pick up a brand new light novel (for me brand new): 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~ 1! I was watching the anime with my fiancé en decided to give the LN a shot. So far it’s one of the easier novels I’ve read, but I’ve only read a few pages.


April 6 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Man, VLR put me through it today :joy: I finished my first real ending this morning, I got credits and everything! It was wild to say the least lmao, and well… it didn’t get less so :eyes:

hey VLR, what?

Soooo the first real ending I got was ディオ :joy: figures doesn’t it? Seems about right honestly. But like… hello?? I have more questions than I did before?? What, he’s in a clone cult?? That’s his deal? Don’t know what I expected but it could not have possibly been that :joy: It was kinda rough language-wise though, so many weird specific words, even by ディオ standards :joy: And why did ファイknow about it? I’m skeptical about the whole red moon thing too, seems rather convenient we’d happen to go outside on the day the thing we specifically talked about happens, and also that’d mean it’s only been six days? Unlikely all around

So yeah I started another route and ended up in the Gaulem Room which had some pretty rough puzzles actually, but little did I know that was the least of it - robot man! And I am quickly learning that any time I thought someone was speaking in Kansai dialect, no they weren’t actually, not like this :joy: I thought I had a pretty good grasp of it but incorrect! This robot is a nightmare but I immediately love him so it’s okay! But yeah an example:

My yomichan rate has increased exponentially lmao, but I’m getting it! There was a fun roundabout conversation talking about what we should call him; we were like “what about ゴーレム?” to which he was like “what, you want me to call you all ニンゲン? that clarifies nothing” :joy: and then he gave his whole identification number, then cut off the last few digits as a pun - 506, aka ご れ む… so nothing changed :joy: A wonderful goof all around

Yeah so today’s reading was a lot of fun, just also particularly challenging :laughing: it can be both!! It’s all progress :muscle:

Omg :pleading_face: a literary baby!!

Mafuyu’s just too powerful :sparkles: love seeing your thoughts on ギブン, I might have to see about reading the manga sometime :eyes:


Home post

Day 5:

日本語: I read a tiny bit of ミニスカ宇宙海賊.
Read-aloud: We read two chapters of 7SEEDS.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, two pages of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.

英語: I only read some ミニスカ宇宙海賊 yesterday to have something to report (thanks, mutual accountability!), because mostly I was reading in English. (gasp horror etc) A friend and I are doing a Georgette Heyer book club. As with the last book, my plan is to push through The Grand Sophy as quickly as possible (while still enjoying it) and get back to regular Japanese reading. :blush:

@potatonaught Thank you for the heads up! We’re not as far along, and before, at least, the time didn’t work for me, but I will keep it in mind. :+1:


Omg I totally missed this before somehow, that’s super exciting!! Zero Escape squad grow :muscle:


Day 6 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~21% to 28%, end of chapter1.5 to nearly end of chapter 2.1

Didn’t update last night in the hopes that I’d get to finish the chapter for once, but no, too sleepy. What is it with wanting to finish chapters anyway? That’s what bookmarks are for, it’s actually permitted to stop reading at any point, right?
It’s starting to feel more clearly like a crime novel now. Even the characters comment on it:

[ー密室ですか?推理小説じゃあるまいし!」 :grin:

words and expressions

さりげない - nonchalant, in a casual manner
心細い - helpless, forlorn, disheartening
わざとらしい - affected, studied, force
枕元 - bedside, near one’s pillow
手品師 - magician, conjurer
引く手あまた - being in great demand
当てずっぽう - shot in the dark, conjecture
途方に暮れる - to be at a loss, to be puzzled
雷親父 - snarling old man
思い切って - boldly, decisively
頭蓋 - cranium, skull
我に返る - to come to one’s senses
腰を浮かす - to half-rise to one’s feet
スポーツ刈り - crew cut
かんぬき - bolt, latch


Thanks for the interesting perspective. I guess it’s different if you feel you have something worthwhile to comment? I feel like I wouldn’t be interested in reading my own notes later on, so there’s no way anyone else would be. I sometimes even get annoyed when I come across words or phrases I may have highlighted in ebooks - and these highlights are easy enough to remove. What my past self highlighted, my current self almost always thinks unworthy of highlighting.

I very much agree with this. It’s like watching a movie with the commentary audio track on - not the way to enjoy the movie, at least the first time you watch it. Again though, I suppose that’s more true for fiction reading. When studying or analyzing a text, such notes could be useful, even valuable. That’s a different kind of reading though.

100% relate. The exhilaration of “hey, I can do this now! wow!” lasted for maybe seconds. Then it was quickly replaced by annoyance whenever I don’t fully grasp something, or fail to remember a word/kanji I’ve seen before, which of course happens constantly. I’m even sometimes irrationally embarrassed when I fail to understand something. It’s ridiculous that I have to remind myself that I’m very much still a learner, and that I’ve only recently got to the stage I am now, and that I’ve been making very good progress, and just relax already. Why do our brains demand that we’re perfect?


I guess I still love it anyway even if my past self highlighted stuff that now wouldn’t resonate with me as much, haha. I find it endearing to see what my past self liked in something I read. It feels like I’m seeing some of what shaped me into the person I later became. Most of my comments aren’t that “worthwhile”; I’ll make a lot of bad jokes or reference memes and other stuff that I’ll surely forget in a few years, but it’s a glimpse into my mind at that moment in time, and I think that’s really cool. I wish I had written in the books I owned when I was a teenager instead of treating them like precious objects that I didn’t want to mar. I’d have loved to see some of my inner thoughts that I have since forgotten. With some books, I have no idea why I liked them so much when I was younger.

Also, I think with reading for language learning, one effect of writing in your books is that if you underline/highlight stuff that is confusing or unknown to you, later on, you can revisit it and see how much you’ve grown :blush:


㋃7 – Day 7

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険


Not the narrator saying “Speedwagon is afraid” like it’s not obvious from the drawing. Was that a note Araki forgot to take out? :joy:

I love how there’s ceiling Dio. Uncontestable best part of the chapter.

I might read more later, but there’s a lot I need to do today.

New Vocab

急所(きゅうしょ)・vitals (as in, “aim for his vitals!”)
精気(せいき)・ occurrence/happening
(ほろ)びる・to die out/perish/go to ruin
竜巻(たつまき)dragon roll tornado
意志(いし)・will/determination – I wonder if this is the same wording used for Part 5?


I have!; though not the film yet. I watched it without subs and it was pretty comprehensible but I definitely missed some things so the manga is nice to fill in those gaps.

This is vol 1! There are 7 I think so far. It’s a very fun, silly read, would recommend.

He is the definition of adorable :poodle: I’m sure I shall continue to come across ridiculous panels that must be shared haha.


I actually use the Kindle highlighting function pretty exclusively to do this. Have yet to go back and reread something but I imagine that when I do it will be a nice indication of progress (unless I still don’t get the same bits lol). It’s also quite a nice way to see the learning curve that usually comes with reading a new book as my highlights tend to get way less frequent as I go. I haven’t yet done this in paper books but I’ve not read many yet…I could see myself doing so (in pencil) though!


7th of April
Day 7

I read more than ten pages of 銭天堂 today! Twelve (I think) to be exact. I just finished Chapter 6, so I’ll read the seven-page long epilogue tomorrow.

I guess I’ll be reading 君ノ声 next. It’s a manga my Japanese friend recommended to me. To be honest, it’s completely not what I’m into — I prefer novels over manga, and it seems to be centred around romance. Anyhow, I’m curious about what Japanese people my age are reading, so I’ll finish that as quickly as I can, then move onto かがみの孤城.

I’m both excited and scared about that book lol. It was (is?) an intermediate book club pick (EDIT: nope, it was an alternate book club) and according to Natively is harder than 魔女の宅急便 and similar in difficulty to コンビニ人間. So that’s going to be a challenge for me! But I hope I’ll be able to understand enough for it to be interesting, because it’s won at least one award, apparently.

On second thought, maybe I should read コンビニ人間 first. What do you guys think?